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UNCLASSIFIED// PACKEX 2014 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB) MIDN 1/C Strong 5 FEB 2014 1.

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1 UNCLASSIFIED// PACKEX 2014 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB) MIDN 1/C Strong 5 FEB 2014 1

2 UNCLASSIFIED// Agenda Scenario –Historical overview –Political scenario Area of Operation (AO) –Geography –Bulldog Island –Surrounding waters Red and Blue Forces Objectives and Concerns Platoon Assignments Planning Deliverables 2

3 UNCLASSIFIED// Historical Overview Bulldog Island was originally colonized and claimed by the Spanish in 1910. The colony failed and the island has since been abandoned The island has rich reserves of Oil, Uranium and Iron The island oversees a strategic choke point for Pacific Ocean Ownership of Bulldog Island is disputed between country Red and country Blue 3

4 UNCLASSIFIED// Country Red –Claim Bulldog Island as a national territory for the past 19 years. –Never acted upon claim –New political regime campaigned on expanding country Red’s regional grasp –Landed Marines and established small military outpost in December 2013 –Began construction on Oil drilling platforms & Industrial mining operations Political Scenario 4

5 UNCLASSIFIED// Country Blue –Dispute Nation Red’s territorial claim on Bulldog Island –Claim that land purchase from Spain included Bulldog Island in 1999 –Appealed to UN to force country Red’s withdrawal from Bulldog Island –After no UN action, repositioned carrier strike group and reinforced Marine detachments in the region. –Threatening imminent action. Political Scenario 5

6 UNCLASSIFIED// UN Security Council Resolutions UNSCR 9991 – DEC 2013 –Condemns Country Red’s landing and military presence UNSCR 9992 – Jan 2014 –Demands Red Removal by 25 MAR UNSCR 9993 – FEB 2014 –Releases statement condemning any military action by country Blue. Encourages an armed forces stand down UNSCR 9994 – MAR 2014 –Reasserts its commitment to a diplomatic solution 6

7 UNCLASSIFIED// Area of Operation Bulldog Island 7

8 UNCLASSIFIED// Navy Forces and Assets - (1) CVN CVW - (30) F/A 18E - (10) F/A 18f - (6) E/A 18G - (4) E-2C - (6) MH-60S - (5) MH-60R - (2) C-2 - (1) CG - (2) DDG (Flight IIA) - (2) MH-60R (each) - (1) FFG - (2) MH-60R - (1) SSN-767 - (1) SSN-777 - (1) SSGN-726 - (1) LPD 21 Marine Forces and Assets Ground Combat Element - (1) Scout Sniper Team (attached) -Company Train* - (2) MTVR - (2) MRAP - (2) MATV - (1) Ambulance MRAP - (12) AAVP7; (1) AAVC7; (1) AAVR7 Air Combat Element - (2) MV-22 Blue Forces (+)

9 UNCLASSIFIED// Navy Forces and Assets at B 1 -(1) DDG (Flight IIA) - (2) MH-60R (each) - (1) FFG - (2) MH-60R Navy Forces and Assets moving to support from B 2 - (1) CVN CVW (Equivalent to Blue Forces) (1) CG - (1) DDG (Flight IIA) - (2) MH-60R (each) - (1) SSN-767 - (1) SSN-777 - (1) SSGN-726 Marine Forces and Assets Ground Combat Element - (1) Scout Sniper Team (attached) -Company Train* - (2) MTVR - (2) MRAP - (2) MATV - (1) Ambulance MRAP - (12) AAVP7; (1) AAVC7; (1) AAVR7 Red Forces (and all the personnel & assets in this organization) (+)

10 UNCLASSIFIED// 10 Orientation of Forces Country Red Naval Outpost Drilling Operations Lava Flow Devil Dog Volcano

11 UNCLASSIFIED// Geography Bulldog Island is notional but geography, topography, tide schedules and other considerations are actual for the Island of Hawaii (the big island) Note: It’s a Volcanic Island with ground generally flat leading up an incline to a central dormant volcano, Devil Dog Volcano 11

