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Educational Technology Service's Principals Brief August 26, 2014.

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1 Educational Technology Service's Principals Brief August 26, 2014


3 Briefing Items Deployment – Student Laptops – Teacher Laptops – iPads Protection Plan Fund Distribution Showcases and Summits Securus ET FY14-15 Priorities Shared Governance Who you going to call

4 DEPLOYMENTS TECHS PRIMARY FOCUS PAST TWO WEEKS – – TODAY (BMMS, DMS, FLYI, BME AND FLYH) MINOR ISSUES/Growing Pains DISK FULL CORRUPTIONS ALL BACKPACKS HAVE BEEN DELIVERFED TO SCHOOLS – GROWTH We have received numerous reports of laptop shortages – Good news we have them/ Processing to meet demand Teachers Black Screen of Death! New Teacher Machines (Late to the races) – Login failures iPads (VPP and K)

5 Software Updates Rosetta Stone – Receiving error iStation – upgrade completed for iPads DiscoveryED – good to go Email – (High Schools/Middle?) Microsoft Office (Students) Moodle Google Docs

6 Student Technology Plan Cost is $64 for grades 12-3 (iPads are not included) Participation Rate – 20 Enrollment report / amount collected Amount collect $35 goes to the district pool – We need to get the this pool to 3.2 million – $29 Goes to the schools repair fund Deductibles, backpack or laptop replacements, repairs etc., End of year the remaining about goes back to the school Cost of this program has nothing do with a student taking a laptop home or keeps it at school (cost is the same.)

7 Summit and Showcases CoSN* and BCPS (TFTIII) Daphne Feeder 200-400Oct 19-21, 2014 Digital Renaissance Showcase Daphne Feeder 100-200Dec 2-3, 2014 Digital Renaissance Community Showcase Daphne Feeder 100Feb 2, 2015 Digital Renaissance Showcase Spanish Fort Feeder 100-200 April 21-22, 2015 Digital Renaissance Summit Fairhope High School 200-400June 9-11, 2015 Digital Renaissance Conference Robertsdale Elementary School 700 July 28-30, 2015

8 Securus “Daily 120+ Severity Report” Authorization List Our Security Layers – iBoss (Network filter and blocking) – Securus (Visual Engine and Text Library) – Apple Remote – The Teacher! (Classroom management) Looking at software that project all students laptop screens on the smartboard, projector or TV “Creating a safe haven”

9 Educational Technology Priorities Strategic Plan Implementation Data management and integration – iNow, Citrix, and McAleer Governance – Shift critical decisions to the stakeholders – Procurement scalability – Focus on the Academic Plan – Evaluate effectiveness of services Academic Sustainability and refinement of services – High school refresh – Student Support Initiative – Support For Elementary Schools – Academic Software Architecture Community Engagement – Parent & Community Support Services

10 Shared Governance Strategic Alignment Academically Focus Prioritization and Resource Allocation Decided by Schools Teachers

11 Customer Service Who Do You Call? – One Throat to Choke Model High Schools – DRAs Middle Schools – DRS Elementary Schools (STCs) Principals Establishes Priorities by Calling the CTO! Currently we receive between 1200 to 1500 Work Orders a week Several Thousand Phone Calls A Week

12 “Semper Gumpy” Always flexible ET’s Motto

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