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Making it Work for Employers in the Olympic Host Boroughs Welfare to Work Convention 10 July 2012 Mary Conneely Kim Chaplain.

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1 Making it Work for Employers in the Olympic Host Boroughs Welfare to Work Convention 10 July 2012 Mary Conneely Kim Chaplain

2 The Partnership Aims To employ a first class workforce - Employers To create and develop a motivated and inspired workforce to help to deliver a memorable Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 - LOCOG To ensure local people are seen as a valuable resource to be built into recruitment planning – Host Boroughs To provide a world class recruitment service worthy of a world class event – Host Boroughs, JCP

3 Our aim is to create and develop a motivated and inspired workforce to help to deliver a memorable Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 Paid Volunteers Contractors Current-1,673 Jan 2012 2,000 Games time 5,200 9 weeks duration 70,000 100,000 Enabling Legacy C P V GAMES 2010 Workforce starts to grow 2012 200,000 Paid workforce 60,000 to 70,000 Approx. 100,000 Approx. 5,200 1673 NOW Contractor Workforce Volunteering Workforce Paid Workforce Paid workforce The reality of the opportunity : Olympic workforce

4 The Challenge The scale of the numbers required Delivery of a streamlined ”hidden wiring” service to employers The accreditation process and its impact on timescale Raising the skills and confidence of unemployed people The contribution to legacy – Short and long term – Some facts and figures

5 Games Time Recruitment Time Line Relevant workforce time frame Launch Games Time Recruitment pages on website Olympics GAMES 27 July 2012 Selection days Some Games Time Recruitment activity Budgeted 2011 hires April 2011 Potential Role Specific / leadership Training commences Games Time Induction training starts April 2012 Recruitment team resource ramp up Paralympics Venue training commences June 2012 Paralympic GAMES 29 August 2012 Venue training commences August 2012 Games Time Recruitment 70% complete 1 Feb 201231 March 2012 Games Time Recruitment 100% complete Recruitment Time Frame Test events May 2011 Selection days commence June 2011 GT Offers Commence Bespoke/ Bulk Campaigns Background Checks Commence Jan 2012 May 2011 Contingency/ Attrition process Dependencies on complete Strong employment proposition Labour market supportive of recruitment in advance of start dates FA Resources Engagement and retention plan to decrease attrition Home office delivering against SLA for background checks Host Boroughs Readiness Review

6 Scope and Scale of Contractor Workforce 100,000+ contractors, 100+ organisations Across 90 competition and non competition venues 90+ service procurements to the value of circa £250m ServiceEstimated number of contractor workforce 2 Number of contracting organisations Transport19,00050 Catering15,00011 Security10,0001 EVS8,0008 Cleaning5,0004 Retail2,0004 Waste6001 Ticketing4001 Others - estimated45,00030+ Totals100,000100+

7 What we did Checked the readiness of all partners Established a joint service delivery model Established a clear and unambiguous understanding of the employers requirements Clear communication routes Transparent reporting of performance

8 Supply activity GLA Legacy funding £3.6m SFA/ESF funding £2.0m Host Boroughs GLA funding £15m FE/HE JCP 6HB LLaBs Outcome delivery 5,200 Paid Games time roles with LOCOG Live & ongoing recruitment 10,000 paid Games time roles with contractors Catering, cleaning, waste, security & retail Bulk recruitment autumn ‘11 Demand 5,200 LOCOG paid roles Games time & now 10,000 Contractor Games time paid roles Forecasted delivery volumes Operational plans Funding Action into Jobs

9 LOCOG Contractor Vacancy management model CONTRACTORS LOCOG Employment & Skills team Manage relationship with Contractors Sell the benefits of JCP / job brokerage delivery Understand and communicate contractor workforce demand Employment Brokerage Candidate sourcing and preparation Sector Working Groups Security Catering Retail Overlay Cleaning & Waste DEMAND SIDESUPPLY SIDE Commercial Recruitment Agencies Delivery & Performance Team (Operational) FE Colleges Candidates Job Ready Candidates Guaranteed Interviews Assessment Centres Bespoke Recruitment methodology Criteria developed through Sector Working Groups Training Screening Matching Work PRG JCP 6HB LLaBs 2012 Legacy DP

10 Job Seeker Journey Job ready job seekers are screened and directed straight to interview and assessment Pre Employability Training And/Or Industry Specific Training Assessment / Interview Days Meet Employer and gain further understanding of roles Assessed for suitability Attend UDAC (Uniform Distribution & Accreditation Centre) Issued with uniform and accreditation Start Games time role Finish Games time role and attend outplacement events JCP register JSA claimants Sector specific data mining and engagement via own and LOCOG led/supported outreach and events.” Single number referrals. Tripartite engagement strategy delivered by provider, LOCOG and Games time employer to keep candidates motivated and informed Accreditation (Contractor responsibility) HB LLaB channel Existing caseload & new recruits through own and LOCOG led/supported outreach and events. Single number referrals. Possible feed from Adecco JFTG website AttractionPreparationApplicationOngoing engagement & Mobilisation EmploymentOutplacement Warm up Possible pre- Games work placement or experience Non 6HB LLaB channels 2012 Legacy project Work Programme Providers FE/HE routes Specialist providers Provide Job Seeker with Employability package, inc. details of “Rapid Reclaim Guaranteed interview channel Final preparation In venue training Benefits stop & rapid reclaim process live Limited in job support

11 What we achieved and what they said about us 13500 people offered a Games time job either with LOCOG or their sub contractor “We needed to recruit a team of 3,000 people to deliver a large scale catering service and had some reservations as to how many we could source via the host borough network and what the quality of the candidates would be like. The Host Borough network attracted and screened the candidates well and we experienced a very high conversion rate from interview to offer. As a result we recruited a far higher proportion of our team via this route. The support from the various employment agencies was second to none and our experience of recruiting in East London far exceeded our expectations. I would urge any potential employer to consider harnessing the diversity and plethora of experience and expertise which exists within these areas.” - ARAMARK (Neil Shroeder - Executive Director, Special Projects) “Working with the Host Boroughs throughout our recruitment campaign for the Olympics has been a fantastic experience. The candidates put forward to us were of a high quality and eager to work and they displayed the values we were looking for working at games time. Throughout the process the Host Borough candidates have remained engaged and enthusiastic and we are really looking forward to meeting them again at our training sessions in June and working with them and equipping them with skills for the future during games time. I would encourage employers to work with Host Borough Labour Bureaus when looking to recruit personnel as if you are clear on the jobs on offer and the skills you require there are some outstanding candidates through this route.” - SODEXO (Jo Morgan - Senior HR Manager)

12 What next The post Games offer to graduates of games time jobs to turn the steps they have taken so far into their own journey Marketing a new workforce for London Exclusive website for “Games Graduates” East London – beginning to make the legacy a clear deliverable objective not just for games time - convergence

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