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NDIA National Logistics Conference and Exhibition

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1 NDIA National Logistics Conference and Exhibition
FUTURE SUPPORT TO THE ARMY WARFIGHTER NDIA National Logistics Conference and Exhibition Sparks, Nevada 1-4 March 2004 COL Daniel D. Imholte Chief of Staff US Army Transportation Center and Fort Eustis, Virginia

2 Incremental build of combat power
Time consuming Risky POD dependant Efficiency focused Deploy = Employ Multiple entry points Start line CONUS Effectiveness focused

DS/DS OEF/OIF Paradigm Shift Delivered Equipment 20 CONUS Seaports Used 6 Months to Move 33M Sq Ft Cargo 33 Break-bulk AMMO Vessels Limited Visibility—40% Containers arriving theater had to be opened Delivered Capability 9 CONUS Seaports Used 2 Months to Move 15M Sq Ft Cargo Zero Break-bulk AMMO Vessels 100% Visibility (ITV) for Containers Prior to Lift TAV Built Warfighter Confidence .

Map Engine: Full color maps (NIMA and CADRG) Active map layers Supports computer generated vehicle icons with time/date Two-way messaging: Multi-Satellite Capable Supports automated polling 400 days unlimited usage Built-in, Selectable Level of Encryption V2 Truck-Mounted Control Station MT-2010 / 2011 Transceiver GPS PLGR with All Units 10 year warranty Laptop Computer HP Color Portable Desk jet Printer Desired Capabilities: Interface with STAMIS Enhanced Signal Security Vehicle Diagnostics/prognostics Interface with FBCB2 37% AAO Funded AAO: 37,718 Funded: 13,965 Fielded: 2,482

5 Joint Operational Pay-offs
FUTURE LIFT Joint Operational Pay-offs More rapid introduction of forces Increased capability to achieve assured access Reduced vulnerability to enemy counters Increased possibility of achieving operational surprise Immediate employment of deployed forces More rapid seizure of the initiative with preclusive effects Significantly higher versatility and adaptability More rapid transition to decisive operations Expanded capability to maintain overwhelming tempo More rapid achievement of conflict termination and/or transition to another JOA Must possess these vital qualities: Bypass predictable and traditional choke points Deliver intact combat power at multiple entry points Support uninterrupted deployment momentum Provide for assured access, and decrease predictability and dwell time Army Lead for Intratheater Lift Shallow Draft High Speed Ship Theater Support Vessel HLVTOL SSTOL

6 FTTS ACTD OBJECTIVE 3 to 1 8 to 1 4 to 2 5 to 1
Load Handling System 8 to 1 Med & Heavy Truck Variants Numerous Material Handling Equipment 4 to 2 FTTS-MSV 5 to 1 Modular Platform Numerous Delivery Platforms FTTS-UV provides Command and Control and includes a Hybrid propulsion system for increased fuel efficiency and onboard power Numerous Interface Devices A SEAMLESS Distribution SYSTEM built for the Obj Force (Applied to the SBCT to evolve the TTPs, CONOPS, and doctrine)

Incremental build of combat power. Four interrelated segments Operational maneuver from strategic distances. Deploy = Employ Alert/Train/Deploy Train/Alert/Deploy Lengthy TPFDD process Immediate data entry into DTS Lengthy task organization process with below the line forces Prompt “as is” deploying modules with basic load POD dependent/susceptible to anti-access Multiple entry points/bypass choke points Joint deconfliction Joint interdependence Large, layered organizations for deployment and distribution gap between early entry and follow-on forces Agile teams with space-based persistent comms for both deployment and distribution Uninterrupted deployment momentum Ammunition in theater Deploy with ammunition Iron mountain Distribution-based; intermodal (configured loads for prompt force) Developed theaters All theaters Limited to surface movement in theater Operational maneuver by air of one division


9 THEATER LIFT Theater Support Vessel
Rapidly self-deploy to the JOA (soldiers, equipment, and sustainment together) Increase access Conduct rapid shore to shore intra-theater sea lift of combat ready unit sets to support operational maneuver Gain access through multiple points of entry through small, minor or degraded ports Conduct enroute mission planning and rehearsal Conduct follow-on sustainment and/or repositioning of units in forward areas Length Overall ft, beam ft Cargo Capacity: Up to 820 STs & 14,300 SqFt Pax Capacity: 292 Max draft – ft. Loaded Speed - 32 knots - light ship Speed - 40 knotsMax Required Range - 2,400 nautical miles - load dependent TSV is the only Army unique intra-theater lift platform that meets Army Transformation Vision Goals

10 OEF/OIF OBSERVATIONS ITV and electronic tracking
Lack integrating policy Need DOTMLPF battlefield construct for manned and remote systems Redesign movement control (structure and doctrine) Modernize transportation C2 tools (TC AIMS II, MTS) Logistics and contracting Host Nation Support and LOGCAP Failed to meet expectations and requirements Weapon system fielding Movement Tracking System TCAIMS / IRRIS / RFID KALMAR RTCH TSV Acquisition

11 OIF/OEF OBSERVATIONS Theater distribution
Established strategic linkage and operational Command and Control Commodity distribution Lacked In-transit Visibility and materiel / transportation integration Army prepositioned stocks Largest draw in history Fighting systems were in excellent shape Complex property transfer Army watercraft and Joint Logistics Over the Shore Largest since Vietnam (>5,000 containers) Theater Support Vessel operational significance Army support to 26 Marine Expeditionary Unit landing Navy Special Operation Forces direct action and Umm Qasr opening

Post ODS Army Strategic Mobility Program (ASMP) CONUS Force Projection Rail capacity tripled at Hood, quadrupled at Campbell Shipped over 380,000 tons in third less time than first Gulf War Use of Large Medium Speed Roll-On/Roll-Off (LMSR) and C-17 eliminated weeks in transit time Army Deployment Command and Control Improved deployment process – TC-AIMS II/JFRG II in USAREUR HQ MTMC Operations center – good start! Deployment seams remain in process / command relationships Continue Mobility Warrant Officer program Continue Joint Deployment Employment Sustainment process improvement initiatives Reengineered Army and Joint distribution processes


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