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To 12 biggest barriers success

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1 to 12 biggest barriers success

2 1 lack of prioritisation Sometimes we focus effort on what we want to do, not what we need to do.

3 2 failure to learn from failure If you can’t put things right when they go wrong, you will make the same mistakes again and again.

4 3 planning and tactics Planning and tactics need to work together. You cannot have a good plan if you have bad tactics or good tactics if you have a bad plan.

5 4 bad company If you hang around with the wrong people, don’t be surprised if they give you wrong advice.

6 5 hard-headedness My way or the highway is not a strategy for success.

7 6 lack of diversity A lack of diversity limits options and a lack of options limits opportunities.

8 7 inconsistency If you cannot maintain standards you will seldom meet expectations.

9 8 weak brand Don’t ask people to promote you because you are loyal, expect them to promote you because you are competent.

10 9 weak networks If you are unable to harness the skills and expertise of those around you, you will miss opportunities.

11 10 pre-occupation with risk There will always be a reason to put off until tomorrow what you need to do today..

12 11 grip and control If you keep an unnecessarily tight grip on everything you will choke off opportunities for success.

13 12 lack of resilience If you cannot tough it out when the going gets tough, you will seldom be able to see things through.

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