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奇力新電子股份有限公司 10/2014.

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1 奇力新電子股份有限公司 10/2014

2 2012-2016 Global Demand Forecast
2017/4/12 全球電感市場成長趨勢 Inductor Global Demand Forecast Passive components are essential components of any electric circuitry Demand for electronic devices drives demand for passive components Smartphones, 4G base station, tablet, PCs, home appliance, automobile electronics, industrial, LED, lighting, healthcare equipment, IoT Inductors is one of the three main sub-categories of passive components Demand for inductors has been driven strongly by more sophisticated electronic devices requiring higher quantity and higher efficiency components Qty (M pcs) USD (M) Update if there are new awards  Sales team notify / ask Yvette Source: Paumanok Publications, Inc .

3 寬廣產品線替供各多元市場需求 No change 3

4 發展歷程 A Local Ferrite Producer Business Expansion Major Domestic Player
World-class Company 1972 1977 1990 1998 1999 Year 40,000 80,000 120,000 2002 Established Developed Mn-Zn and Iron Core Developed SMD Power Inductor Public listing on TWSE 2001 2000 60,000 1997 2003 Revenue K $USD 2007 2005 2011 2009 2014 100,000 second plant Developed Wire- Wound and Multilayer Developed High- Frequency Chip Inductor Expanded China DongGuan plant ChinaSuZhou office Constructed Hukou new HQ and plant Established China Henan plant Company established U.S. office Established China Korea office Acquired Belkin Int’l Formed strategic alliance with Yageo Developed Molding and Thin-Film Technology No change 4

5 2017/4/12 奇力新的成長 ($USD ’000) ($USD ’000) Update CEC Sales Revenue and Net Income graph at year end Numbers from Finance Dept. Update Global Value annually  Numbers from Paumanok Research Report **Paumanok Research Report is published every year in June, price USD$2,500 [] Discuss with Yvette whether to purchase report or not 2009~2013 Global Revenue Growth 93.49% -6.67% CAGR 17.94% -1.71% Source: Paumanok Publications, Inc . 5

6 2017/4/12 市場位置 2013E Volume: 247B pcs 2013E Value: 2,345M USD Update if there are new awards  Sales team notify / ask Yvette Product coverage: wire-wound, multilayer, and thin-film inductors for power and signal applications Chilisin: #4 global position with 5.1% market share of estimated volume 246,965Mpcs Chilisin: #6 global position with 3.6% market share of estimated value USD2,345M Source:株式会社マーケティング・アイ(MAKETINKUAI CORP)

7 銷售市場與區域分布 2013 Sales By Application 2013 Sales By Region 2017/4/12
Update at year end  Ask Yvette for numbers 7

8 主要客戶 PC / Systems Telecommunication Consumer Electronics OEMs / EMSs
2017/4/12 主要客戶 PC / Systems Telecommunication Consumer Electronics OEMs / EMSs Automotive Update regularly for logo changes or new customers  sales team notify *Any trademarks or logos used throughout this presentation are the property of their respective owners, Chilisin does not claim ownership or distribution rights of the above logos

9 Chilisin HQ and Factory
2017/4/12 銷售與服務據點 Factory Henan, China Factory Suzhou, China Branch Office Suwon, Korea Chilisin HQ and Factory Hsinchu, Taiwan Branch Office San Jose, USA No change unless big news (acquisition or sale of offices, factories, etc)  consult with Yvette Powder Factory Touliu, Taiwan Manufacturing sites with sales offices Factory Dongguan, China Sales offices Distributors and agents

10 廠區分佈 Headquarter Hsinchu, Taiwan Est. 1972 Employee: 751 Factory
2017/4/12 廠區分佈 Headquarter Hsinchu, Taiwan Est. 1972 Employee: 751 Factory Dongguan, China Est. 1997 Employee: 1,199 Factory Henan, China Est. 2010 Employee: 518 Factory Suzhou, China Est. 2001 Employee: 96 All factories are ISO 9001 and TS certified Wire-Winding Molding Multi-layering Technology breakdown 技術分類 Thin-film Through-hole Manufacture Site Finished Products Inventory

11 In-house Powder Mixing Technology
2017/4/12 產品線 Wire-winding Molding Multi-layering Thin-film Process Power Inductor Wide range for power solution Power Inductor DIP type for motherboard Ferrite Bead Up to GHZ band Downsize from 0402 to 0201 Chip Inductor For RF application 0201 size +/-0.1nH Chip Inductor Baseband &RF application Downsize from 0402 to 0201 Magnetic-resin Power Inductor 2016~3030 size for mobile phone 4040~5050 size for tablet PC 6060~8080 size for TV/audio Power Inductor SMD type for notebook & tablet PC Power Inductor 2520~1608 size, t: 0.55mm for handset & ultrabook New - Power Inductor SMD Miniature type: 3225~1608 size, t: 0.6mm for smartphone & tablet Common-mode Choke 0805,0504 package for USB2.0, MIPI interface In-house Powder Mixing Technology Core Formation Powder Formula Chip Inductor Ferrite core for baseband application Size: 0402 Ceramic core for RF application Downsize from 0402 to 0201 Update for new products ……… Common Mode Choke for USB2.0/3.0/HDMI 11

12 Capacity Fully Support
2017/4/12 RFQ Response 24hrs Delivery Response 48hrs Capacity Fully Support 100% Customer Satisfaction Update if there are new awards  Sales team notify / ask Yvette Technical Service Logistic VMI

13 R/L/C Engineering Support Material Research & Development
2017/4/12 Customer Design-in Circuit Simulation Technical Seminar R/L/C Engineering Support Update if there are new awards  Sales team notify / ask Yvette Material Research & Development Product Development

14 優良品質 Best Supplier Award from New Kinpo (2010)(2013)
2017/4/12 優良品質 Best Supplier Award from New Kinpo (2010)(2013) Best “Cooperate To Win” Award from Lenovo (2011) Outstanding Supplier Award from SerNet (2011) Best Supplier Award from Asus (2005)(2007) Best Supplier Award from Solectron (2007) Best Supplier Award from Zyxel (2006)(2007) TS16949 Certification (Since 2005) Samsung Eco-Partner Certificate (Since 2005) ISO Certification (Since 2004) Sony Green Partner Certificate (Since 2003) Update if there are new awards  Sales team notify / ask Yvette

15 競爭優勢與成長策略 Competitive Products Full range of magnetic series
2017/4/12 競爭優勢與成長策略 Competitive Products Full range of magnetic series Sufficient capacity support Vertical integration from powder mixing to inductor manufacturing World-class quality Cost-competitiveness Quick delivery and flexible logistic support Value-added Service Total solution provider for EMI, power and RF Design-in capability Professional engineering support Material research & development Concurrent product innovation No change 15 15

16 Thank you!

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