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Global Leader of Passive Components. Magnetics Microspire 1978: Microspire was founded 1998: Microspire Morocco opened, (now Astema) 1998: Creation of.

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1 Global Leader of Passive Components

2 Magnetics Microspire 1978: Microspire was founded 1998: Microspire Morocco opened, (now Astema) 1998: Creation of R&D center in Grenoble 2008: Joined Exxelia Group Export Classification: EAR99

3 Organization Illange (Metz- south Luxemburg) 85 employees -1600 spm Design – Prototyping – Industrialisation – production – supply chain management Quality control – ISO9001v2008 and AS 9100 certified Manufacturing of : Small series and high grade wound magnetics Medium power magnetics Production site - 200 employees Manual and semi automated production ISO 9001v2008 and AS 9100 certified Low cost built to print capability Motor winding ASTEMA Morocco (Casablanca) Grenoble R&D center Engineering services Sales office Paris Sales office Export Classification: EAR99

4 Sales Per Application Over $20 Million in sales Export Classification: EAR99

5 Customers Thales Airbus Safran Zodiac Alstom Crouzet Automatismes E.P. Schlumberger MBDA Amphenol Limited Ela Medical, Sorin Group Astrium Sodern Export Classification: EAR99

6 Magnetics Specific functions Common mode chokes SMD filtering chokes PFC chokes Current transformers Gate drive transformers Flyback transformers Forward transformers Push-Pull transformers … Export Classification: EAR99

7 Product Overview Power Transformers for SMPS (Flyback, Forward-, Push-pull, …) and specific topologies Linear Power Supply – Dodeca-Phase Transformers Export Classification: EAR99

8 Product Overview HF filtering chokes, Power chokes, PFC chokes, Common mode chokes…. Interphase Inductors for Dodeca- Phase Power Supply Gate drive TransformersMeasurement Transformers Current - Voltage Export Classification: EAR99

9 Product Overview Rotor and Stator windings RF & DATA Magnetics Antennas, Sensors, Tags Electromagnets, Rotors, statorsFilters (Train detection, ADSL, PLC…) Export Classification: EAR99

10 Space  ESA (European Space Agency) Qualified components These Qualified Part List (QPL) and Engineering Preferred Part List (EPPL) include: QPL : Miniature Chip inductors, MSCI Surface (Mounted Device) Energy Storage Inductors (SESI), Common Mode Choke (CMC) EPPL : DBIT, data interface transformer  Capability Approval running on Toroidal Molded technology and the new linear technology Export Classification: EAR99

11 Technologies Linear windingToroidal winding – ConductorsSingle enameled wire Multi enameled wire Triple insulated wire Self bonding wire Copper Foil – AdvantagesSimple process Easy to automate Good reproducibility Adapted to high voltage – Down sidesTwo parts magnetic core Require assembly process – ConductorsSingle enameled wire Multi enameled wire Triple insulated wire – AdvantagesHigh reliability of cores High inductance value – Down sidesUsually hand made Difficult to automate Low reproducibility (Cross regulation problems) Export Classification: EAR99

12 Technologies SESI (Patented) – Technology qualified for severe environment – Low profile SMD package – Improved heat dissipation – High power density (+20%) – Low ferrite stress – ESA qualified Export Classification: EAR99

13 Technologies New SESI (Patented) – SESI technology on new profiles (RM, EQ, PQ, …) – Winding on a bobbin – Good winding linkage and reproducibility – Lower surface on PCB – Improved heat dissipation – High power density (+20%) – Many pins – An alternative to high grade toroid transformer with less cross regulation problems Export Classification: EAR99

14 Technologies – AdvantagesHigh reproducibility Low profile Good heat transfer – Down sidesLow current (<10A) – AdvantagesHigh reproducibility Low profile Good heat transfer High current – Down sidesInsulation Connection PCB PlanarCopper Plate Planar Export Classification: EAR99

15 Technologies Aluminum Foil Winding – Anodized aluminum foil – Advantages Winding without insulator Good heat transfer Low weight – Down sidesHigh resistance Brittleness of insulation High volume Export Classification: EAR99

16 Space Applications VEGA launcher is designed to launch small payloads — 300 to 2,500 kg satellites for scientific and Earth observation missionssatellitesEarth observation A subsystem of VEGA consists in an electromechanical system, the Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC) System, that tilts the nozzle of each engine of the four stages in order to steer the rocket. Each TVC system possesses its control and power electronics., SABCA thus has the responsibility of pointing the nozzles of each engine in the right direction as determined by the on-board computer. Common Mode Choke HCESC10 15K 1SR (MB07249) First Vega Launch, February 2012 Export Classification: EAR99

17 Civil Avionics Flight Control Calculator Motor Control Unit Camera Power Supply Electrical Power Distribution Door Emergency Unit (IPCU) Ice Protection Control Unit heat control system Export Classification: EAR99

18 Military Avionics Photo Sources: Airbus Military, EADS EuroDASS (Defense Aids Sub-Systems) ensure Eurofighter survives against a wide range of threats while providing continuous situational awareness & threat identification. EuroDASS system comprises an integrated radar warner, Electronic Support Measures (ESM), a laser threat and missile approach warning system,.. Power Supply Unit (PSU) SESI18 8K21WR Export Classification: EAR99

19 Military Application HELLAS Obstacle Warning Sensor for Helicopters HELLAS is an early-warning laser radar-based device designed for helicopters that reliably detects obstacles in the flight path. HELLAS system provides obstacle warning information optically & acoustically, enabling pilots to make avoidance maneuvers before reaching the area of risk. Power Supply Unit (PSU) SESI22 24K 2WR SESI15 18K 1WR Export Classification: EAR99

20 Ground Application (RBS15MK3 Missle Launcher System) RBS15MK3 Missile Launcher System RBS15 Mk3 heavy-weight anti-ship missile with a range of over 200km. RBS15MK3 will engage both surface ships and stationary land targets. Launcher Power Box MB09926- (SESI32-18K-14A) Export Classification: EAR99

21 Railways APPLICATION : Signalling Export Classification: EAR99

22 Oil Drilling Products withstanding high temperature,shocks and vibration Export Classification: EAR99

23 Medical SYSTEM : defibrillator PRODUCTS : Transformer (MB0B089A1), MB0B073- Export Classification: EAR99

24 Submarine Application APPLICATION : Instruments connected via a Fiber optics networks dedicated to the study of submarine activities Example : Neptune Project PRODUCTS : Inputs inductors, output inductors (some µH, some A), Gate Drive Transformer, Forward Transformer Packages : linear RM package, PQ20/20, toroids.. MB0A237 INPUT inductor 259uH – 3.0ADC max Export Classification: EAR99

25 787 Program Thales magnetics program is used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s power conversion system (PCS). This is an element of the aiplanes electrical power system. Step-up and step-down transformers. Example one in galley. Export Classification: EAR99 Dearborn Production Line

26 Approximately 70% of orders are custom design. Forms for any type. Custom Design Export Classification: EAR99

27 1221 North US Highway 17-92 Longwood, FL 32750 Phone: (407) 695-6562

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