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By Liv Incardona and Lloyd Chatfield CRUSADES (1 ST -3 RD )

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1 By Liv Incardona and Lloyd Chatfield CRUSADES (1 ST -3 RD )

2 WHAT ARE THE CRUSADES? Arose in Europe to restore Christianity (in the Middle East mostly) Crosses worn on shield for God

3 MOTIVATIONS OF THE CRUSADERS Religious – Promoting Christ Political – Seljuk Turks 1071 – Byzantines reached out for Western help – Holy War promoted by Pope Social – Thousand of knights looking for opportunity – Peasants Economic – Italian merchants – Angered by Seljuk expansion

4 URBAN II (CA. 1035 – 29 JULY 1099) Pope Reason for Crusade success Turned evils of Western Christians towards Eastern Muslims Spoke at Clermont November 18, 1095. Masses accepted his words. Soldiers prepared for war Left in August 1096

5 THE PURPOSES OF THE FIRST CRUSADE Somewhat surprising allies to the Byzantines 40,000 thousand poured into Constantinople Reassured people they were there to capture Byzantine land

6 THE FIRST CRUSADE (1096-1099) European crusaders, Venetian adventurers, and Byzantium vs. Seljuk Turks Franks did most of work Captured Nicaea in 1097 Captured Antioch in 1098 Seized Jerusalem as well

7 THE SECOND CRUSADE (1147-1149)

8 THE PURPOSES OF THE SECOND CRUSADE Coming in saying they want to reclaim Northernmost kingdom in Holy Land Change their minds when they get there Damascus

9 THE SECOND CRUSADE French and German crusaders and Damascus vs. the Muslim forces of Zangi and his sons War fought in Damascus primarily European crusaders were stunned by fall of Edessa to Muslims. Failed to conquer Edessa Turned to Damascus Lost to Damascus Changes things in the Middle East

10 THE THIRD CRUSADE (1189-1192)

11 THE PURPOSES OF THE THIRD CRUSADE Saladin and his army capture Jerusalem (won versus Latin Kingdoms) Pope Gregory VIII declares Holy War to reclaim Jerusalem Crusaders come with new great leader…

12 RICHARD THE LION-HEARTED (1157-1199) Born to King Henry II Lead part of France as young as 11 years old Responsible for success in Third Crusade Battled Phillip II “Dieu et mon droit!”

13 THE THIRD CRUSDE Christian crusaders vs. Muslim leader Saladin and his army Fought in and around Jerusalem At first, lots of success and winning battles Very bloody war Failed to conquer Jerusalem Treaty

14 THE END OF THE THIRD CRUSADE Latin Kingdoms small coastal strip Christians granted rights to Holy Land Capture of Cyprus

15 WORKS CITED,550x550,075,f.the-crusader-series-ii-crusader.jpg 1FE146&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR 1FE146&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR e.jpg e.jpg s/s400/SiegeofAntioch+during+the+First+Crusade.jpg s/s400/SiegeofAntioch+during+the+First+Crusade.jpg

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