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Consolidation Committee Briefing Orange County Utilities Department August 23, 2005.

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1 Consolidation Committee Briefing Orange County Utilities Department August 23, 2005

2 Orange County Utilities Department Water Water Reclamation Solid Waste Engineering Construction Customer Service Fiscal & Administrative Support


4 Water and Wastewater Utilities - Summary Over 158,000 water and wastewater customers FY2004 O & M Budget - $ 89.4M Annual CIP Budget - $70M to $100M Annual growth past two years – 8,000 new connections per year

5 Water Reclamation Division

6 1957: Martin Plant purchased (SWRF) 1972-1980: Purchased 47 systems 1979: EPA and DEP consent orders 1983: Building moratorium 1984: Constructed EWRF 1987: Conserv II completed 1987: Constructed NWRF 2000: Reclaimed water rates initiated 2004: SWRF expanded to 43 mgd History

7 Three (3) regional water reclamation facilities 18.5 billion gallons treated annually Average daily flow = 51 mgd 100% reuse of effluent Wastewater Treatment

8 South Water Reclamation Facility l Permitted to treat 43 mgd l Reclaimed water to: –Conserv II –Commercial and residential irrigation –RIBs

9 Eastern Water Reclamation Facility l Permitted to treat 19 MGD l Reclaimed water to: –Industrial cooling –RIBs –Wetlands

10 Northwest Water Reclamation Facility l Permitted to treat 7.5 MGD l Reclaimed water to: –RIBs –Lake augmentation

11 Wastewater Collections l 1,069 miles of gravity main l 509 miles of force main l Asset management l 121,600 connections

12 l 645 wastewater pump stations l 31 odor control systems l 40 stationary emergency generators l 27 portable emergency generators Wastewater Pumping

13 l Industrial Pretreatment Program l Surcharge Program l Oil and Grease Prevention Program Environmental Compliance

14 Reclaimed Water Program

15 Residential & Commercial Irrigation 248 miles of reclaimed water mains 91 commercial reclaimed water customers 2,200 residential reclaimed water customers

16 Water Conserv II Jointly owned by the City of Orlando and Orange County Largest agricultural water reuse project in the world First reuse program in Florida permitted to irrigate crops intended for human consumption

17 Water Division

18 History Water utility since 1973 Operated and maintained over 100 facilities during the 70’s During the 80’s and 90’s facilities were upgraded, consolidated and interconnected for more reliable service

19 History Today –Two (2) regional water treatment facilities –Eleven (11) smaller facilities –121,200 customers

20 Water Production Thirteen (13) treatment facilities Produced more than 20 billion gallons of water in 2004 Purchased water through interconnections with other utilities

21 Water Distribution 1,652 miles of water transmission and distribution mains Over 121,200 potable water connections Connection Growth –Average 8,000 per year over past two years

22 Laboratory Overview Full service lab performing over 250,000 analyses/year Certified by DOH and EPA for >1,000 parameters Provide analytical services to other utilities

23 Water Quality Maintain compliance monitoring for our drinking water systems Assess emerging issues in anticipation of future water supply needs and regulations Cross-Connection Program that monitors 5,200 commercial and 32,000 residential backflow devices

24 Water Conservation Educational programs –Blue Thumb Jr. Detective –Florida Friendly Landscaping Workshops –Mobile Irrigation Lab Audits Water Watch Program

25 Water Supply Challenges Water demands expected to double by 2025 Limited groundwater resource 13 municipalities 19 water suppliers Two water management districts –SJRWMD and SFWMD

26 Water Supply Approach Maximize use of groundwater for potable use Maximize beneficial use of reclaimed water for irrigation an recharge Expand and enforce water conservation Develop alternate water supplies –Integrated Water Resource Project

27 Water Supply Regional partnerships –Partnership with City of Cocoa, Toho Authority and RCID –St. Johns River/Taylor Creek Reservoir Project w/ five partners –Other municipalities

28 Engineering Division

29 Planning, GIS and Development Review Utilities planning Computer hydraulic modeling Mapping of utilities infrastructure Development Review –Subdivision plans –Commercial development –Capital Charges Manual of Standards and Specifications

30 375 projects over the next 5 years 5 Year Budget Water $148.6 Million Wastewater $248.8 Million Support projects $ 36.1 Million Total $433.5 Million Average per year $ 87 Million Capital Improvement Program

31 Capital Improvement Program Program Management Programs –Integrated Water Resources (IWRP) –Water Distribution Rehab –Wastewater Collection Rehab Resource Management –Consultant Contracts –Project Managers

32 Water supply issues –Consumptive Use Permitting (CUP) Water supply and treatment –Eastern Regional WSF Expansion –Southern Regional WSF –CR 535 WSF Water system improvements Capital Improvement Program Water

33 Wastewater treatment Collection systems Pumping stations Reclaimed water supply Biosolids treatment and reuse Capital Improvement Program Water Reclamation

