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0 CCG Meeting Angaston 5 th August 2009. Mine Operation Update – Aug 2009 Eastern Area  Dressing of upper levels of west face to reduce colour variation.

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1 0 CCG Meeting Angaston 5 th August 2009

2 Mine Operation Update – Aug 2009 Eastern Area  Dressing of upper levels of west face to reduce colour variation ongoing, weather permitting.  Seed bombs on the upper levels beginning to germinate.  Tree planting continued  Mobile crusher continuing to work through reclaim material  Investigating seeding via crop duster Western MPL 118  Weather conditions delaying topsoil removal  Little activity occurring on MPL until topsoil area dries out and work can recommence  Jaekeli Creek Management plan approved by NRM Board and work has commenced on upper area (see photo)  Grandfather tree has fresh lush growth appearing through out (see photo)

3 Mine Operation Update – July 2009 Other  Met with PIRSA, KRC and PIRSA consultant regarding Overburden options  Supplied quarter 2 Compliance Report to PIRSA  Continued to supply ABC Birkenhead until 3 rd week of August  Drag Out plan – letter to PIRSA 6/7/09 – regular Council inspection  Front road upgrade program – presentation tonight  AECOM noise modeling continued – presentation tonight  Capex approved for  Sound proofing of Glass Shed compressor room  Shrouding around ABC stockpiles, aggregate plant and PC1  Jaeckeli Creek Plan remediation  Entrance reseal back to truckwash  Truckwash upgrade  Dust monitoring equipment  Proceeding with noise mitigation measures with neighbours  Continuing with Oxigen Mine closure plans  Viewing platform – approval from our insurer & needs to be put to FY 11 capital program  Open day on 20/9/09 – awaiting insurer response; advertising in newsletter and local papers

4 3 Mine Operation Update MPL 118 Development  Topsoil removal continuing when weather conditions permit  492,480 tonnes topsoil removed to date  Overburden 580,803 tonnes placed in area  Application to PIRSA for change in volume lease condition

5 4 Remediation/ Vegetation Activity Eastern MPL 75 July Activity  Weed control spraying  Irrigation lines installed  Some tubestock planting Proposed Activity  Weed control and tubestock planting  Trial kangaroo feed/water station (minimise plant damage) Jaeckeli Creek July Activity  Removal of wire from fence lines  Commence removal of silt/rocks from perimeter of grandfather tree. Future Activity  Install geofabric silt fence and rock trap around perimeter of grandfather tree  Finish silt /rock removal from Grandfather tree perimeter  Weed control spraying  Remove commercial rubbish  Commence selective planting  Bird nest survey to be conducted

6 5 Remediation/Vegetation Activity

7 6 Jaeckeli Creek - Grandfather Tree

8 7 West MPL 118 July Activity  Installed silt interception swale base of north mound Proposed Activity  Weed control & planting to commence Private Mine PM 120 & 86 July Activity  Weed control and brush cutting  Removal tree debris adjacent boundary fence  Replace plant losses west rail yard buffer  Planting west rail embankment, in conjunction with Angaston Lions Club Future Activity  Weed control/brush cutting  Plant west slope glass shed (completed)  Fox baiting control total site, residents to be advised All site activities restricted due to weather conditions Remediation/Vegetation Activity

9 8 Rail embankment tree planting

10 9

11 10 Truck Tarp Survey Feb-09Mar-09May-09Jun-09Jul-09 Full Compliance 27.10%50%88%68.75%95% Non Compliance 60.74%29.67%6.50%14.58%2.5% Partial Compliance --5.40%0% No Facility 12.15%20.32%-16.60%2.5% May- 09 No cement works trucks running June - 09 Nexy not running, cement works running July -09 Nexy not runnng

12 11 TSP & PM10 Dust results July TSP Limits: 120 µg/m3` DateTSP (µg/m 3 )High wind Sp (km/h)Wind direction 3/7/0910.762.8NW 6/7/0914.735.4SSE 9/7/0911.945.1SE 12/7/0911.380.5N 15/7/098.146.7NW 18/7/096.961.2NNE 21/70921.562.8N 24/7/099.361.2ENE 27/7/099.661.2NNW PM10 Limits: 50 µg/m3 DatePM10 (µg/m 3 ) High wind Sp (km/h)Wind direction 3/7/095.962.8NW 6/7/098.235.4SSE 9/7/096.045.1SE 12/7/098.180.5N 15/7/094.246.7NW 18/7/094.161.2NNE 21/70912.762.8N 24/7/095.661.2ENE 27/7/095.861.2NNW

13 12 Dust Emission Reduction Initiatives - EIP NoPlantItemTarget Completion Date ImpactAction 1Front entranceRoad watering, only water to gate1/4/09Reduce water/drag out to Penrice RdCompleted 2Penrice RoadChange to Envirosweep street sweeper 6/04/09Improve sweeping of drag outCompleted 27/4/09 3Truck washUpgrade water recycle system31/07/09Improve washing efficiencyCommenced upgrade, complete end August 4Osborne train loader Commence water sprays to Osborne stone ½ hour prior to loading 2/04/09Reduce emissions at return circuitCommencing water sprays 1/4hour prior to loading (mud problem with ½ hour) Moving to automatic PLC 5Osborne train loader Maintain chute water sprays with polocitrusServiced quarterly Comments from residents this is working Completed 6Osborne plantApply water sprays on tertiary plant & Q10 at all times 1/04/09Reduce dust at these handling pointsAligned to No11- Completed 1/5/09 7PC1 CrusherAuto water spray on trucks entering to unload31/07/09Negates manual activation by operator Completed 8PC1 Crusher Shroud unload bin in shade cloth31/07/09Improve effectiveness of water spraysCapex approved, complete end August 9ABC Stockpiles Shroud perimeter15/06/09Reduce dust emission through wind erosionCapex approved, complete end August 10ABC Stockpile Spray completed pads with green covering30/04/09Reduce dust emission from stockpiles Trialled, very expensive, looking at more cost effective alternatives

