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Flowtools Middle East LLC

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1 Flowtools Middle East LLC
Oilfield Supplies Equipment Rental Repair Services Rig Management Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Oman India Flowtools Middle East LLC PO Box , Dubai UAE T: F:

2 Flowtools is a premier service provider to the oilfield, headquartered in Dubai, and with offices in MENA, Indian Sub-continent and the Far East. We offer Distribution & Sales of Drilling Equipment including complete rig packages, Rental of Surface & downhole drilling tools, Repair & Service of equipment & Rig Management. Flowtools is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We are associated with manufacturers that strictly conform to API and/or ISO standards. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing reliable and high quality products and services. Our Company

3 Flowtools Middle East LLC strives to be the leading trading company in the field of oilfield equipment. Our Team of experienced and efficient employees are committed to doing so with the help of our objectives and quality management system. These are continually reviewed for suitability and to improve their effectiveness. In this endeavor, we will strive to meet our customer’s expectations, statutory and regulatory requirements, applicable codes of practices and ISO 9001 requirements. Quality Policy

4 Our Business Fishing & Remedial Tools Pressure Control Equipment
Downhole Tools Rig Equipment & Supplies Equipment Repairs Equipment Rentals Our Business

5 Pressure Control Equipment
Blow Out Preventers Flanges BOP Type U Single Companion Flanges BOP Type U Double Weld Neck Flanges BOP Annular Blind Flanges Rams (All Types) Valves Accumulators Check Valves Manifolds Gate Valves Choke Manifolds Ball Valves Kill Line Valves Coflex Hoses Spools & Adapters Drilling Spools Adapter Spools Spacer Spools Double Studded Adapters Crosses, Tees & Studded Blocks Diverter Systems Pressure Control Equipment

6 Fishing & Remedial Tools
Internal Catches Junk Baskets & Subs Spears Safety Joints Packer Retrievers Fishing Magnets Taper Taps Patched Casing/Tubing External Catches Washover Packages Overshots Die Collars Washpipes Impression Blocks Washpipe Handling Gears Hydraulic Tools Washover Shoes Surface Jars Fishing Jars Bumper Subs Accelerators Cutters & Mills Internal Pipe Cutters External Pipe Cutters Milling Tools (All Types) Fishing & Remedial Tools

7 Downhole Tools Tubulars Tubular Handling Gears Drill Pipes
Tongs (Hydraulic & Manual) HW Drill Pipes Rig Tongs Tubing Elevators Drill Collars Bowls & Slips Pup Joints (All Types) Rotary Slips Hydraulic Tools Torque Turn Computers Power Units Downhole Motors Drilling Jars Shock Tools Stabilizers Roller Reamers Under Reamers Hole Openers Casing Scrapers Subs (All Types) Downhole Tools

8 Fabrication 15ft Storage Containers with Overhead Cranes
20ft Double Entry Tool Houses 20ft Office Containers Stackable Office Storage Units 20ft HWU Storage Containers 20ft Heavy-Duty 20’ Tool Houses (with Tools) 40ft Lavatory & Change Room Containers 40ft Storage Container Workshops 600hp Power Packs Containerized Double Wall Fuel Tank 40ft Portable Light Tower 250bbl Two/Three Compartment Mud Tanks Shaker Degasser Assemblies Personnel/Cargo Baskets Fabrication

9 Equipment Repairs Mast/Derrick Refurbishment Mast/Derrick Inspections
Mast/Derrick Upgrade Projects Engineering & Fabrication Guide Track Rails Land Rig Upgrades & Refurbishment Casing Stabbing Boards Derrick & Land Rig Accessories Masts & Substructures Desert Rigs Drilling Package Upgrades Equipment Repairs

10 Baldor Motors USA Manufacturer of Explosion Proof Motors. www. baldor
Baldor Motors USA Manufacturer of Explosion Proof Motors. Bolton Oilfield Services High quality repairs, maintenance, and fabrication. CamTech USA Manufacturer of pipe handling equipment & spares. Canglobal Products Canada Manufacturers of drilling instruments, gauges & spares. Agencies & Affiliates

11 Carlton, India Burner Booms, BOP beams, crane booms & water towers. Double Life Corporation, USA High quality solid controls equipment and centrifugal pumps. Russell Oilfield Equipment Co. Quality replacement parts for drilling equipment. Gotco International Manufacturer of fishing tools and downhole related products. Agencies & Affiliates

12 Supreme Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturer of high quality patriot pistons. SJS Serva Pumps, fracturing equipment, downhole tools, & clutches. Canadian Energy Equipment Manufacturing Transport skids, light towers, & personnel baskets. Agencies & Affiliates

13 P. S. Kumar, Chairman & MD T:+971 50 4583 789 E: kumar@flowtoolsltd
P.S. Kumar, Chairman & MD T: E: Deanne Ponnoth, Director – Finance & Operations T: E: James Elias, General Manager – Rental Operations T: E: Biju Soman, Manager – Contracts T: E: Yusuf Faize, Manager – Procurement & Logistics T: E: Our Team

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