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Motivating Members National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions June 6, 2013.

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1 Motivating Members National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions June 6, 2013

2 Financial Trends Know your customers and manage relationships, not products. - Christina Sommer, MasterCard Global Insights 2

3 Brand Promise 3  A brand promise is the statement that you make to customers that identifies what they should expect for all interactions with your people, products, services and company. - Small Business Network, 2007  Simply put, a brand promise is successful when what you tell people they should expect, consistently matches with what those same people “feel” when they complete an interaction with your organization, across any channel.

4 Brand Promise 4  Define it and live it, across the organization  Clearly and consistently communicate internally  Make it the basis of every internal conversation and decision  Have a plan  You’ll be ahead of most  Keep it top-of-mind  Work to integrate it at every customer interaction, every access/delivery channel, every engagement

5 Motivating Members 5  Can be simple or complex  Can be on a shoestring or million-dollar budget  Start small and build  Relationships build trust  Trust builds business  Who does buys from someone they don’t trust?  Be genuine, authentic and relevant  Do what you say, follow-through and follow-up  There’s NOTHING more IMPORTANT

6 Trends Provide Opportunity 6  Know your customers and members  Provide experiences that people want to experience again  Provide value-added products, services and interactions  Create communities for sharing and discussion  Give members the option to organize and simplify their lives. Help them reclaim time

7 Customization  Marketing and speaking one-to-one vs speaking one-to-the- masses  Where does your message land?  Who hears you?  Does it resonate?  Segment your member base  By age, or by generation  Speak in appropriate language  Know your audience influencers  Train your staff  Engage in conversations  Listen deeply for cues 7

8 Memorable Experiences 8  Keep coming back to your brand promise  As simple as smiles and personal greetings  As complex as “big data” and high-tech recognition tools  Be the trusted advisor  Train staff  What will make this interaction unique and memorable?  Empower staff to do whatever is right for the member  What’s right for the member is right for your organization, isn’t it?

9 Value-Added 9  Not just for products and services  Every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce brand promise  Sometimes mistakes provide the biggest opportunity  Add value to everything – give just a little more  Members are willing to pay more if the value is important  Accomplish two things in one interaction  “Open a checking account with a debit card and we’ll make a donation to ABC Charity”

10 Create Communities 10  Member education workshops, webinars and onsite employer meetings great opportunity to get people talking  Everyone thinks they are alone in their financial concerns/challenges – help them find others  Provide opportunities for members to talk to each other  Social media has made this so very fast and easy  Don’t be afraid to engage  Be active in the discussions  Learn from the discussions  Ask questions

11 Organize Lives & Reclaim Time 11  No one has enough time for themselves and their families  Provide time-saving solutions  Then add value  Online banking with online coupons for frequently shopped merchants  Bill payment service online or in-person  Help members streamline  Home  Family  Work  Leisure  Ask, how else can we help you? What else can we do?

12 The Relationship Rules! 12  Focus on the member relationship and the brand promise, at every level of the organization  When relationships comes first, more business comes later  Relationships allow for more everything  Conversations  Trust  Forgiveness  Fun

13 Motivating Members Linda Garboczi Andrews Federal Credit Union 717.203.9995 13

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