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2 THE NETHERLANDS Often called Holland Size: 41,526 sq. km. (half the size of Ireland) Population: 16m Language: Dutch © Seomra Ranga 2013

3 THE NETHERLANDS Bordered by Belgium and Germany Located south of the North Sea Government is a constitutional monarchy In Dutch, “Nederland” means “Low Country” The Netherlands declared itself neutral during World War II but was invaded and occupied by Germany © Seomra Ranga 2013

4 THE NETHERLANDS Flag Red = strength and courage White = honesty and peace Blue = loyalty and truth

5 THE NETHERLANDS Capital: Amsterdam Seat of Government: The Hague Currency: Euro Language: Dutch Divided into 12 provinces Joined EEC in 1957 © Seomra Ranga 2013

6 THE NETHERLANDS Maritime country Flat, low-lying country 50% of the country has been reclaimed from sea/lakes/swamps Climate: cool summers, mild winters © Seomra Ranga 2013 Rotterdam (image:

7 THE NETHERLANDS Cities Amsterdam The Hague Rotterdam Arnhem Eindhoven Utrecht © Seomra Ranga 2013 Rotterdam (image:

8 THE NETHERLANDS Sports Soccer Speed skating Handball Cycling Field hockey Volleyball Sailing Tennis © Seomra Ranga 2013 Dutch Soccer Team (image: http://sportsgallery-

9 THE NETHERLANDS Areas that are drained are called Polders. These polders are created by building a Dyke (large embankment) around the area to be drained The water is then pumped out into nearby canals Dams are used to hold back water and make it easier to reclaim land © Seomra Ranga 2013

10 THE NETHERLANDS Famous person : Vincent Van Gogh (artist) © Seomra Ranga 2013

11 THE NETHERLANDS Famous book : The Diary of Anne Frank © Seomra Ranga 2013

12 THE NETHERLANDS Famous for : Tulips Cheese (Edam) Art Clogs Canals Windmills © Seomra Ranga 2013 Tulip Fields (image:

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