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Inside porn: what is the real truth?

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1 Inside porn: what is the real truth?

2 Porn industry The porn industry generates roughly $13 billion each year in the US. 11,300 hard-core films were released in 2002, compared with about 470 Hollywood features. Every second: $3, is spent on pornography. 28,258 people are viewing pornography 372 people are typing adult search terms Number of hardcore pornography titles released in 2005 (U.S.): 13,588. In 1994: 3,200 porn titles were released. In 2005: 13,588 porn titles were released. That is a growth rate of 325% in ten years Pornhub receives over 1.68 million visits per hour. Approximately 40 million people in the United States are sexually involved with the Internet.

3 inside porn: demographics
Legalized in California through case law in 1988 not by legislation Only legal in California and New Hampshire to produce pornography. In 48 states the law treats porn production as pandering and prostitution. San Fernando Valley is the porn capitol of the world where %85 of adult content is produced. In LAC: Appoximately 200 porn production companies An estimated 5-10 large companies make >40% of films Approximately 5 major film distributors In LAC: 6,000 workers (total) An estimated 2,000 sex performers An estimated 75% of performers are female Only regular male performers Many female performers make only one film due to being traumatized 95% of porn stars are “escorts” which is prostitution off the porn set

4 Mostly males The porn industry is a male dominated industry.
90% of porn producers are male Two females for every 6-8 older males on a porn set in a private location with no supervision Females often involved in sex acts with several male performers The top five porn companies are owned by males Vivid – Steve Hirsch Hustler – Larry Flynt Playboy – Hugh Heffner Digital Playground - Ali Joone Wicked - Steve Orenstein Talent agencies are owned mostly by males Handlers and drivers are male

5 Violence against women
A recent content analysis of the 50 best-selling adult videos revealed that across all scenes: 94 percent of aggressive acts were committed against women 3,376 verbal and/or physically aggressive acts were observed. On average, scenes had acts of either verbal of physical aggression, ranging from none to 128. 48 percent of the 304 scenes analyzed contained verbal aggression, while more than 88 percent showed physical aggression. 72 percent of aggressive acts were perpetrated by men.

6 Inside porn: sex trafficking
18 U.S.C. US Code - Section 1591 Sex trafficking is defined by U.S. Federal law as recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting, providing or obtaining either: (1) an adult for commercial sex by force, fraud or coercion, or (2)a child for commercial sex, regardless of the means. Agents, porn directors, porn producers, pimps and performers who recruit and entice a woman to cause them to engage in a commercial sex act by means of: Force and threats of force Beating, slapping, punching. Rape Coercion Threats of serious harm to include physical or psychological, reputational and financial Threatened legal action in effort to intimidate and control a woman Intimidation and humiliation by older males to cause a woman to be fearful Emotional and physical coercion used to break woman’s resistance to hardcore sex acts Drugs and alcohol offered to women to help them get through rough scenes Fraud Fraudulent offers of employment or promises of money and fame Deceitful enticing or affection to entice her to do a hardcore sex act Fraudulent medical clinic where false promises of safety are made to performers


8 Dr. Sharon Mitchell, former porn star and founder of AIM (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare) makes false promises

9 Inside porn: std’s According to LACDPH in a report in 2009:
Since ,396 cases of Chlamydia 1,389 cases of gonorrhea 31 cases of HIV among performers since 2004 Between 2004 and 2008, repeat infections were reported for 25.5% of individuals Porn performers experience higher rates of infection (20%) than general public (2.4%) Chlamydia and gonorrhea among performers is 10X greater than that of LA County year olds. 70% of infections in the porn industry occur in females

10 Inside porn: health and safety
Cal/OSHA requires porn performers to use condoms but porn industry refuses to obey any safety and health laws Measure B passed in Los Angeles County and is now mandatory to use condoms and grant government access to porn sets. April 29, California Assembly Bill 1576, a bill to require condoms in all adult films made statewide in California, cleared the state Assembly’s Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media earlier today in a four to one vote. The bill also requires an employer engaged in the production of an adult film to adopt prescribed practices and procedures to protect employees from exposure to, and infection by, sexually transmitted diseases, including engineering and work practice controls, an exposure control plan, hepatitis B vaccinations, medical monitoring, and information and training on health and safety. No wonder pornographers are threatening to leave California.

