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The Alps (Borders France, Germany, Austria) The Pyrenees (Border of France and Spain)

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2 The Alps (Borders France, Germany, Austria) The Pyrenees (Border of France and Spain)

3 Northern European Plain Rich farmland

4 Charlemagne’s Empire

5 Moorish Spain Capital Cordoba

6 Monks Lived in monasteries Vow of poverty, monk for life, obedience, chastity Helped sick/poor Worked in gardens, workshops, copying manuscripts

7 Benedict of Nursia From Italy Set a strict set of rules for his order – became common for most orders

8 St. Patrick Worked in Ireland to convert to Christianity Built relationships of trust Built over 300 churches

9 St. Boniface Worked in Germany to convert to Christianity Chopped down a tree that was sacred to Thor – German god People listened when he wasn’t struck down by Thor

10 Human Nature Sinful Weak

11 First Crusade Free Holy Land from Turks Pope Urban II rallied Christians Wanted to be know as greatest leader in Christendom Most successful of the crusades

12 Other Crusades Not as Successful Didn’t respect Muslims Didn’t have support of local leaders Robbed and looted in Constantinople

13 Iron Plow Cut deeper into the soil Plow more fields Harness Horse could pull more weight

14 Three Field System Plant 1 in Spring Plant 1 in Summer Rest 1 Allows soil to recover Provides a back- up for food

15 Universities Started for training priests Rented room or used churches Latin was used

16 Thomas Aquinas Was a scholar who admired Aristotle Believed in natural laws Believed reason and faith were from God

17 Vikings Wanted to live in a better climate Attacked Ireland, England, & France

18 Charlemagne’s Coronation as Emperor Wanted to be emperor because of relationship with God Created a greater division between the church in the West and the church in the East

19 Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII Henry names bishop to Milan Gregory appoints a rival bishop Henry tries to remove Gregory as Pope Gregory excommunicates Henry

20 Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII Henry believes he should be able to name a bishop and remove the Pope Gregory believes that the Pope should choose the bishops and can remove the emperor

21 William the Conqueror Both Harold and William of Normandy believed that Edward the Conqueror named them his successor as King of England Harold becomes the King William attacks England takes control of England William is made king

22 King John of England Wanted to reclaim France Taxed nobles in order to have money to raise an army Nobles upset

23 Magna Carta King John promised to recognize the rights of barons John could collect more taxes with the approval of the barons Recognized the right that people have to a trial by jury

24 Magna Carta Set the foundation for the creation of Parliament (law- making body in England) House of Commons – town leaders & knights House of Lords - nobles

25 Moorish Spain Spain when the Muslims were in control Rich architecture, education, world trading

26 Moorish Spain Crusades inspired Christians to reclaim Spain Ferdinand & Isabella united two of the largest kingdoms Reconquista – movement to drive Muslims out of Spain Muslims & Jews were persecuted

27 Hundred Years War Edward III wanted to claim France England and France go to war England had the longbow and won the early battles

28 Hundred Years War Guns and cannons were introduced Joan of Arc – Voice told her to help the French She was captured by the English and burned at the stake Her courage inspired France France finally win the war

29 Manorialism Economic system where a manor is self sufficient Castle Church Village Fields

30 Banking System Developed in Italy Deposit money in a bank Receive a letter of credit Withdrawal money from a bank in another city Safer for traders/merchants – didn’t have to carry around heavy bags of gold coins

31 Improved Farming Had more goods and often times a surplus to sell or trade Towns grew and could trade with other villages Specialized goods were easier to obtain Metal pots/pans, iron knives, leather boots

32 Feudalism The exchange of loyalty for land Fief – a grant of land Vassal – one who receives something for loyalty (like land for loyalty)

33 Knights Followed a code of chivalry At 14/15 become a squire (like an assistant to a knight) Defend the church Protect women and weak Loyal to lord

34 Lord Judged minor crimes Settled business disputes Lady Made sure sufficient linen, food, & candles for castle Covered for lord when away on business

35 Bubonic Plague Came to Europe through trade routes (China/India/Middle East) 25 million died (a third of Europe’s population Destroyed the social structure at the time – serfs could work for those who would pay more

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