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A PA INVASIVE SPECIES Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus)

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1 A PA INVASIVE SPECIES Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus)

2 Heritage Was originally cultivated in Gelderland.  A Dutch Province Later was introduced to England and Scotland Native to the European deciduous forest, north Asia, and north Africa.

3 Common names (viburnum opulus) Cranberrybush viburnum American cranberry European cranberry viburnum Cramp bark European snowball bush Red Elder Rose Elder

4 Habitat Hedgerows Marshes Edges of wooded areas Both in acidic and heavy clay soil

5 Adaptations Frostproof Hygrophilous – grow in moist areas Prefers acidic soils Shade-tolerant No harm from dust and air pollution

6 Areas of inhabitance Relatively cool climate Reported invasive in:  Indiana  Pennsylvania  Wisconsin 3-8

7 Description Deciduous shrub that is part of the honey-suckle family. Can grow from 5-10 feet tall. Some are self pollinating Others do not reproduce  Do not produce berries.

8 Description - flowers Have a “flat” head that is 3-5” diameter. Five outer petals  Sterile  Attract insects to inner flowers Little inner flowers  Fertile  Provide nectar

9 Description - Berries Berries  ½ inch diameter Ripen in August Attract birds to spread the seeds Can cause stomach irritation

10 Description - Leaves Maple-like 3-5 inches long Palmate lobed – leaf divided into 3 more lobes. Coarsely serrated Opposite Red or purple Young leaves are covered in down Adult leaves are smooth and shiny

11 Invasive qualities Spreads to find sunlight Will choke out neighboring plants No found enemies

12 treatment Pruning Shear Chemicals  Herbicides  glyphosate

13 Fruit Eaten raw or cooked Sour Crushed berries have an unpleasant smell Used instead of cranberries  Jellies  Preservatives Medicines Eaten in large quantities (or not ripe) can cause vomiting and diarrhea  Low levels of poison  Can only cause upsets

14 Niche Food for birds and bugs ink and dyes Can be used for medicine, treating:  Asthma  Spasms  Menstrual cramps  Treated miscarriage  Laxative ink and dyes

15 Sources Flowers/III-The-Structure-And-Habits-Of-Flowers-Continued.html Flowers/III-The-Structure-And-Habits-Of-Flowers-Continued.html

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