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San Diego Unified School District Office of Language Acquisition.

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1 San Diego Unified School District Office of Language Acquisition

2 Instructional Framework for English Learners Reading/ Lang. Arts Math History/ Social Studies Science/ Health PE Art Explicit language Instruction for Content Learning: QTEL PurposeFocused language support to equip students to construct and express meaning. This is based on an analysis of cognitive and linguistic demands of upcoming content instruction. Content Determined by grade level content objectives and students’ English language knowledge. Focused ELD Purpose: Develop a solid language foundation Content: Follows scope and sequence of language skills in functional contexts Organized by level of English proficiency Comprehensible Delivery of Content Instruction: QTEL Utilizes instructional techniques to make content comprehensible. Creates meaningful contexts for language use and provides multiple opportunities for practice and application. Maximizes teachable moments throughout the entire instructional day for both content and language.

3 What is QTEL? What do you say when someone asks you, “What is QTEL?” QTEL is a principled approach that supports English learners’ access to grade level content and academic language development. The QTEL approach emphasizes quality interactions in a three part lesson design. English learners are viewed as capable and legitimate participants in the classroom community.

4 Principles of Quality Teaching for English Learners ■ Sustain Academic Rigor in teaching English Learners ■ Hold High Expectations in teaching English Learners ■ Engage in Quality Interactions with English Learners ■ Sustain a Language Focus in teaching English Learners ■ Develop Quality Curricula for teaching English Learners

5 Expanded ZPD Assistance from more capable peers or adults Inner Resources: knowledge, experience, memory, investment Interaction with equal peers Interaction with less capable peers REGULATION SELF- Scaffolding: Modeling… Resourcefulness, Self- access “Docendo discimus” (We learn by teaching) “If one member of a dyad undergoes developmental change, the other is also likely to do so” (Bronfenbrenner 1979:65) Van Lier, 2003

6 Two Elements of a Scaffolding Task:  Conventionalized structure that is constant and flexible  Interactional process, jointly constructed moment to moment Therefore: ■ The structures facilitate the interaction. It’s in the interaction where content and language knowledge is developed and expanded.

7 Exploring the Role of Point of View in Argument: Grade 5 ■ PRIORITY STANDARDS: Identified on the Unit 5 pacing guide. ■ OVERVIEW: Students will learn to identify and compare/contrast different points of view across multiple texts to form and support their own opinions. Students will also be required to write their own opinion piece. ■ TEXT: Several articles and a video addressing the “Toilet to Tap” recycling program.

8 3 Moment Lesson Design ■ Preparing Learners ■ Interacting with Texts ■ Extending Understanding Scaffolding Tasks: Content and Language Learning

9 Preparing Learners Goals ■ Activate prior, relevant knowledge related to key concepts ■ Establish an interest in and focus for the lesson ■ Introduce a few of the most essential words, in context ■ Promote perspective and community building

10 Preparing Learners Quick Write There are two sides to every story. Think about a time when something happened and you saw it differently than someone else. What happened and how did you feel?

11 Preparing Learners Anticipatory Guide 1. Think independently about the 5 statements and mark whether you agree or disagree. Be prepared to provide a reason. 2. Take turns explaining why you agree or disagree with each statement, using the formulaic expression provided. StatementOpinionExplain your thinking AgreeDisagree I agree/disagree with this statement because… 1.If scientists said they could make toilet water potable, that is, safe for human consumption, then I would drink it. 2. There is a worldwide water crisis. 3. There is usually only one solution to any problem. 4. Understanding different points of view or other perspectives helps me form my own opinions. 5. If a group of scientists claim something is safe, then it must be true.

12 Interacting with Text Goals ■ Deconstruct the text, focus on understanding a chunk ■ Reconnect the analyzed chunk to the whole ■ Establish connections between ideas within the text

13 Article Controversy Swirls around Toilet-to-Tap Project by Lindsey A. Greene Adapted from: Environmental Health Perspectives, VOLUME 108, NUMBER 10, October 2000

14 Vocabulary Notebook Preview key vocabulary in context. Teacher reads key word Students repeat the key word choral read the source sentence. Word & TranslationSource SentenceSketchDefinitionSynonym/Antonym proposition California officials are receiving a tidal wave of reactions to a proposition to reclaim wastewater for drinking purposes. potable Supplementing potable water with reclaimed water is not a new concept for California.

15 Interacting with Texts: Listening with a Focus Section 1, Paragraphs 1-4 Why are some California cities looking to make reclaimed water potable? One of the reason for reclaiming wastewater for drinking purposes is... The article states...

16 Interacting with Texts: Listening with a Focus Section 2, Paragraphs 5-6 What do opponents and supporters claim about the Toilet-to Tap project? Opponents/Supporters claim... Supporters claim … On the other hand, opponents claim... Those who support/don’t support … state...

17 Interacting with Texts: Listening with a Focus Section 3, Paragraph 7 What does one researcher propose as an alternative to the project? ___ proposes/suggests …in order to.... According to __, … are all possible alternatives to …

18 Vocabulary Notebook Revisited Students work collaboratively to: Define key vocabulary words Determine a synonym, antonym or amplification of the word Sketch an image. Word & TranslationSource SentenceSketchDefinitionSynonym/Antonym proposition California officials are receiving a tidal wave of reactions to a proposition to reclaim wastewater for drinking purposes. potable Supplementing potable water with reclaimed water is not a new concept for California.

19 Interacting with Texts Graphic Organizer 1. Teacher models how to gather information for the graphic organizer. 2. Students work collaboratively to complete the graphic organizer for each article. ArgumentEvidenceSource: Who stated this? Supporters Opponents

20 Extending Understanding Goals ■ Apply new learning to novel situations ■ Re-create text in a new genre or create new text to represent new understanding ■ Take a critical stance, evaluate

21 Extending Understanding Collaborative Poster Reach consensus on an image, a quote, and an original phrase that represents the point of view you’ve been assigned. Produce a poster that best represents your assigned point of view and includes:  An original phrase or sentence  A quote from the text, cited  One image or drawing Each participant uses a different color marker and signs the poster for accountability purposes.

22 Group Presentations Collaborative Poster Presentation Each member contributes and explains the rationale for their choices. We chose this ___ because…

23 Extending Understanding Opinion Piece 1. Model Purpose, text structure and language of genre 2. Co-construction of genre. 3. Independent application: Refer to end of unit writing goal, Task 3 Collaborative to Independent

24 Reflection QTEL is considered a high challenge, high support approach to develop deep content and language learning. Explain the rationale for this. Include the following in your discussion: ■ 3 Moment lesson architecture ■ Deliberate sequencing of tasks ■ Scaffolding tasks as structures to facilitate a process ■ Expanded ZPD

25 Next Steps Bring materials to plan a series of lessons using the QTEL approach. Things to consider:  Are you involved with a PLC?  Are you currently working with a certain content area or grade level?  Is there another ELST you can collaborate with during the planning time?

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