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Power-point Guidelines Group Presentations FMIS 3141 SP10.

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1 Power-point Guidelines Group Presentations FMIS 3141 SP10

2 Avoid Death by Power-point Only bozos read from their slides:bozos Avoid full sentences/paragraphs Keep text simple: Max: 40 words / Min: 30 pt font Use presentation notes: Write a script for each slide

3 Great Style = Effective Message KEYS TO EFFECTIVE MESSAGES Brief text & iconic images Highly organized & audience focused Great examples & compelling stories

4 Great Style = Effective Message EXAMPLES OF GREAT STYLES 10/20/30: Guy Kawasaki Pecha Kucha: Daniel Pink Master Class: Larry Lessig, Steve Jobs

5 10/20/30 10 slides 20 minutes (maximum) 30 point font (minimum) 4-5min: 8-10 slides (30-60 sec/slide) Slides for main ideas/sections + a few images/examples

6 Guy Kawasaki 10/20/30 EXAMPLE: Slides from “Art of Innovation”Slides from “Art of Innovation”

7 Pecha Kucha Traditional: 20 slides, 20 seconds each (6min 40sec Total) Emphasizes focus, visual narrative, and performance 4-5min: 12-15 slides (20 sec/slide) Slides of images that complement script

8 Dan Pink Pecha Kucha EXAMPLE: “Emotionally Intelligent Signage”“Emotionally Intelligent Signage”

9 Master Class Set the Theme; Provide an Outline; Demonstrate Enthusiasm; Make it Visual; Give ‘em a Show; Rehearse; Provide a take-away 4-5min: Up to 20 slides (variable) Slides with short text, images, movies synchronized to emphasize script

10 Lawrence Lessig Master EXAMPLE: TED Talk “user-generated content”TED Talk “user-generated content”

11 Steve Jobs Master TUTORIAL: BNET “Present like Steve Jobs”BNET “Present like Steve Jobs”

12 Evaluation Criteria Organize: Avoid "Laundry List," More is less Present: Poise, Polish, Enthusiasm, Interest Audience: Tell a Story, Offer Compelling Examples, Be Memorable Create a presentation your audience will enjoy!

13 References Gallo, Carmine. “Present Like Steve Jobs.” BNET. 4/17/08. ntLGOyHw4&feature=fvw. ntLGOyHw4&feature=fvw Kawasaki, Guy. “Art of Innovation.” Open Forum. 1/11/10. hub/topics/the-world/article/guy-kawasakis-the- art-of-innovation-from-ces-2010-guy-kawasaki. hub/topics/the-world/article/guy-kawasakis-the- art-of-innovation-from-ces-2010-guy-kawasaki

14 References continued Kawasaki, Guy. “Guy Kawasaki 10-20-30 Presentation Rule.” 8/08/06. iw. iw Lessig, Lawrence. “Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity.” 11/01/07. he_law_is_strangling_creativity.html. he_law_is_strangling_creativity.html

15 References continued Pink, Dan. “Emotionally Intelligent Signage.” 8/28/10. hUg. hUg

16 Credits IMAGE: “Lawrence Lessig.” Brocken Dossiers. http://www.wizards-of- (4/16/10). http://www.wizards-of- IMAGE: “Steve Jobs and Iphone.” Arts Journal. jobs-iphone.png (4/16/10). jobs-iphone.png

17 Credits continued IMAGE: “Guy Kawasaki.” Idea Champions. yKawasaki5.jpg (4/16/10). yKawasaki5.jpg IMAGE: “Daniel Pink.” The Miller Company. 1668/images//DanPink-resized-600.jpg (4/16/10). 1668/images//DanPink-resized-600.jpg

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