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Plant Tour. Front Door & Stockroom Surface Mount Machines.

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1 Plant Tour

2 Front Door & Stockroom

3 Surface Mount Machines

4 Soldering & PCB Cleaning Machines

5 PCB Assembly Kelytech provide BGAs, SMT, through-hole, and other assembly service. In addition to our assembly service, Kelytech’s turnkey solution including Single, Double, Multilayer, & Flex Circuit design and fabrication.

6 PCB Assembly & Final Touch-up

7 PCB Testing & Verification Kelytech understand quality and our testing procedure is ISO certified to meet the highest standard. Our expert staffs can test your printed circuit boards to your specifications, minimizing defects & unnecessary reworks.

8 Cable & Harness Assembly Kelytech produces quality RF, semi-rigid, flexible & networking cables. We also produce coil, wire, and other custom cabling.

9 Chassis & Mechanical Assembly Kelytech produces subassembly & final product for: Satellite & communication equipment Medical device Network server Military equipment for the US government

10 Kelytech produces: Switching power transformer Low voltage power transformer Telecommunications transformer Toroidal coil Filter choke Magnetic Products & Product Modification

11 30 seconds Plant Tour Play in Media Player for better view Play in Media Player for better view Play again for a smoother playback

12 Best Value Kelytech is an ISO certified minority-owned small business. By actively engaging supplier diversity as a value-added strategy, your company can create a competitive advantage by partnering with minority-owned businesses: 1) Quality processes and commitment to continuous improvement. 2) Flexible and creative approaches to partnerships and customized services. 3) Higher quality and value while maximizing results for total cost reduction.

13 Give us a call for RFQ

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