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Starter Housing. Choke plate Breather Assembly Breather Cover.

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1 Starter Housing

2 Choke plate

3 Breather Assembly Breather Cover

4 Intake Manifold/Venturi

5 Carburetor Carburetor- provides the proper mixture of air and fuel to the intake valve

6 Air Filter

7 Magneto Armature Magneto Spark Plug Wire

8 Valve Tappets-Rides on the camshaft and pushes the bottom of the valve stem to open the valve Valve Tappets

9 Cam Shaft- includes cam gear and cam lobes; driven by the crank gear 2. Cam Lobes- egg-shaped protrusion on the camshaft that moves a tappet to open a valve; controls the lift and duration of the opening and closing of the valves 1. Cam Gear- portion of the camshaft that interlocks with the crankgear. Timing Mark

10 Connecting Rod- transfers motion from the piston to the crankshaft and functions as a lever arm Rod Cap Crankpin Journal Bearing Surface Piston Pin Piston pin Bearing Surface Piston

11 Crankshaft Magneto Journal PTO Journal Bearing Journal Crankpin Journal-attaches the connecting rod to the crankshaft

12 Crankshaft Counterweights-balances the forces of the reciprocating piston and reduces the load on crankshaft bearing journals. Throw-measurement from the center of the crankshaft to the center of the crankpin journal. Determines the stroke of an engine. Throw = ½ stroke. Crankshaft-converts the linear motion of the piston into rotary motion. Crankgear-interlocks with the cam gear to turn the crankshaft

13 Breaker points

14 Piston Rings 1. Compression Ring-seals the combustion chamber from any leakage during the combustion process. 3. Oil Ring-Wipes excess oil from the cylinder wall during piston movement. Openings in the ring returns the excess oil to the engine block. 2. Wiper Ring- used to further seal the combustion chamber and to wipe the cylinder wall clean of excess oil.

15 2 stroke piston

16 Reed valves

17 Snap rings

18 Round wire gage

19 Gasket remover

20 Ring groove cleaner

21 Ridge reamer

22 Oil plug

23 Cylinder hone

24 Compression tester

25 Blade balancer

26 Valve chamber breather

27 Mechanical fuel pump

28 Solid state ignition

29 Throttle body

30 Valve chamber assembly

31 Measure breaker points

32 condenser

33 Condenser clamp

34 Air breather

35 Breaker point plunger

36 Breaker points

37 Governor blade

38 Breaker point cover

39 Valve lapper

40 Telescoping gage

41 Spark plug tester

42 Breather tube assembly

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