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 Healthy Steps  Shingles Program  Bucks County Medication Disposal Program  Project GAMES  Flu Clinic  Senior Games  Bucks County Active Aging.

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2  Healthy Steps  Shingles Program  Bucks County Medication Disposal Program  Project GAMES  Flu Clinic  Senior Games  Bucks County Active Aging Expo  Anti-bullying Workshop  Bucks County Immunization Coalition  Newsletter Staff  Diversity Committee  Overdose Prevention and Education Advisory  Project MEDS

3 A row of bottles on my shelf Caused me to analyze myself. One yellow pill I have to pop Goes to my heart so it won't stop. A little white one that I take Goes to my hands so they won't shake. The blue ones that I use a lot Tell me I'm happy when I'm not. The purple pill goes to my brain and tells me that I have no pain. The capsules tell me not to wheeze Or cough or choke or even sneeze. The red ones, smallest of them all Go to my blood so I won't fall. The orange ones, very big and bright Prevent my leg cramps in the night. Such an array of brilliant pills Helping to cure all kinds of ills But what I'd really like to know........... Is what tells each one where to go! -Author Unknown

4 A drug is a chemical substance that produces a physical, mental, emotional or behavioral change in the person using it.

5 Number of Persons Age 60+ in Bucks County 1990-2020


7 By the Spring of 1988, it had become apparent that medication misuse among the elderly was responsible for the deaths and disabilities of many and had in fact, taken on the proportions of a national tragedy.

8  A meeting was held between:  Bonnie Keller (Volunteer Coordinator for Bucks County RSVP)  Rosemary Adiletto (Prevention Program Supervisor for Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission)  Through negotiation, a partnership was formed between BCAAA, BCDAC and RSVP.


10  Provide training location  Volunteer recruitment through Senior Centers  Training costs  Program staff  Provide on-going technical assistance

11  Primary Volunteer Recruitment  Distribute recruitment materials  Training Staff  Provide staff, volunteer and presenters travel costs.  Provide on-going technical assistance

12  Program development  Implementation and maintenance responsibilities  Act as the point of call for presentation appointments  On-going coordination of the project

13  In October 1988, 14 volunteers were trained as peer presenters  By the end of the first year 30 presentations reached more than 2500 older adults  Volunteers had monthly meetings  Volunteers bonded through group activities, picnics and holiday parties  In 1991, selected by President George Bush as first runners-up for the National Volunteer Action Award  Has earned the endorsement of both the Bucks County Medical Society and the Bucks County Pharmaceutical Association

14 MONTH 1 Develop agreement, recruitment process and presentation syllabus MONTH 2 Develop recruitment materials and training plan, identify training site and dates. MONTH 3 Strategize program marketing, begin recruitment and program orientation, identify trainers.

15 MONTH 4 Arrange for training lunch and transportation, gather training materials, develop and implement program marketing MONTH 5 Develop presentation scheduling procedure, begin volunteer training and schedule presentations MONTH 6 Volunteers begin doing presentations

16  To make older adults aware of issues related to the incorrect use of prescribed and over- the-counter medications.  To make older adults aware of issues related to alcohol misuse and abuse by the elderly population.  To provide volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to help them raise awareness.  To utilize the skills of volunteers in an effort to educate older adults.

17  BCAAA – coordinates volunteers, volunteer recruitment, trainings, presentations, marketing, materials and meetings. Submits volunteer hours to RSVP and many reports to BCDAC.  BCDAC – funds the program, asks me for many reports.  RSVP – Assists in volunteer recruitment.


19  Public speaking  Communication Skills  Neat appearance  Resourcefulness (the ability to answer questions)  Self-motivation (the ability to work independently)  People oriented (enjoys working with people)

20  RSVP Coordinator  RSVP database  Mass mailing  PSA  Announcements in the agency newsletter  Flyers at the senior centers  Senior health expos  Project MEDS presentations   Project MEDS volunteers


22  Opening comments by BCAAA Director  The history and collaboration of Project MEDS (BCAAA, BCDAC, RSVP)  The Need for Project MEDS  A Project MEDS presentation  Presentation tips and options  Materials and handouts  HIPPA and Confidentiality, BCAAA overview  Reports and expense forms

23  “The Face of Older Adults, Drugs, Medications and Alcohol” given by guest speaker Marge Hanna (Executive Director for BCDAC)  Guest Speaker – Doctor certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics  Guest Speaker – Registered Pharmacist  Mentor meeting  Presentation scheduling

24  Project MEDS volunteers do not represent themselves as medical professionals and are not associated with the pharmaceutical industry.  Volunteers should never give medical advice  Volunteers should never give personal opinions  Volunteers should stick to the approved presentation script


26  PSA  Announcements in the agency newsletter  The senior centers  Senior health expos  Project MEDS presentations  Project MEDS volunteers  Other programs  Return visits  Brochures

27  55+ Communities  Church Groups  Adult Daycare  Senior Expos  Senior Centers Women's/Men's Groups  Senior Housing  Retirement Communities  Home Health Care Agencies  Support Groups


29  Welcome and introductions  Ask for volunteers to participate in the pre and post test  Fun attention getter: The Pill Poem or Phyllis Feelgood  Deliver script  Ask for questions or comments  Ask everyone to fill out a presenter’s evaluations form  Hand out bag with information and giveaways

30  The patient’s responsibility for tracking current medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter.  Questions to ask their health care professionals.  The importance of keeping and sharing complete personal medical histories with their health care professionals.  The need to dispose of unneeded medications.  The dangers of sharing medications.  Why older adults have a higher risk of adverse drug reactions.  The dangers of mixing alcohol and medications.  Available resources.



33  Started as a collaboration between BCAAA, BCDAC, Bucks Promise for Youth & Communities.  Now includes the County Detectives, Dept of Health, Children & Youth, Medical Reserve Corps, 6 county coalitions.  Since September 2010 we’ve had 4 countywide collections.  We’ve collected more than 4 tons of medication.  We have 18 permanent collection boxes.  We hand out 250,000 bag stuffers per collection  We offer homebound residents a front door pick-up.  We offer senior housing a collection in their foyer.  I have collections at our senior center flu clinics  I have collections at our Active Aging Expo

34  Address the need for proper medication disposal.  Bring awareness to environmental concerns, youth overdose and senior overdose and medication sharing.  Volunteer at collection sites.



37  Time  Funding  Volunteers  Program Events  Improving the Program


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