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RFID John Wiley & Sons Inc Higher Education Initiative In conjunction with.

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1 RFID John Wiley & Sons Inc Higher Education Initiative In conjunction with

2 Agenda RFID For Dummies Wiley Business Drivers & Process Flow External Cost Summary Supplier Participation & Acceptance Data Standards & EPC Global Practical Approach to Implementation The Distribution Center Questions

3 RFID For Dummies

4 Who Uses them? –US Department of Defense –Transportation Industry –Pharmaceutical Industry –Clothing Manufacturers –Consumer Goods –Technology Asset Managers –Closed Loop Supply Chain Systems

5 RFID For Dummies How can they be used? –Asset Management/Tracking –Security/Theft Protection –Inventory/Retail Shelf Management –Safety/Recalls/Sell By –Quality Control –Piracy Protection –Closed Loop Internal Proprietary Systems

6 RFID For Dummies How are Tags Being used Pallet Level Relates all cartons to specific pallet Carton Level Relates all items to a specific carton Item level Creates a unique identity of a item

7 RFID For Dummies What’s Real……What’s not –EZ Pass, Ski Lift Passes, Spot –Is It Big Brother? –Does It Invade Personal Privacy? –Can It Protect You?

8 Wiley Business Drivers Re-importation/Gray Market Comp/Gratis Copy Returns Piracy identification Purchase from Wholesaler Return to Publisher Complete Set Supplied – Part Set returned Active Retail Shelf Product Examination WileyPlus Registration Code Management Returns Policy Enforcement Better Business Intelligence

9 High-Level RFID Process Flow 9 Printers Embed RFID Tags in Books US Distribution Associate RFID Tags to Outbound Order Returns Center Compare Customer on Return Invoice to Customer on Outbound Order per RFID Tag Wiley Asia Wiley UK Comp/Gratis Copies Americas Customer Asia Customer EMEA Customer Line Type Use CasePotential Business Action Standard- No action required. Product Reimportation - Refuse credit for returns not associated to outbound order from same customer. - Stop selling to customers (bookstores/wholesalers) outside U.S. if reimporting product into U.S. Comp Copy Resale - Refuse credit to bookstores who return comp copies - Contact Professor to whom returned comp was given

10 Supply Chain Drivers Improved Receiving –Verify Quantities Via Carton Tags Improved Full Carton Picking –Carton Picking Verification Improved Loose Piece Picking –Carton Content Inspection Faster Returns Processing Improved Inventory Accuracy –Tracking At Pallet/Carton level

11 External Cost Summary Product Costs (USD) –Fully Loaded Variable Cost Embedding RFID Tags Is Between $0.20 - $0.25 per Unit Distribution Center Costs (USD) –Design Study$15,000 –Conveyor Tunnels$16,000 –Quality Control Station$1,800 –Single Antenna Readers$2,000 –QC Supervisor/RFID Printer$5,600 –Returns Workstation$2,000 –Handheld Reader$4,295 –Standalone Portal/Tunnel$18,000 11

12 External Cost Summary Distribution Center Costs (USD) –Software (MobileXe)$7,500 –Hardware Installation$20,000 –Supplier Integration (FTP, Com)$21,750 –Project Management $20,000 –Training & Documentation$3,000 –Network, Electrical, Conveyor $30,000 Internal IT Software Costs???? 12

13 Supplier Participation & Acceptance U.S. Suppliers –R.R. Donnelly –Courier –Worldcolor – formerly Quebecor Use MobileXe Pave Software –Print, Apply, Verify & Exchange –Multi-publisher & Multi-site –EPC Compliant Phase Implementation –Phase I – SGTIN Item Level Tagging –Phase II- SGTIN Carton Level Tagging

14 EPCglobal What is EPCglobal? –EPCglobal is leading the development of industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) How Do They Influence Our Industry? What Prevents Publishing From Embracing EPC?

15 Tag Data Standards Identity –ISBN….GTIN…..SGTIN EPC Versus Publishing Standard –EPCIS Established Open Framework Books, Widgets We’re All The Same –Publishing specific Inconsistent Data Formats Not Retail Compliant

16 Practical Implementation Approach Define Objectives –Create Business Drivers – Pilot –Identify Reasonable Scope Involve Print Suppliers Upfront Source an Integrator –Need Specific RFID Item Level Experience –Don’t Be Their Science Project Identify Internal Touch points –Develop Integrated Workflow –Identify Distribution Workflow Changes –Don’t Underestimate Effort

17 Practical Implementation Approach Use Readily Available Components –Use Off-The-Shelf RFID Tags –Use Proven RFID Hardware Use Industry Standards –Implement EPC Data Structures Don’t Over Engineer Test….Test…..Test again

18 Standalone Portal/Tunnel

19 Full Case Tunnel

20 Loose Carton Tunnel

21 Quality Control

22 Kitting

23 Singles Packaging

24 Questions? John Wiley & Sons –Lou Peragallo – Jeff Kurschner – (310)-377-9733

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