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Byzantine Empire Constantinople and Justinian I. Objective Explain the importance of the city of Constantinople as a trading hub and how it emerged as.

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1 Byzantine Empire Constantinople and Justinian I

2 Objective Explain the importance of the city of Constantinople as a trading hub and how it emerged as the capital of the Byzantine Empire


4 Let’s Read History Alive textbook Pg. 62

5 Why was the city of Constantinople in a strategic location? It was easy to defend because it was surrounded by water on three sides.

6 Why was the city of Constantinople in a strategic location? Constantinople linked Europe and Asia, sea and land trade routes linked the two continents.


8 Describe the city of Constantinople and its people.

9 How was Constantinople different from cities in Western Europe?

10 Were most people in Constantinople rich or poor?

11 For recreation, what did many residents of Constantinople do?



14 Peninsula – a piece of land surrounded on three sides by water. Great for trade and defense. Was a shipping and trading hub. Capital of the Byzantine Empire. Heavily influenced by Roman Culture. Built on seven hills like Rome. Protected by 13 miles of walls, watchtowers and gates. Walls only needed to be built on one side of the city. Survived centuries of riots, religious discord, wars, and 88 emperors. Seized by Turks in 1453 and renamed Istanbul. Today is a major city in modern Turkey.

15 Review Complete the following sentence. Constantinople was an important city because…

16 Objective Describe the importance of Justinian I and the lasting impact of the new code of laws organized during his reign.


18 Let’s Read History Alive textbook Pg. 63 screen/

19 How long did Justinian reign as emperor of the Byzantine Empire? Justinian reign lasted from 527 to 565(38 years).


21 What were some of the results of the rebellion? Justinian rebuilt the city, putting large sums of money into public works projects (new bridges, parks, roads, hospitals. Built many churches, including the Hagia Sophia. Tried to reclaim some of the empires lost territory in North Africa, Italy, and Spain.



24 How has Justinian’s Code affected the modern world? Justinian’s Code became the basis for many legal codes in the western world.

25 Imagine this… After an exciting football game last Friday night, a middle school student spent time with her friends and didn’t return home until 1am. As she entered the house, she was confronted by her parents, who were upset that she stayed out so late and did not bother to notify them.

26 What should the girl’s parents do? “Ground” her for a month as punishment for staying out late Discuss with their daughter the need to behave more responsibly Do nothing but express appreciation that she make it home safely Why? Write your answer in complete sentences – Explain your reasoning!

27 The Justinian Code When Justinian came to power in 527 he created a commission of lawyers to revise and codify the laws. The final product was called the Corpus Juris Civilis Justinian’s code extended the rights of women, children, and slaves, but also called for harsher penalties for crimes.

28 US Law Although the Constitution is considered the highest law of the land, it provides no specific penalties for criminal activity. Each state is allowed to create its own codes to regulate behaviors.

29 Comparing Codes of Law Today you will be comparing the Justinian Code of Law to a modern code of law. Step One: Assign each group member a role. Step Two: Analyze each situation. Step Three: Solve the problem. Step Four: Share your decisions with the class.

30 Marriage Scenario: Could Jim and Wilma marry? Justinian CodeCalifornia Code NO Wilma’s parents did not give her consent to marry Jim. Wilma cannot get married until she gets a divorce. Wilma has a high status job and Jim’s job at the carnival would be considered interior to hers. YES Jim and Wilma can marry as soon as Wilma’s divorce is final.

31 Assault and Battery: What would happen to Don? Justinian CodeCalifornia Code Don would be found GUILTY of assault because… ▫He began the hostilities by hitting the Senator ▫He verbally assaulted the Senator with the intention of drawing a crowd. Don would pay a high fine since Bert is of a high rank. If the Senator pursues charges, Don would get the harshest possible penalty. Don would be charged with ASSAULT AND BATTERY Assault fine not exceeding $1,000 and/or imprisonment up to 6 months. Battery fine not exceeding $2,000 and/or imprisonment up to 6 months.

32 Robbery: What would happen to Rob? Justinian CodeCalifornia Code Rob would have to PAY $450 to Jose because he was caught in the act of robbery. Rob would be charged with ROBBERY in the 2 ND DEGREE He would face imprisonment in a state prison for 2,3, or 5 years.

33 Wills and Inheritance: What would MC Pliers need to do to create a will? Justinian CodeCalifornia Code He can write a will, but must have 7 witnesses present who must sign their names and affix their seals. Each witness must be an adult of sound mind and body without a criminal record. He may make a will because he is over 18. Will must be signed by him and two others who must be present at the time and can verify that the will represents MC Pliers wishes.

34 Justinian Code V. California Code Justinian CodeBothCalifornia Code

35 Review: Answer the following question using complete sentences. Would life be better if the United States adopted the Justinian Code as its official legal code? ▫Explain your reasoning and support your answer!

36 Objective: Describe the importance of Justinian and Theodora to the Byzantine Empire

37 Video Clip: Justinian I


39 While alive Justinian was described as devout, determined, and energetic. After his death, described as two faced and cruel. Came to the throne at age 45: considered Byzantium's most ambitious ruler. Acted as head of church and state Drove barbarians out of North Africa, Spain & Italy Expanded the empire but failed to recapture Rome Built bridges, churches, hospitals, libraries & parks Justinian’s scholars revised laws and created “The Justinian Code” This law code influenced many modern law codes.



42 Primary or Secondary?


44 Sometimes angers Justinian by giving orders that cancel his. Destroys her enemies Told Justinian he should not flee, but stay and crush the Nika Rebellion Helped all women by convincing Justinian to expand women's rights The poor and homeless should thank Theodora because she started programs to help them *Born into lower class as daughter of a bear keeper *Loved to travel, worked as an actress and dancer *Married Justinian in her 20’s and settled down *Equaled and sometime surpassed Justinian in political skill and wisdom

45 Review: Complete the following sentence. Justinian and Theodora were important to the Byzantine Empire because Try to give two reasons!

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