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Riding between the Worlds with Celtic Magic Reclaiming original European Spirituality by Morgaine

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1 Riding between the Worlds with Celtic Magic Reclaiming original European Spirituality by Morgaine

2 Who were the Celtic peoples? Where do we start to look for the ancient traditions and European culture? The Celts were different depending on the place they lived, but their customs and language was similar in all prehistoric Europe The geographic birthplace is believed to be the triangle formed where the Rhine, Rhone and Danube rivers are born The prehistoric Iberian Peninsula is a mixture of all the ethnological influences there were, like northern Celtic, Carthaginians and other passing peoples. Still more ancient, the mixture with the indigenous peoples such as Iberians, Celtic Vettons and the Visigoths.

3 What united the Celtic Tradition among European people? The Celtic worldview: With each of our actions, we are constantly forming and affecting the terrain we live in, which leads one to take on personal responsibility Each act in the visible world has an effect on vibrational worlds, since there is an energetic reaction to each physical act There is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds All aspects are part of completing the “Whole”, all being formed by polarity The mind can only think in polar terms, and the “Whole” is too abstract, it divides things in pairs. Pairs of opposites behave in a contrary ways, not exclusively, but complementary Spirit and Nature are considered all one, the “Whole”

4 How did things develop in post-celtic tradition when Everyday Life was separated from Spirit? - walking from polarity to duality Spirit and Nature were divided in two, and western divinity evolved into a duality of good and evil. Monotheism needed a world view that legitimized invasions and hierarchical order, and good and evil became absolutes. Dualism created the Devil just as it created a sole God. It created European hierarchical society with its class system. It created separation instead of union.

5 Where is the living Celtic spirit in our Society today? CELTIC SOCIETYSOCIETY TODAY Each clan was politically independentStruggle for a new political reality Discontent with the non-functioning of politics with a sole leader Believe that humans are part of natureEnvironmental protection, and a sense of responsibility for our environmental behavior Attitude that all is polar – only therefore life can exist Wish to heal relationships, especially where one pole seems to have a stronger value Preservation of life as basic attitude – giving and taking must be balanced Conscience that excessive consumption is not sustainable, because it is based on exploitation

6 Celtic Spirit is alive in our wish to create Community! Today‘s pagan movement comes from a deep wish to bring together, what we lost in more than 2000 years of patriarchy and of power-over: bring together every-day-life with Spirit, make it one and the same thing. Reclaim a world vision where Planet Earth is a Living Being. Reclaim and honor life above anything. Reclaim our birth rights.

7 Searching origins of the pagan world today in language The celtic word “wick” means flexible – it is an entangle which unites without beginning and no end Wicca is a modern version of the European shamanic tradition. It is a pagan religion. Latin “re – ligare” means reunite. The word “pagan” comes from latin “paganus” and means “outside the city”, or rural.

8 What unites Wiccan Beliefs with Pagan Beliefs in general? A deep respect for nature and life Different vibrational worlds Belief in Reencarnation Celebration of the Wheel of the Year and Lunar celebrations The vision, that human being forms part of nature and its changes Equality of genders and races which causes the deep respect for life Education of oneself and personal work, which is in service of Life Intermediary between Divine and Pagan is not necessary, as there is encouragement to establish Divine connection for anyone

9 So then – what is MAGIC? Magic means, to move energy Magic is RIDING BETWEEN THE WORLDS – because what moves between the Worlds, can change the world

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