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The Cold War Proxy Wars. Essential QUestion How did the tension of the Cold War play out in proxy wars?

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1 The Cold War Proxy Wars

2 Essential QUestion How did the tension of the Cold War play out in proxy wars?

3 VocaBUlary Third World Proxy Wars

4 activator Brainstorm: Other than the Soviet Union, what other people, places, or things come to your mind when you think of communism?

5 DISCUSS-RevieW What was happening in China after World War II?

6 ChinEsE Civil War p. 451 Chinese Civil War resumes immediately after WWII Which sides would you guess the U.S. & USSR support?

7 COLD War sides The Cold War is between the pro-democratic West & the pro-communist East (now including China) While many make up the West, the U.S. is the leader VS.

8 DISCUSS What comes to your mind when you hear the term “third world country”? What countries might be associated with this term?

9 thrEE Worlds First World – Refers to the United States and its pro-democratic allies Second World – Refers to the Soviet Union and its pro-communist conquered nations Third World – Nations not aligned with either side – Often newly independent nations LATIN AMERICA ASIA AFRICA

10 DISCUSS What Third World country near China would next become the focus of the Cold War? (Hint: Think Kim Jung Un)

11 KoRea Divided Korea Divided – WWII – controlled by Japan – Following defeat, Japan surrendered to USSR in north and U.S. in south – Korea in north becomes mostly communist – Korea in south becomes mostly nationalist/democratic Now that China is communist, what would you guess is going to happen in Korea?

12 Proxy War in KorEa Post WWII – 1949 – U.S. & USSR withdraw their troops from Korea – Soviet Union begins supplying North Korea with weapons Korean War ( ) – June 1950 – communist North Korea invades South Korea – Sept 1950 – UN gets involved & 15 countries help South Korea – Nov 1950 – Chinese troops help North Korea & push south – 1953 – war ends where it started

13 KorEan War



16 DISCUSS The Korean War is one of many Proxy Wars fought during the Cold War. Define: Proxy Wars

17 Proxy Wars Wars between opposing superpowers where they use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly

18 Proxy Wars Even though the Korean War was fought between North Korea and South Korea, it was really fought between the United States and China/Soviet Union VS. NORTH KOREA SOUTH KOREA

19 DISCUSS What other famous war involved the United States and was fought in Asia during the Cold War?

20 DISCUSS What do you know about the Vietnam War?

21 Vietnam War Similar to Korea, the Vietnam War was fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, it was really fought between the United States and the Soviet Union VS. NORTH VIETNAM SOUTH VIETNAM

22 Proxy War in Vietnam Formation of Vietnam – France had controlled Vietnam (called French Indochina) since the days of Imperialism – Vichy France gives Indochina to Japan during WWII – France attempts to reclaim the land following WWII, but the people want independence – France fails to reclaim land and Vietnam becomes a free nation – North leans communist – South leans nationalist/democratic

23 DISCUSS Why do you think the United States got involved in Vietnam?

24 Proxy War in Vietnam Vietnam War ( ) – 1950s – U.S. pledge support to French fighting the Vietnamese; Soviet Union supports communist factions of Vietnam – 1960 – U.S. sends 650 advisors to help South Vietnam – 1963 – U.S. sends 16,000 advisors – – U.S. troops fight with the South against the North – – U.S. begin removing troops (Vietnamization) – 1975 – North defeats south and Vietnam becomes communist

25 DISCUSS How do you think Vietnam becoming communist impacted the world?

26 Impact oF vietnam War Impact of the Vietnam War – The war was unpopular & caused division among the U.S. population Protests of the 1960s; hippies – Communism gains another country which increased U.S. fears – Since Vietnam was seen as a weaker country, the loss hurt the reputation of America’s military 1 st defeat in modern U.S. history – Set the stage for more proxy wars between U.S. & USSR VS.

27 DISCUSS Where else do the U.S. and the Soviet Union battle in proxy wars? (See Textbook, p. 550)

28 Proxy Wars






34 DISCUSS Which countries were now communist by 1975?

35 Proxy Wars

36 DISCUSS Which countries in danger of becoming communist remained democratic by 1975?

37 Proxy Wars

38 DISCUSS Who is this man?

39 CHE Che Guevara – Argentine Marxist who led revolutions in South America Background – As a medical student, he saw much poverty & disease throughout South America – Blamed the U.S. & capitalism – Believed communism would be the solution & led many Latin American revolutions – Was eventually captured and executed by the CIA

40 DISCUSS What Latin American nation is the most famous for being communist?

41 TOMORROW Brinkmanship & The Cuban Missile Crisis Read Ch. 17, Sec 4. Cold War Divides the World Watch X-Men: First Class

42 SUMMARIZE Discuss How would you rate the success of the Truman Doctrine at this point?

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