12 UNCLASSIFIED// Objectives Red ObjectivesRed Objectives Maintain military presence Protect construction operations on drilling and mining operations Repel any landing force Blue ObjectivesBlue Objectives Wait until withdrawal date issued by UNSCR – 9992 Once 25 MAR deadline passes initiate Operation Odysseus –Land on Bulldog Island and expel Country Red forces –Disperse/destroy enemy naval forces –Reinforce island 12

13 UNCLASSIFIED// 13 Rules of Engagement Specific ROE Instructions will be briefed individually to Strike Groups -Be prepared for this

14 UNCLASSIFIED// Concerns Freedom of Navigation throughout the AO –Ensure freedom of navigation for commercial shipping –Prevent damage to neutral commercial shipping –Prevent international airspace interference Rules of Engagement –Execute proper ROE escalation of force –Efforts must maintain maximum combat capability Protection of critical natural resources –Oil drilling platforms/Mining Operations 14

15 UNCLASSIFIED// Platoon Assignments 15 Country Blue vsCountry Red Country Blue vs Country Red Alpha 1 (MIDN 1/C Cole) Bravo 1 (MIDN 1/C Barrett) Bravo 2 (MIDN 1/C Morahan) Alpha 2 (MIDN 1/C Puglisi)

16 UNCLASSIFIED// Navy Planning Process vs. MC Planning Process Mission Analysis Problem Framing Course of Action (COA) Development COA Analysis COA Wargame COA Comparison & Decision Plans & Orders Development Orders Development Transition Planning Processes

17 UNCLASSIFIED// Planning Deliverables 17 1. Mission Analysis / Problem Framing 2. Brief the Mission (TASK and PURPOSE; 5 Ws) – What are you supposed to do? 3. Brief your Course of Action & Narrative. - How are you going to do what you are supposed to do? (Sample COA narratives available on request) 4. Brief any Tasking Statements (TASK and PURPOSE; 5 Ws) – Who is doing what to who and why? Be able to discuss how you are coming up with your decisions (planning factors) Be able to discuss your Planning Assumptions and how you will confirm or deny those assumptions. REMEMBER: If you take assumptions into execution they become RISK. How are you going to mitigate the risk?

18 UNCLASSIFIED// Questions 18

19 UNCLASSIFIED// Sample COA Briefing Slide: COA Narrative

20 UNCLASSIFIED// Sample COA Briefing Slide: Tri Slide Topic:

21 UNCLASSIFIED// Sample COA Briefing Slide: QUAD Slide Topic:


23 UNCLASSIFIED// Available References  FMFM 5-70; MAGTF Aviation Planning  FM 3-0; Operations  FM 3-21.8; The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad  FM 3-90; Tactics  JANE’S Fighting Ships  JP 3-02; Amphibious Operations  Lightening Press; The Army Operations & Doctrine Smartbook  Lightening Press; The Sustainment & Multifunctional Logistician’s Smartbook  MCDP 1; Warfighting  MCDP 1-0; Marine Corps Operations  MCDP 1-3; Tactics  MCDP 2; Intelligence  MCDP 3; Expeditionary Operations  MCDP 4; Logistics  MCDP 6; Command and Control  MCRP 3-31B; Amphibious Ships and Landing Craft Data Book  MCRP 5-12A; Operational Terms and Graphics  MCRP 5-12C; Marine Corps Supplement to the DOD Dictionary of Military & Associated Terms * Copies of several publications available on request * Bring/download prior to planning exercise  MCWP 2-1; Intelligence Operations  MCWP 3-33.1; MAGTF Civil Military Operations  MCWP 5-1; Marine Corps Planning Process  MSTP Pamphlet 2-0.2; Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace  MSTP Pamphlet 5-0.2; Operational Planning Team Leader’s Guide  MSTP Pamphlet 5-0.3; MAGTF’s Planner’s Reference Manual  MSTP Pamphlet 5-0.4; The MAGTF Officer’s Guide  MSTP Pamphlet 5-0.5; Course of Action Development  MIL-STD-2525B (Naval Operational Graphics)  Organization of the Operating Forces  ST 63-1; Sustainment in the Theater of War  ST 101-6; Theater Sustainment Battle Book  NTTP 3-02.1M; Ship-to-Shore Movement  NWP 5-01 Naval Operational Planning

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