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Best Practice Actions in the University of St Andrews 5 th February 2013 Dr John Smith, Building Manager, North Haugh.

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1 Best Practice Actions in the University of St Andrews 5 th February 2013 Dr John Smith, Building Manager, North Haugh

2 Water Recirculating System Proposed centralised water recirculating cooling unit for lab equipment What we have implemented

3 Gases Existing New Piped Gases

4 Fume Heat Reclaim Run around coils on fume extracts – tried first in UK at MSB View glass to check condition of zinc coated copper coils

5 Fume Heat Reclaim MSB =7 Run around coils on fume extractsBSRC = same but coils coated to common header and preheat coil onwith Blygold main teaching classroom AHU

6 Energy Costs ElectricityGas Purdie Building£474k£109k BMS Building£188k£109k

7 Fume Cupboards No of F/C’s With Sash ClosuresPotentialOld Style BMS Annexe16 BMS540 54* Purdie130375833 * Out to tender

8 Fume Cupboards Premier – glass lined Only one bank 24hrs operation General - separate AHU for each lab to minimise air flow

9 Upgrading Fume Cupboards Automatic sash closer with presence detection Schneider closer fitted by Premier Labs - developed for St Andrews Sash user controlled by push button Presence detection lowers sash if user is away from cupboard for more than 10 minutes Retrofitted to existing fume cupboards Automatic Fume Cupboard Sash Closer

10 BEFORE Sash manual operation by users Observation shows sashes left open at night and over 500mm minimising containment. AFTER Sashes always closed at night, and for long periods during the day User acceptance crucial – selling the energy message Powers up in 2 stages to 200mm & 500mm. Users find 200mm adequate Trialled at prestigious lab for best roll out Salix funded £9,468 for 9 sashes Saving 19.5 tCO2/yr Saving over 50% supply air Saving in running cost £3,268 2.9 yr technical payback

11 Automatic Fume Cupboard Sash Closer Comments Energy calculations based on reduction of supply make-up air Electricity at 8.8p/kW, heat at 3.25p/kWh averaged over payback period Evaluation process under way from actual data from lab supply air handling unit – temps / air flow rate / fan power / heating coil energy

12 Fume Cupboard Calculations Sash DownSash at 200mmSash at 500mm Individual Sash infoa1200mm1200mm1200mm b50mm200mm500mm c0.06m20.24m20.6m2 d0.3m/s0.3m/s0.3m/s AHU Measured at AHUe1565l/s831l/s1696l/s e0.5650m3/s0.8310m3/s1.6960m3/s f2034m3/h2991.6m3/h6105.6m3/h p1.205kg/m31.205kg/m31.205kg/m3 mass flow0.6808kg/s1.001355kg/s2.04368kg/s oa8oC8 8 Supply tempob21oC21oC21oC dt13oC13oC13oC cpa1.0035kJ/kgK1.0035kJ/kgK1.0035kJ/kgK Energy to heat the airq/hr8.9kW13.1kW26.7kW year77,004kWh113,258kWh231,149kWh Measured at AHUAHU Motor0.10kW0.40kW0.75kW elect867kWh3,468kWh6,503kWh total77,871kWh116,726kWh237,653kWh Actual measureddiversity111 year77,871kWh116,726kWh237,652kWh rate15tCO223tCO246tCO2 0.0325£/kWh inc lossesgas cost£2,503£3,681£7,512 0.089£/kWhelec cost£77£309£579 total cost£2,580£3,990£8,091 Observed Current Situationhrs/day2418 Total energy204,182kWh Total Carbon40tCO2 Total Cost£6,948yr With Autosash Closershrs/day1644 Total energy110,977kWh Total Carbon21tCO2 Total Cost£3,733yr54% SAVINGTotal energy93,205kWh Total Carbon18tCO2 Total Saving£3,215yr

13 North Haugh Building Complex

14 CHP Engine – BMS Annexe

15 Energy Costs ElectricityGasElectricity to Purdie Gas to Purdie Purdie Building£474k£109k BMS Building£188k£109k BMS Annexe (BSRC) £79k£51k CHP£3.7k£138k£59k£39k

16 Helium Recovery Environmental Driven Energy Saving Resource Dwindling‘Run Out In About 15 Years’

17 Helium Recovery


19 Helium Recovery Unit Liquid helium used to cool EPR samples, liquid supplied from BOC at a cost of £864 per 120 litres (weekly) Gas collected in a balloon, pressurised into cylinders. Cylinders transported to a helium cryogenic plant in Physics. Liquid used in Physics Cost of unit £28,380. Electrical installation cost £2,500. Total = £30,880 Recovery 50% saving of £432 per dewar Payback of 1.5 years Note: Due to problem with world supply, delivery cut to fortnightly

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