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2 WELCOME Mark Blake Knox CEO

3 INTRODUCTIONS 1. Share your name, (and who chose your name…and why), country you are from and Cheshire location. 2. Your expectations of today 3. Some ground rules / housekeeping

4 Aim of the Orientation To make you aware of Cheshire Ireland and your valued volunteer role To understand what the typical day-to-day activities are To understand the communication style which will help you in your role

5 Today’s Agenda 10.00am Cheshire Ireland story 10.30am Volunteers – who are you and what do you bring? 12.00pmCheshire Ireland’s service users 1-2.00pm Lunch 2.00pmHow to succeed in your volunteering role 3.00pmAdding to ‘a life of meaning’ 4.00pmLearnings shared 4.25pmWrap-Up & Close

6 Cheshire Ireland Ethos & Mission Leonard Cheshire (1917-1992) History in Ireland (50 years) Worldwide - 250 projects in 52 countries globally Ethos ‘ quality, person-centred services which facilitate people with disabilities to live a life of their own choosing’ New Direction – community living

7 Cheshire Ireland Our Values: Respect Optimism Integrity Innovation Collaboration

8 VOLUNTEERS – who and why? Home country, place where you grew up Story of you, your family, education, travels to date What you enjoy most Your ‘life of meaning’ (purpose, what would make you happy)

9 Service Users – who are they? What do you know about them already? Typical day What do they enjoy doing?

10 Crucial aspects Companionship Respect boundaries Confidentiality Assisting at mealtimes – you must be trained beforehand Safety on outings Being prepared – rucksack for each service user Clamping the wheelchair in Security – possessions & money

11 Assisting with Eating/Drinking:

12 IMMEDIATELY CALL SENIOR STAFF IF: Difficulty initiating a swallow Wet or gurgling voice after swallowing The person becomes drowsy The person begins to cough or choke during eating or drinking

13 Yeah! LUNCH 1-2pm

14 How to succeed in your volunteering role at Cheshire Ireland Own your own experience Teamwork with staff and volunteers Professionalism – appearance, timekeeping, appropriate boundaries Improve your English – formal lessons or informal learning Training – Cheshire Ireland Orientation, Fire Safety, Moving and Handling, Choking and Swallowing, Driving Assessment (if appropriate) Practice assertive communication

15 Assertive Communication If you are unsure what someone is telling you, say so If you are not comfortable with something, say so Do not do any task you are not trained to do – say ‘no’ If you see something that is not right, tell a senior member of staff

16 Adding to ‘a life of meaning’ You can help to ‘make the less, more’ Active citizenship Linking with the local community Going on outings Family events Writing letters Reading aloud Computers Board games Entering competitions Sitting with someone watching a DVD Helping with loneliness Singing along to music Scrap booking Doing a budget Tidying someone’s wardrobe Going shopping And I’m sure you can think of more……A good guide is what a person of a similar age is doing in the community.

17 Share Learnings

18 Wrap Up FEEDBACK ?


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