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UWS AQUACLEANER “Leaders in the field of Waterfront Restoration Technology”

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2 UWS AQUACLEANER “Leaders in the field of Waterfront Restoration Technology”

3 Suction Dredging Spot Dredging Projects Suction Dredging …”Where Smaller Is Better !” -Portable Equipment Creates easy access -Capable of removing 25cyds-hr -Can pump-up to a 1,000ft. w/o booster -Removes silt, sand, soft organics -Various configurations are available -Minimal underwater and upland disruption

4 Discovery Channel’s, Mike Rowe, and the boys prepping a dredge bag.

5 Our 4 inch suction dredge machine featuring 13hp dredge pump, high pressure agitator, and commercial diver air compressor


7 Turbidity curtain in place at the worksite.

8 This 100’x30’ GEO TUBE inflates over 8’ high!

9 When this bag is full, it will hold 600cyds of dry material.

10 Smaller is better when it comes to the dredging of this boathouse.

11 Our small dredge bags give you the opportunity to make a small project feasible and affordable.

12 Preparing staging area including dewatering bags and filtration burm.

13 “The Dirty Dredger” The World’s first dredge machine that allows you to remove plants, leaves, sticks, and debris along with the sediment and actually segments the solids from the sediment allowing for productive dredging in any environment.

14 Suction harvesting and suction dredging was used in combination to reclaim this homeowners waterfront property.

15 UWS AQUACLEANER Leaders in the field of Suction Harvesting Technology -A long term solution for invasive plant problems -Minimal disturbance to the lakes bottom -Plant selectivity and eco-friendly -Can be used for homeowners and lake-wide management -Available in variety of sizes and configurations -Offers shoreline remediation -Offers short and long term relief for a variety of problems

16 Our industrial size 5 inch, single nozzle machine is capable of removing 500 square feet per hour. This machine is self propelled and comes in a variety of configurations.

17 The open areas in the water represent areas that were harvested using our 5 inch home model.

18 Here we have our suction diver demonstrating how he operates underwater using a 4 inch hose.

19 Lily pads with their nasty tuber roots are no match for the Aquacleaner. If you look at the top left of the photo you can see what the property looked like before we got their.

20 A days worth of suction harvested weeds with our home model.

21 A collection of invasive plants. The key to suction harvesting includes the removal of the plant in it’s entirety. Removing years past plants that lay on the lakes bottoms helps to ensure the reduction of the future plants.

22 A day of suction harvested weeds with our 5 inch industrial machine. This material is perfect for a variety of composting needs.

23 Keeping turbid water contained is a vital aspect of maintaining compliancy with state water quality concerns.

24 This is the result of a suction dredging project. No other system offers such a nice neat method of organic sediment removal. Excellent for composting.

25 Cattails before remediation.

26 Cattails removed by the, Aquarake.

27 This portion of our clients pond truly needed to be dredged.

28 No other option could yield these results without upland disruption.

29 It’s a Dirty Job, but somebody has to do it….And, we’re just the guys to do it!

30 Discovery Channel’s Dirty Job Crew on site in Connecticut.

31 Discovery Channel’s, Mike Rowe, with UWS Aquacleaner’s, “Aquagal”.

32 Discovery Channel’s, Mike Rowe, with owners of UWS Aquacleaner’s

33 UWS AQUACLEANER “ Leaders in waterfront restoration technology” -Sales -Service -Joint Ventures -Contact us @716-601-9491 or

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