11 Quotes by pornographers
Pornographer Vince Vouyer promoting his latest online video release said, “The girls get torn up like usual.” Pornographer Brandon Iron: “Where else but in porn can you see a guy who just met a girl that day crack her around, choke her out.” Pornographer Paul Thomas: “Even the mildest pornography is shocking to the average person. I’m surprised it’s legal.” Pornographer Lex Steele: “I find myself not that much unlike the slaves and slave traders of some 400 years ago. I participate in the most heinous of ALL trades- THE BUYING AND SELLING OF HUMAN FLESH. I trade my own flesh for monetary compensation and I sell the flesh of others for the same.”

12 Quotes by porn stars "When I arrived to the set I expected to do a vaginal girl boy scene. But during the scene a male porn star forced himself anally into me and would not stop. I yelled at him to stop and screamed 'No' over and over but he would not stop. The pain became too much and I was in shock and my body went limp."- Corina Taylor I did around 60 films in the time I was in porn and managed to get herpes and had gonorrhea or chlamydia countless times. – Jessie Summers "Guys punching you in the face. You have semen from many guys all over your face, in your eyes. You get ripped. Your insides can come out of you. It's never ending." - Jersey Jaxin "I became horribly addicted to heroin and crack. I overdosed at least 3 times, had tricks pull knives on me, have been beaten half to death- the only reason I am still here is God. - Becca Brat

13 Quotes by porn stars "My first movie I was treated very rough by 3 guys. They pounded on me, gagged me with their penises, and tossed me around like I was a ball! I was sore, hurting and could barely walk. - Alexa Milano My initiation into prostitution was a gang rape by five men, arranged by Mr. Traynor. It was the turning point in my life. He threatened to shoot me with the pistol if I didn't go through with it. I engaged in sex acts for pornography against my will to avoid being killed. The lives of my family were threatened. – Linda Lovelace "Porn isn’t a safe business. I thought porn people were the cleanest people in the world.” - Lara Roxx, diagnosed with HIV in 2004 outbreak.” "The truth is I let my lifestyle get the best of me. I hate life. I'm a mess. A disaster. I've attempted suicide many times." "No one cares about a dead porn star or stripper. - Neesa

14 Porn is sex trafficking
SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS Women are lured in, coerced and forced to do sex acts they never agreed to. Women are given a false sense of security about their health and safety Women are lied to about the risks of STDs Women are threatened by agents, porn producers, directors Women in porn have no idea they are victims of sex trafficking

15 Inside porn: death DEATH


17 Porn star escorts PROSTUTION
Porn star put up ads on the internet advertising up to $3,000 an hour for prostitution and name it as “escorting” or “companionship” as to escape the law. Porn stars prefer prostitution over the abuse and degradation and violence on the porn set.

In a study to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in San Francisco in 1998, researchers interviewed almost 500 prostitutes from around the world and discovered that two-thirds suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. In contrast, the condition is found in less than 5 percent of the general population. The study found that the prostitutes averaged a slightly more severe form of the disease than even Vietnam veterans seeking treatment for the condition.  Since porn stars are deemed prostitutes they definitely have higher rates of post- traumatic stress disorder than even combat veterans. Plus, PTSD is exacerbated in female porn stars because the porn set is a war zone where women are strangled, battered, gagged by penises, vaginally and anally raped and severely traumatized. Women in porn are also subjected to bodily fluids such as blood, feces, urine and seminal and vaginal fluids due to being forced to have unprotected sex by pornographers aka pimps. 

19 Don’t believe the lie. Pornography is America’s
modern day slave trade of young human flesh.

20 CALL TO ACTION Visit to learn the truth about sex trafficking in porn Raise awareness online on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Share our articles, information, ex porn star stories on your social network accounts or start a blog Call Members of Congress. Let them know why this issue is important and ask them what they will do about it. Donate to Pink Cross and help us continue this important work. We are working tirelessly to rescue women out of sex trafficking as well as raising awareness about the truth about pornography Volunteer for Pink Cross Foundation. We sincerely need: Interns who are in Bakersfield, CA or who will move to California to serve Pink Cross Translators to help us spread the truth in other languages People with film/videographer and video editing skills Godly women and professional counselors who will mentor the girls we rescue Lawyers who will fight for victims Fundraisers who are savvy at marketing and are passionate about fighting pornography Churches who will invite us to speak on the issue Committed intercessors to pray for Pink Cross Foundation and all anti-pornography organizations WITHOUT YOU WE CANNOT WIN THIS WAR! BUT WITH YOU AND WITH GOD NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE!

21 Thank you for caring

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