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Introducing……CHEWY GOOEY GUM! A new kind of gum By: Allison Fornatto.

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2 Introducing……CHEWY GOOEY GUM! A new kind of gum By: Allison Fornatto


4 Allison Fornatto6th Hour WHY SHOULD YOU CHEW CHEWY GOOEY GUM? It’s the perfect gum if you only have one piece left (so much flavor) Its gooey which will make it extra fun to chew Comes in all colors of the rainbow It evens calms hunger Doesn’t loose flavor for twelve hours( you only need 2 sticks a day) GUM will blow bubbles up to 15 inches.

5 Allison Fornatto6th Hour WHO CAN CHEW IT? Anybody It is choke free!

6 Allison Fornatto6th Hour WHY CAN BABIES CHEW IT? Its choke free It feels good on their new teeth coming in Its totally safe They enjoy it

7 Allison Fornatto6th Hour WHATS IN IT? It is sugar free, which makes it great for dentists Chinese flowers (great for flavor) All natural substances, but when concocted together, it makes Chewy Gooey Gum, THE BEST GUM EVER!

8 Allison Fornatto6th Hour When can you chew it? Any time, as long as it’s okay with your supervisor. (if you’re a kid)

9 Allison Fornatto6th Hour Fun Facts ☺ Chewy Gooey Gum comes in four different sizes: 5 pack, 10 pack, 20 pack, and 35 pack ☺ Chewy Gooey Gum is very stretchy, so it will be no problem to share a piece with 3-4 people ☺ The gooey Substance inside of the gum is actually very healthy

10 Allison Fornatto6th Hour Why is it Called Chewy Gooey Gum? #1- (Chewy ) because it is extra chewy, (and stays chewy because flavor lasts for 12 hours) #2-(Gooey) because there is a gooey substance inside of the gum, that is healthy and very delicious

11 Allison Fornatto6th Hour Where Can you Buy it? You can buy it at your local drugstore/ grocery store You can also get it at almost any store that sells gum

12 Allison Fornatto6th Hour Or….. If you call this 800 number TODAY we will give you a free pack of Chewy Gooey Gum to try it out and love it! CALL: 1-800-CHEWEY-GOOEY (1-800-243939-46639)

13 Allison Fornatto6th Hour So….. Make sure you buy some Chewy Gooey Gum today, the most flavorful, the most colorful, and the most fun gum in the world!

14 Allison Fornatto6th Hour

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