14 13 Dust Emission Reduction Initiatives 11Fine Mill PlantClose down from 1/5/091/5/09Customers to be notifiedCompleted 12Top Soil StockpileSpray stockpile with green covering30/04/09Reduce possible dust emission from wind & rain?completed 13Aggregate PlantComplete auto water sprays of working area around plant 30/08/09Reduce dust from vehicle movementsRequires PLC; anticipate end September 14Aggregate plant feed stock piles Erect a overhead water spray system for all trucks to pass under before unloading to stockpiles 30/9/09Reduce dust in crushing plantsDesigns being considered 15Aggregate PlantIncrease water application during start up/shut down and when empty with automatic sprays 30/06/09Currently a chimney effect of dust; designing the PLC control at present Requires new design of chutes with PLC control; anticipate end September 16Aggregate Plant BinsAutomate sprays to be on all day15/04/09Reduce dust in strong wind conditionsCompleted 17Aggregate PlantImprove water sprays at sand output end30/06/09Reduce dust in stoing winds Alternative spray nozzles being assessed 12/8/09, plan thereafter 18OI Glass PlantAssemble foam spray applicators30/09/09Reduce dust emission in strong windsAlternative spray nozzles being assessed 12/8/09, plan thereafter 19Aggregate PlantReview use of shade cloth in this area to reduce wind impact 31/07/09Reduce dust emission in strong windsCapex approved, complete end August 20Osborne trainReview ability to stop return <50mm stone30/6/09Reduce dust emissions at return bins Trialed completed too many fines into Osborne stone 21Front entranceSeal roads from entrance to weigh bridge30/10/09Reduce drag out to Penrice Rd See design including new tarp and parking lanes NoPlantItem Target Completion Date ImpactAction

15 Hydrology  The hydrology of the Barossa Valley is complex and based on the various aquifers available to licenced users. Sustainability is an important issue for the Barossa long term well being where both vineyard and extractive industry activities continue.  Penrice monitors its water volume usage and reports this as required to the relevant authorities. Penrice has two water licenses, one from the pit for 102 ML/annum from the fractured rock aquifer issued in June 2008 issued at Penrice's request. This volume was based on the data of the last seven years of water extracted, as there was no licence prior to this. The other licence was a direct transfer from the purchase of adjacent land at 25.6 ML/annum and comes from one of the two Barossa floor aquifers and is primarily used for irrigation of Penrice's vineyards.  The licence entitlement is at the low end of the volume required by Penrice to control its activities and product addition being subject to climatic conditions and the ability to become less dependent upon water based solutions where a move to engineering based solutions is preferred.  The current pit plan for the private mine is for the level to be at RL 252, we are mining currently at RL 267. This is just one bench lower than the existing level. Penrice is reviewing the mine plan and pit shell configuration that may enable continuing to mine to a potentially lower level without the need to extract additional overburden but only after the ore reserve is clearly identified and any likely impacts are understood. Penrice has not sought any increase in it water allocation and is restricted by its licence with monitoring of the volume as is required of all licenced users.  Where Penrice has excess water available within its licence requirements, this has at times been offered to several local vineyard operators to supplement their lower water allocation from the Murray River.  Penrice had a hydrology report prepared in October 2008 by Golder Associates based on concerns by one vineyard operator on its impact and this report was made available to the PCCG in 2008. More recently, modelling of the operation at mine closure had been done by Aquaterra with a review by DWLBC.

16 15  Resurfacing of entrance 1 st stage commenced Wednesday 5 th August, completion Monday 10 th  Contractor employed full time from July through to September 2009 to manage the entrance and exit of the Mine. Specific responsibilities to include: oEnsure adherence to tarping oWash down the concrete slab between the truck wash and the cattle grid oHire an additional Streetsweeper based at our site for this period for entrance, sweeping as necessary. Two sweepers in action during resurfacing work. oManage the silt traps at exit oManage the screenings on the entrance and exit oWash down the entrance and exit  Envirosweep to continue on current sweeping regime.  Silt traps constructed front entrance  Councils drains cleaned by Penrice Drag Out and Front Road Upgrade

17 16  The Truck Wash upgrade commenced 3 rd August with completion estimated end August. oNew 7 metre centre bar with sprays oNew jets and spinner heads throughout the wash oImproved filtration system delivering cleaner recycled water oPump upgrade to supply a greater volume of recycled water oIncrease the recycle water tank capacity to cope with the volume of traffic oRedirect the current pump to become the reclaim pump oInstall a PLC control unity oImprove signage oInstall red and green light system to instruct drivers on most efficient wash  Resurfacing the road from the Truck Wash to the new weighbridge to be completed by October 2009. Drag Out and Front Road Upgrade

18 17 People People Resources

19 18 Traffic Counter May & June 09 June 09 May 09

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