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Unit 5 First Aid.

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1 Unit 5 First Aid

2 Language points 1. aid vt. 帮助; 援助 1) He aided me in/with business. 2) I aided her to continue her study. 3) At Christmas, many organizations aid the poor. 4) Sleep aids recovery.

3 aid 作名词 帮助; 援助 (不可数) A dictionary is an invaluable aid in learning a new language.  在学习一种新语言时,词典是非常有用的工具。 They’ve made an urgent request for international aid.  他们紧急请求国际援助。 With the aid of the teacher, his English has been greatly improved.

4 1.aid v.帮助,援助,带有被帮助者是弱者,处于需要帮助及安慰状态这个含义。如: China never hesitates to aid those weak and small countries. 2.Help v.帮助,指帮助某人达到一个目的,普通用语。如: You are hindering rather than helping.你在帮倒忙。 3.assist v.帮助,指帮助者在援助过程中只起辅助作用,事情主要由被帮助者来做。如: He assisted me in my experiments.

5 2. injury n. 受伤处; 损害; 伤害 He suffered serious injuries to the arms and legs.  他的双臂和双腿严重受伤。 The injury to their key player could be a decisive factor in the game.  他们主力队员受伤可能是这场比赛胜 负的决定性因素。

6 hurt / wound / injure You’ll hurt her feelings if you forget her birthday. The soldier was wounded in the arm. He was badly injured in the accident. Last night a terrible storm hit the area and many people were injured. My stomach hurts because I have eaten too many apples.

7 3. bleed vi. & vt. 流血 bleed—bled—bled  1) My heart bleeds for those poor children. 2) His nose is bleeding. 3) He is bleeding at the nose.

8 4. choke vi. & vt. 窒息; 阻塞 She choked with emotion.  她激动得说不出话来。 The smoke almost choked me. 烟呛得我几乎喘不出气来。

9 5. complex adj. 复杂的 It’s a complex question and your answer was too pat.  这是一个复杂的问题,你的回答得 太快了。 Life is getting more complex and difficult.  生活正在变得越来越复杂和艰难。

10 6. swell vi. & vt. 膨胀; 隆起 The doctor examined the swelling on    my back. The sprain made my ankle swell up. 我的脚踝扭伤肿了起来。 swollen adj. 肿胀的 His eyelid is swollen.  他眼皮肿了。

11 7. squeeze 挤;压;塞 I squeezed myself onto the crowded train. He squeezed everything into a suitcase. squeeze out  vt. 榨出(榨取) The lemon looks dry to me, but you may be able to squeeze out a few drops.  那个柠檬看来已经干了,但也许你还能挤出几滴汁来。

12 Page 36 Learning about Language

13 1 Complete the table with the correct nouns, verbs or adjectives. Verb
injury swollen bleed sprain poisonous injure injured swelling swell blood/bleeding blood/bleeding sprain sprained poison poison

14 Verb Noun Adjective variety organic choke water infect vary various organize organ choke choked water watery infection Infected/infectious

15 2 Complete the sentences with new words or phrases from the unit.
1. When do you need to use your knowledge about ______ ______? When someone suddenly _________ or has an accident. 2 What is the ______? It is an organ which acts as a ____________ against disease, poisons and the sun’s harmful ____________. 3 What are the functions of the skin described as _______ ? It keeps you warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing too much water and provides you with your _________ of touch. first aid falls ill skin barrier rays complex sense

16 tissue 4. What can hurt the _________ of the skin? Hot ___________ from pans on the stove, electric shocks, radiation, fire and the sun. liquid 5 .What is it ________ to do if you have third degree burns? Go to the hospital. 6. What are the ____________ of first degree burns? They are dry, red, and mildly ___________. vital symptoms swollen

17 3 Complete the passage using the words or phrases provided in their proper forms. bandage over and over again unbearable scissors in place squeeze out blisters temporary ankle cupboard Emma had a mild accident. She burned her ______ when she knocked some hot liquid over herself. At first the pain was __________ but fortunately Luke knew what to do. He immediately provided some ____________ treatment using some cloths from the _______. ankle unbearable temporary cupboard

18 He wetted them, ____________ the cold water and then placed them over her ankle. He did this ________________________ until the pain disappeared. Then he dried the ankle gently to prevent _________ from forming. Finally he took a pair of ___________ and cut a ____________ to the right length. Then he tied it tightly so that it would stay _________. Emma was very grateful to Luke for what he had done for her. squeezed out over and over again blisters scissors bandage in place

19 Page 70 Down Across 1 blouse 2 basin 3 ray 2 bravery 7 bandage
4 ambulance 5 damp 6 sleeve 2 bravery 7 bandage 8 choke 9 pressure 10 apply

20 Ex.2 1 poured… over 3 stop…from 5 poured…on 7 squeezed …out 9 put …on
11 tied …around

21 Ex.3 1. you need to practise it over and over again until it’s perfect. 2. a number of them to choose from. 3. as soon as I can put my hands on one. 4. I’ll hold it in place for you while you stick it on the wall. 5. A knowledge of first aid can make a real difference.

22 Ex.4 Her symptoms showed that she had second degree burns on her wrist. You can slow bleeding by applying pressure to the injury. Kate showed great bravery when she tried to stop the man stabbing the woman.

23 4. Show me that bruise on your throat; it looks rather serious.
5. Martin had called the ambulance service a number of times before the arrived.

24 作业本 Page50 1 temparary 2 pressure 3 ambulance 4 mild 5 sumptom
6 ceremony 7 bleed 8 injury

25 Ex.2 1 injury 2 temporary 3 bleeding 4 pressure 5 ceremony
6 ambulances 7 mild 8 symptom

26 Reading comprehension
作业本 Page 54 Reading comprehension A D A C

27 HOMEWORK 1. 作业本 (pages 42-54: Exx1-3) 2. Read PP.87-88 “Text notes”.
3. Pre-read the passage on Page38

28 Ex. 4 on page 35 Wrong: Sam should not have broken the blisters because the burns could become infected. He should have poured cool water, not icy water on the burn. The correct treatment for a second degree burn like Sam’s is described in No. 2 of the exercise. 2. Right

29 Ex. 4 on page 35 3. wrong: Mr Casey was right to take his wife’s blouse off but he should not have picked bits of blouse off the burn. This is because if you pull material that is stuck off a third degree burn like Mrs Casey’s, you would pull the tissue under the material off too. This would cause more damage to the burn. He should not have put butter on the burn because it would have stopped the heat from escaping and it might also cause the burn to become infected.He should not have put a wet bandage on the burn.

30 Ex. 4 on page 35 2. Right 3. The correct first aid for a third degree burn is to remove clothing and jewellery near the burn but not if the clothing is stuck to the burn. Do not put cold water on the burn. Place clean, dry cloths over the damaged area. Get the person to a hospital at once. 4. Right

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