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4/26/2015Confidential0 ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o. 2008 Cores of magnetic circuits – transformer cores.

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1 4/26/2015Confidential0 ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o Cores of magnetic circuits – transformer cores

2 1 Production range: ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o. Wound transformer cores:  Toroidal cores  Cut cores  Unicores  Laminations

3 Application possibilities Transmission transformers. Instrument transformers. Measurement transformers. Voltage transformers. Current transformers. Supply transformers. Power transformers. Low loss applications. Inductors. Converter. Suppression technology Regulating transformers. Pulse transformers. Special transformers. Rectangular current transformers. Transformers up to approximately 10 MVA. Single-phase and tree phase distribution transformers. Single-phase and three phase chokes. ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

4 Toroidal Cores Benefits:Benefits: Closed flux path Low magnetic leakage Low noisiness of transformers Compact dimensions Low weight of transformers Type of Toroidal Cores:Type of Toroidal Cores: With chamfered edges With air gap Special shapes With protective coating ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

5 4 Cut cores Benefits:Benefits: Electrical energy savings Low humming Saving in quantity of used copper for winding Saving in work costs exert for transformers assembly Cut surfaces of there cores can be round, oval and rectangular ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

6 Cut Cores Cut C cores single-phase According the DIN norm – SG, SU, SE, SM According to he IEC 329 norm – Q, R, M, U According to the ArcelorMittal Technotron internal norm - C Cut C cores three-phase According to the DIN norm – S3U According to the IEC 329 norm – 3U ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

7 Cruciform Cores Benefits: Electrical energy saving. Saving in quantity of used copper for winding. Saving in work costs exert for transformers assembly. Low humming. Better use of coils scope. Easier winding of wire on a circular coil. ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

8 Unicore UNICORE advanced technology leads to low specific losses Benefits of Unicore: Low specific losses Easy assembly Favorable price Saving in quantity of used copper The banding of cores is not necessary Short delivery time Uncut Unicore Due to advantages of their construction Uncut Unicore are apt to replace almost all conventional uncut C cores and rectangular toroidal cores. Corner angle can be 45 of 90 degrees. Application possibilities: Rectangular current transformers. Voltage transformers. ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

9 Uncut Unicore ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

10 Duo Unicore Application possibilities: Single-phase transformers. Three-phase transformers. Power transformers. Current transformers. Measuring transformers. Instrument transformers. Transmission transformers Regulating transformers. Types of construction ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

11 Butt Unicore Is a core suitable for chokes; its front surface is superposed thus enabling conventional C core replacement. Application: single-phase chokes three-phase ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

12 Step Butt Unicore The air gap is designed as steps. Step butt Unicores can be annealed to reduce loss and make assembly easier. Benefits: Lower core losses than comparable C cores. Higher transformer output. Lower transformer weight. ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

13 Combi Step Butt Unicore Belongs to the group of STEP BUTT Unicore. The gaps are on the opposite sides of the core. So the gap is on every other packet in the one leg. Thanks to this we can achieve reduction of losses and noise. ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

14 DGAP core Application: Low loss applications Transformers up to approximately 10 MVA Benefits: The lowest core losses Higher transformer output Lower transformer weight Saving in quantity of used copper ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

15 Cruicy form Unicore All above mentioned types of UNICORE we are capable to manufacture in cruicy form. This means you can get all advantages of UNICORE even if your transformers are made of cruicy form C-cores. ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

16 15 Manufacturing capacities: Toroidal cores 40 t/month C-cores 60 t/month Unicores20 t/month ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

17 16 ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o. Křižíkova 1377 Frýdek-Místek Czech republic Tel/Fax: ArcelorMittal Technotron s.r.o.

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