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JEOPARDY Early Kentucky History Categories 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200.

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2 JEOPARDY Early Kentucky History

3 Categories ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 5 ROW 4 ROW 6

4 Final Jeopardy

5 What is North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania? The three areas from which most of Kentucky’s settlers came.

6 Who was Chief Black Fish? Shawnee chief who adopted Daniel Boone and later led attack on Boonesboro

7 What is Big Bone Lick? Remains of mastodons and wooly mammoth found here.

8 What is the Warriors’ Path? Trail through Kentucky connecting Cherokee and Shawnee tribes. Also used by early settlers.

9 What was James Harrod? He established the first permanent settlement in Kentucky but had to abandon it until a fort could be built.

10 At these religious meetings held across Kentucky in 1800, people often camped out for days. What was the Great Revival?

11 This hero of the Mexican War was raised in Louisville. He had strong ties to the North and South. He moved to Louisiana and owned slaves, but, as an army officer, he was committed to the Union. What was Zachary Taylor?

12 Last battle of the Revolution. The Americans were defeated, and Daniel Boone’s oldest son was killed. What was the Battle of Blue Lick?

13 He formed the Transylvania Land Company, purchasing lands from Cherokees. He wanted Kentucky be an independent colony. Who was Richard Henderson?

14 Daniel Boone led settlers to Kentucky through this mountain pass. What was the Cumberland Gap?

15 This early Kentucky hunter and explorer built the Wilderness Road into Kentucky. He built a fort, but lost claims to land in Kentucky and moved to Missouri. Who was Daniel Boone?

16 This Revolutionary War hero was the first governor of Kentucky. While governor, he bought the Jackson Purchase. Who was Isaac Shelby?

17 Daily Double “Don’t Choke!”

18 Who was Henry Clay? Known as the Great Compromiser, his work in Congress helped old the Union together for 40 years.

19 As a strong abolitionist, he published a paper in Kentucky against slavery. As a diplomat, he helped negotiate the purchase of Alaska from Russia. What was Cassius Clay?

20 Most lived near Bowling Green or Lexington and worked on tobacco farms. Who were Kentucky slaves?

21 He surveyed the city of Frankfort and was involved in a Spanish conspiracy to separate Kentucky from the US. He was also involved in Aaron Burr’s attempt to set up Mexican colonies. Who was James Wilkinson ?

22 As with so many other Revolutionary War heroes, in payment for his services, he was given land in Kentucky. Ironically, he died at the hands of the Shawnee while he was traveling to meet with them to negotiate a peace treaty. Who was John Hardin?

23 He led Kentuckians in battles north of the Ohio River during the Revolution, helping end attacks on Kentucky settlements. Who was George Rogers Clark?

24 The US chose to fight to protect its sailors and its western settlements. What was the War of 1812?

25 They stayed in Kentucky, giving the US claim to land to the Mississippi River following the Revolutionary War. Who are the settlers at Fort Boonesborough, Fort Harrod and Bryan Station?

26 Daily Double “Don’t Choke!”

27 After the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, slaves traveling along the Underground Railroad had to go to this destination if they wanted to be free. What is Canada?

28 Even though they hunted in Kentucky, this tribe is located south of Kentucky. They were forced to give up their title to land in Kentucky. Who are the Cheerokee?

29 As the first white settler in Kentucky, he’s responsible for naming the Cumberland Gap and Cumberland River. Who was Dr. Thomas Walker?

30 Silk, photography, whiskey, running water, short horned cattle, book binding. What are examples of the progressive actions of Kentucky Shakers?

31 Settlers used these means of travel to get to Kentucky. What are flatboats down the Ohio and horses through the Cumberland Gap?

32 Indians attacked this guarded settlement outside Louisville, driving the settlers back to Virginia. What was the Chenoweth Massacre?

33 Surveyed the city of Louisville. Who was Thomas Bullitt?

34 Came to Kentucky because he thought he killed a man. Saved Daniel Boone’s life. Who was Simon Kenton?

35 Who was Mary Draper Ingles? First white woman to see Kentucky.

36 What was the Underground Railroad? Helped escaped slaves reach freedom.

37 Who is an abolitionist? Person who wants the immediate ending of slavery.

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