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Attila the Hun By: Davin Wilson Mrs. Marshall ¾ 2009-2010.

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1 Attila the Hun By: Davin Wilson Mrs. Marshall ¾ 2009-2010

2 Birth of Attila the Hun Attila the Hun was born in 406 A.D. There is not much record of Attila the Hun’s childhood that is written or preserved. Although the thought that he may have been a natural born leader from the start is probable but is not known.

3 Attila the Hun becomes king. Attila the Hun became king along with his brother in 434,because of the death of his uncle Rua. In 445 however Attila’s brother Bleda died. (it is thought that Attila murdered him but regardless Attila became king of the Huns). (He was only king from 406 to 453 because that is a period from which he lived)

4 His first acts as king His first objective once becoming king was to create the most powerful and feared army Asia had ever seen. In 434 a peace treaty was formed between the Romans and the Huns. In 441 however, the peace treaty was broken when the Huns attacked the Eastern Roman Empire. Because of this Attila was called the scourge of god by the Romans.

5 Attila’s Later Life In 449 A.D the Romans sent an ambassador to “negotiate” with Attila but it was later found out that the ambassador was an assassin sent to murder Attila. A year later a woman named Honoria sent him a letter and a ring asking him to save her from having to marry a man she did not like.

6 Attila invades Rome Attila claimed that he was going to take Honoria back with him as his new wife. Because the Roman Empire did not agree to Attila taking Honoria he decided to invade most of modern France and Germany.

7 The Catalonian Fields The Hun’s invade through Gual stopped eat the Catalonian Fields in order to fight Attila’s former friend and rival. Attila and his army lost,however some historians say that if they had won the Christian Roman Empire would have ceased to exist.

8 Attila’s Life to Marriage Even though defeated in France Attila was confident in marrying Honoria and getting her dowry. He attacked Italy and captured two fortified cities known as Padua and Midan.

9 Attila’s Marriage and Death After returning home from Italy Attila decided to marry a woman named ildico. On the night of his marriage, not being a notably heavy drinker Attila drank a large amount of alchahol and passed out and had a massive nosebleed which caused him to choke on his own blood and die.

10 After Death The day after when Attila didn’t show up someone went to check on him only to find him dead, and his wife in a corner, deep in shock. When he died his sons decided to break up the empire and were slowly killed by their enemies. Sixteen years after Attila died the Huns ceased to exist.

11 BIBLIOGRAPHY Attila the Hun Leader of the Barbarian Hordes

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