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Spelling Sort 16 Adding Suffixes: Vowel Alternation.

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1 Spelling Sort 16 Adding Suffixes: Vowel Alternation

2 Adding ation When adding ation to the base word, drop the vowel i. Example: exclaim changes to exclamation

3 Proclaim and Proclamation To announce something for others to take note of. I proclaim that from this day forward there will never be homework on Monday night.

4 Explain and Explanation To describe something so that others may understand it. The teacher will explain the experiment to the class.

5 Reclaim and Reclamation To take as ones own again. I now have the money to reclaim my house from the bank.

6 Adding ption When adding ption to a base word that ends in e drop the e and add ption. If the base word ends in ive drop ive before adding ption. Example: assume changes to assumption.

7 Presume and Presumption To assume something is true without proof. I presume you have finished your homework.

8 Consume and Consumption To take in as in eating food. The winner of the hot dog eating contest can consume more hotdogs in 5 minutes than I can in my lifetime.

9 Receive and Reception To get something from someone else. I will receive my final report card on the last day of school.

10 Deceive and Deception To trick someone. Don’t let the magician deceive you with his magic.

11 Resume and Resumption To start again. We will resume the show in about 15 minutes.

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