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Water Balance Study Water Treatment, Management and Conservation Solutions.

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1 Water Balance Study Water Treatment, Management and Conservation Solutions

2 Project Overview  Two Primary Objectives 1. Balance the Internal Water Usage with Purchased and Discharge Water Volumes. 2. Look for Opportunities To Reduce Water Usage and Conserve Utilities

3 Methodology 1. Introduction and Site Survey 2. Compile Existing Information; Meter Readings, Site Drawings, Usage Estimates, Etc. 3. Generate List of Water Users by Department 4. Gather Purchased Water Usage Data 5. Preliminary Balance, Data Verification and Revisions 6. Final Water Balance 7. Provide Recommendations For Water and Energy Conservation.

4 Resources Significant Information and Data are required to execute study  Introduction, Site Overview, Site Specific Details  Purchased & Discharge Water Data

5 Resources Departmental Interviews  HDM –  LDD –  HVAC –  Sytech –  Wastewater Treatment –  LDD Tech Center –  Emissions Solutions –

6 Resources Drawings;  RB-28 – Water Meters & Mains  RB-28 (TIFFY) – Combined Sewer  RB-30 – Plant 1 Storm Sewers  RB-31 – Sewers Surrounding Facility  RB-65 – Parking Plan with Gate #’s

7 Water Supply & Discharge  An Overview Of Water Sources and Discharge Points.

8 Water Sources  There are nine (9) water meters being monitored by the city. They are designated as follows: Meter #SizeLocationDescription Meter #16”Incoming City Water Meter #23”DEDUCT - Tower Makeup Water Meter #36” ADD BACK - Tower Blowdown & Filter Backwash Meter #44” ADD BACK - Tower Blowdown & Filter Backwash Meter #510”Incoming City Water Meter #64”Incoming City Water Meter #73”Incoming City Water - Irrigation Meter #82”Incoming City Water - Irrigation Meter #92”Incoming City Water - Irrigation

9 Discharge Locations  There are seven (8) discharge points. They are designated as follows: DescriptionDestinationMeteredArea Point ASanitary SewerNoBldg. 60 Basement Point BSanitary SewerYesBldg. 60 Basement Point CSanitary SewerYesBy Building 40 Point ISanitary SewerNoBuilding 73 Point GSanitary SewerNoBuilding 30 Unnamed 1Sanitary SewerNoRestrooms in Bldg. 96 Unnamed 2Sanitary SewerYesTower Blowdown Point WWTSanitary SewerYesWWT Plant (Pt. B)

10 Water Usage History  The following graph depicts the increasing volumes of incoming water and discharge water since 2005

11 Water & Sewer Cost Calculator CITY WATER & SEWER COST CALCULATOR Enter City Water Volume 92,992,000 Gallons Enter City Sewer Volume 80,552,000 Gallons City Water Volume (Gallons) City Water Rate (per 1,000 Gallons) City Sewer Rate (per 1,000 gallons)City Water ChargeCity Sewer Charge Up to 10,000$1.61$6.67$16.10$66.70 10,000 to 50,000$1.34$5.97$53.60$238.80 50,000 to 300,000$1.11$4.77$277.50$1,192.50 300,000 to 1,000,000$1.03$3.63$721.00$2,541.00 Over 1,000,000$0.88$2.81$80,952.96$258,497.52 TOTAL$82,021.16$262,536.52 DateCity Water CostCity Sewer CostTOTAL 2005$20,771.40$66,954.90$87,726.30 2006$37,555.64$120,550.03$158,105.67 2007$51,798.44$166,029.88$217,828.32 2008$84,906.68$271,750.51$356,657.19 2009$82,021.16$262,536.52$344,557.68 5-Year Total$277,053$887,822$1,164,875

12 Water & Sewer Cost History

13 Water Usage Estimate 1. Interviewed Department Heads 2. Traced Water and Discharge Piping Lines. 3. Recorded and Verified Existing Meter Readings 4. Reviewed Historical Meter Readings. 5. Monitored and Verified Flow Rates with Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter.

