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Water Quality Laboratory Moved to new facility May 2014 Rapidly expanding customer base Monitors public drinking water, recreational waters, groundwater.

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2 Water Quality Laboratory Moved to new facility May 2014 Rapidly expanding customer base Monitors public drinking water, recreational waters, groundwater near landfills, private wells, wastewater effluents Continuing with the recertification process for some analytes

3 Emergency Planning County-Wide Hazardous Material Plan Tier II and Right-to-Know (350+ facilities in county) Regional Sheltering Plan Multi-Agency Coordinating Center with assistance from County’s Incident Management Team now coordinates all emergency responses from the Harborview Room. Working with the Cape Cod Times and area businesses, REPC is forming a Catastrophic Emergency Fund. Working on an Economic Recovery Plan for times following emergencies. Coordinating public health emergency planning for Cape and Islands

4 Emergency Planning Cape Cod Medical Reserve Corp 297 medical and non-medical volunteers carry out the CCMRC’s mission on a daily basis Choke Saver and Hands Only CPR training was offered in Cape Cod towns to about 300 restaurant staff The Cape Cod Medical Reserve Corps continues to be one of the most active units in the United States, participating in over 180 activities throughout FY2014

5 Public Health Nursing Outreach on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases – programs offered to all Barnstable County schools, senior centers, and other groups Immunization Program, including travel, for all county residents Sun Safety/Skin Cancer Awareness program for all ages Municipal Health Group Biometric Screening Program Preventative health screenings at subsidized housing “Ask a Public Health Nurse” program for food pantries, offering health information & resources, free blood pressure and glucose screenings Flu clinics offered at any location

6 Alternative Septic System Program Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC) continues to research and test promising onsite septic system technologies and report findings Department personnel developed and maintain a premier tracking program to assist in maintaining treatment system compliance. Department tracks the performance of over 1600 systems for boards of health and assists with compliance actions. Data available online for wastewater management decision makers. serving boards of health

7 Environmental Health TRAINING Training Programs in Right-to-Know, new chemical identification through the Global Harmonization System (GHS), personal protective measures, blood borne pathogens, Hepatitis, Sun Safety, asbestos, Title 5, and others INSPECTIONS Seasonal inspectional services (typically over 1200 restaurants/retail food and pools) SANITARIAN SERVICES Contract services for Health Agent services in two towns and occasionally more on request.

8 Environmental Health INDOOR AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENTS Schools, municipal building and residences. Assist towns with indoor air quality complaint resolution. TOBACCO CONTROL PROGRAM Youth access compliance checks Regulatory assistance - two annual visits to tobacco merchants in all 29 communities within the service area, totaling 1,100+ visits Cessation guidance

9 Environmental Health HOARDING TASK FORCE Staff support and participation to assist municipalities with this multifaceted problem. EHS COMPLIANCE ASSISTANCE Addressing comprehensive aspects of environmental protection through state and federal environmental code compliance, the Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Act, National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) and integrated facility specific approaches to EHS operations.

10 Environmental Health UNDERGROUND TANK MONITORTING AND REMOVAL LOAN PROGRAM Aid to residents for monitoring and removal of residential heating oil tanks. Zero -percent loan offered qualified individuals. ECO-TOILET MONITORING PROGRAM Research project with Town of Falmouth to determine the efficacy of eco-toilet designs for the prevention of nitrogen, phosphorus and other contaminants.

11 Environmental Health RECREATIONAL WATER MONITORING Over 350 beaches tested weekly Compliance and posting assistance Toxic algae and other organism identification LANDFILL CLOSURE MONITORING ASSISTANCE Twelve towns request groundwater and/or soil gas compliance monitoring.

12 Community Septic Management Loan Program On track for loaning $1 million in this quarter to residents needing septic system repairs or replacement. Initiated septic loan program for small family- owned businesses Improving financial management software and tools to allow flexibility in payments and facilitate account reconciling with Finance Department.

13 Anticipated Budget Requests for FY 16 Capital Plan submitted with FY15 Budget – Equipment replacement - $97,000 Laboratory needs a full-time analyst position to optimize equipment use and bring LC-MS-MS on line. Eventually (FY 17? ) lab will need Laboratory Information System software replacement – cost unknown. Laboratory Public Health Nursing Div. Additional Funds for contract nursing services due to increase demand - $10,000 Supplies increase (blood glucose, gloves, screening supplies) - $ 5,000

14 Anticipated Budget Requests for FY 16 Supplies in support of the Incident Management Team and the Multi-Agency Coordinating Center during emergencies - $10,000 Part-time position for Medical Reserve Coordinator - $27,000 (this may in part be reimbursed by grants) Contract nursing for maintenance of public health emergency plans - $60,000 ( may be reimbursed in part by grants from CDC) Emergency Planning Modest increase in supply and travel budget lines Environmental Health

15 Environment

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