34 Road construction utility improvements –FDOT –Municipalities –Orange County Public Works –Expressway Authority Special projects –Administration Building Capital Improvement Program Transportation Related and Special Projects

35 Construction Division

36 Capital Improvements Program –Constructibility review –Construction observation –Start-up –Close-out Development –Inspection –Project acceptance

37 Customer Service Division

38 Customer Service Division Development and Customer Accounts Development –Capital charges –Transfers and refunds –Service availability Customer Accounts –New account set up –Customer research and adjustments –Deposit management

39 Customer Service Division Field Services Meter Reading –142,000 meters per month – 450 meters per reader per day Field Representatives –3,500 meter turn ons and offs each month –1,500 disconnects and restores each month Billing Analysts –Field customer service –200 water audits monthly

40 Customer Service Division Call Center –24,000 calls monthly Billing and Payments Delinquent Accounts Dispatch –24 Hours –3,000 calls monthly

41 Customer Service Division Technical Project team for the Customer Information System (CIS) Support current systems including: –Interactive Voice Response –Itron Meter Reading –Bank lockbox files –Credit card validation software –Addressing –Mandatory Refuse and Environmental Billing files

42 Utilities Fiscal & Administrative Support Division

43 Financial Management Financial planning, analysis and reporting Revenue projections Coordination of annual budget submissions Rate studies Capital financing and acquisition efforts

44 Accounting Services in support of all Utilities billing systems Performs monthly reconciliation of subsidiary ledgers to supporting documentation Audits transactions Prepares, analyzes and reports financial and statistical information

45 Information Technologies Supports Department’s technology requirements Coordinates development and operation of new programs and systems Supports and maintains Department’s LAN / WAN for over 300 users

46 Support Operations Warehouse operations Procurement services Facilities management – Presidents Drive

47 Administrative Services

48 Human Resources Recruitment Retention Compensation Training Employee relations

49 Safety Administration Administers Utilities safety programs and initiatives Coordinates safety training and emergency management efforts Performs safety inspections

50 Utilities Finances

51 Water and Wastewater Finances Enterprise Fund Self-sufficient from system revenues Outstanding Revenue Bonds –Covenant restrictions

52 Utilities Finances FY 05 O&M Budget (Millions) –Water & Wastewater$ 89.4 –Solid Waste $ 20.7 –Mandatory Refuse $ 25.0 –Recycling $ 3.4 Total O&M Budget$138.5

53 Utilities Finances Operating Budget by Division FY 04 - 05 Operating Budget: $138,518,241 Solid Waste Fiscal & Admin Support Engineering & Construction Customer Service Water Wastewater

54 Utilities Finances FY 05 CIP Budget (Millions) –Water & Wastewater$ 82.1 –Solid Waste $ 8.0 –Recycling $ 4.1 Total CIP Budget $94.2

55 Utilities Rates Water –Increasing block rates since 1987 The more water used, the more the customer pays Provides incentive to conserve water –New 5 block structure in 2005 Wastewater –Uniform rate structure with a cap at 14,000 gallons per month

56 Water Rate Structure Fixed Monthly Charge $5.47 Volume Charge 0 – 3,000 gallons $0.89 per 1,000 4,000 – 10,000 gallons$1.19 per 1,000 11,000 – 20,000 Gallons$2.38 per 1,000 21,000 – 30,000 gallons$3.57 per 1,000 Above 30,000 gallons$5.35 per 1,000 Average Monthly Water Bill at 10,000 gallons remains – $16.47

57 Wastewater Rates Fixed Monthly Charge $13.96 Uniform Rate Structure –Volume Charge 0 – 14,000 gallons $3.17 per 1,000 –Volume Charge Cap at 14,000 Gallons Average Monthly Wastewater Bill at 10,000 gallons - $45.66

58 Reclaimed Water Rates Fixed Monthly Charge $3.14 Uniform Rate Structure –Volume Charge Usage over 4,000 gallons $0.84 per 1,000 Commercial/Wholesale Rates –Varies by usage type and meter size

59 Utilities Rate History


61 Capital Charges Current May 1, 2006 Water $1522.50 $1,950.00 Wastewater $3077.50 $3,668.00

62 Ter Ter ritorial Agreements

63 Territorial Agreements OUC Water Service Territorial Agreement –May 1994 –1 st Amendment – April 2005 City of Orlando Wastewater Service Territorial Agreement –April 1994 –1 st Amendment - May 2003 –2 nd Amendment - January 2004

64 Territorial Agreements Clearly defined service areas and customer base Eliminate duplication of efforts –Planning for service areas –Conflicting and parallel mains –Treatment facilities near each other Eliminate wasteful expenditures

65 Territorial Agreements Basis for cooperation –Temporary, permanent and emergency interconnects –Flexibility to transfer service areas based on effectiveness of service

66 Consolidation Committee Briefing Orange County Utilities Department August 23, 2005

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