14 HDM Usage Worksheet Water UserQty System Volume (gals) Frequency of Operation Type of Water Meter # Water Usage per Unit ANNUAL TOTAL Gallons per Operation Gallons per Day Gallons per Week Gallons per Month Gallons per Year Central Cooling - Head line170,000OngoingRO/City1&5-2,50017,50076,050910,000 Central Cooling - Block line170,000OngoingRO/City1&5-2,50017,50076,050910,000 Parts Washer - Makeup4-OngoingRO/City1&5-251757619,10036,400 Parts Washer - Washdown & Refill43,0004 WeeksCity1&54,0001421,0004,33352,000208,000 Mobile Parts Washer - Makeup4-OngoingRO/City1&5-10703043,65014,600 Mobile Washer - Washdown & Refill43002 WeeksCity1&54002920186910,42841,712 Mazaks72116 WeeksCity1&5000000 Mist Eliminators: Mist Cycle9n/a 10 minutes every shift Soft1&51003002,1009,100109,200982,800 Mist Eliminators: Pre-Filter Washdown9n/a 10 minutes every shift Soft1&5501501,0504,55054,600491,400 Aqueous Parts Washer1150MonthlyCity1&52007462002,400 Mop Basins and Utility Sinks6n/aOngoingCity1&5-5351521,82510,950 Solution SP-2238R / J-234715006 WeeksCity1&5600141004355,214 Nalco Solution SCN9194CL11506 WeeksCity1&52005331451,738 TOTAL3,615,214 Note: Red text indicates variable used for calculating usageAnnual Gals

15 HDM Usage Chart

16 LDD Usage Chart

17 HVAC Usage Chart

18 Wastewater Usage Chart

19 LDTC Usage Chart

20 Employee & Related Usage Chart

21 Departmental Usage Summary

22 2009 Departmental Usage Chart DEPARTMENTType of WaterMeter #ANNUAL TOTAL HDMCity/Soft/RO1&53,615,214 LDDCity/Soft/RO1&5818,695 HVACCity/Soft/RO1&580,963,548 WWTCity Water1&58,840 LDTCCity/Soft1&553,067 SYTECHCity1&528,522 EMPLOYEESCity/Soft1&55,000,000 90,487,886 Annual Gallons

23 Where Is The Water Coming From? METER # 2009 VOLUME (Gallons) Meter 134,220,000 Meter 32,270,000 Meter 4230,000 Meter 510,860,000 Meter 643,610,000 Meter 71,280,000 Meter 8522,000 Meter 90 TOTAL92,992,000

24 Where Is The Water Going?

25 2009 Water Balance 2009 PURCHASED v. USAGE BALANCE ITEM QTY. Units 2009 Purchase Volume 92,992,000gallons 2009 Projected Usage 90,487,886gallons Max. Margin of Error (+/-) 2% Max. Discrepancy 1,859,840gallons Discrepancy -2,504,114gallons % Discrepancy 2.69% 2009 Balance Summary v. Purchased ItemQty.Disc Purchased92,992,000- Estimated Usage90,487,8862.7% Discharged93,760,8980.8%

26 Maintaining Water Balance-  There Is Significant Value In Ongoing Monitoring of Purchased Water Volume, Internal Usage and Discharge Water Volume.  Meter Data Can Be Integrated Into The Building Management System  A Comprehensive Plan For Meter Locations, Data Acquisition and Analysis Can Be Implemented by Danco/GWS.

27 Potential Water Conservation and Cost Reduction Projects #Description Annual ReductionAnnual Savings 1 Reclaim Cooling Water from Blowdown HX in Boiler Room 655,200$2,417.69 2 Reclaim Portion of RO Reject Water (50%) 6,480,000$23,911.20 3 Reclaim Cooling Water from Air Compressors in Bldg.12 & Bldg. 73 30,000,000$110,700.00 4 Reclaim Water from Mist Eliminators in HDM (Return to Cooling System) 1,000,000$3,690.00 5 Reclaim Fire Main Test Water 500,000$1,845.00 6 Adjust RO Flow Rates to 75% Conversion 876,000$3,232.44 7 Use RO Water in Combination w/ City Water for Tower Makeup 3,000,000$10,930.00 8 Use RO Makeup Water to Boilers 6,000,000$78,117.60 9 Install VFD on RO Pump 68,841$4,130.43 10 Install VFD on RO Water Distribution Pumps 28,684$1,721.01 TOTAL$240,695.38

28 Operational Improvements -  Resolve issues with RO Pretreatment – Softeners and Carbon Filters  Improve RO System Operation  Segregate Soft Water System from RO  Reclaim Regeneration Water From Water Softener and Carbon Filters

29 More Operational Improvements  Additional RO Water Available for HDM  Heat RO Feedwater  Add Controls to Cooling Water Processes (Air Compressors)  Modify Water Main Configuration to Improve Flow & Pressure.

30 Questions and Answers

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