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Green Building Materials & Methods: How, Where, What, Why and When.

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1 Green Building Materials & Methods: How, Where, What, Why and When

2 How  Green Building involves using a variety of different approaches and materials to make a structure that is healthy for the occupants, for the local area and globally. but there are two basic subcategories  Location  Materials

3 Where  Site location is one of the most important single factor. For millennia people have known that location can make all the difference in the world for comfort. Here are just a few examples.

4 Ancient China

5 Ancient Navajo

6 Navajo Hogan

7 Ancient Maya

8 Ancient Uzbekistan

9 Ancient Incas

10 Ancient Aztecs

11 Orientation  Southern Exposure is the most important and easiest way to address green building and sustainability issues.

12 Materials  Reclaim  Non-toxic  Local  Organic  Native Species in Landscaping

13 Reclaim  Reclaiming is basically recycling.

14 Bricks

15 Lumber

16 Appliances and Fixtures

17 Why reclaim?  Reduces extraction of natural resources  Keeps useful materials out of landfills  Eliminates the cost of extracting, refining, manufacturing, and delivering these goods

18 Construction  What are some construction styles?

19 Adobe

20 Straw-Bale

21 Rammed Earth

22 Insulated Concrete Panels

23 Why not use these conventional materials?  VOCs  Health Effects from these compounds

24 Design  What features besides the materials used make a home green?  Energy costs  Safety

25 Energy Use for Comfort  We want to use less of these…

26  And more of these

27 How do we do this?

28 Overhangs

29 Thermal Mass

30 Water Capture

31 Triple Pane Windows

32 Clerestory Windows

33 Good Landscaping

34 Natural Light

35 Vapor Barrier

36 Sustainable Lumber

37 Air Filters Insure Indoor Air Quality

38 Living Machines

39 Why is this important?  More Money in Pockets  Save Humanity – the planet will be here long after we are gone  Comfort  Bragging rights on how smart you are  Neat gizmos

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