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Installation & Removal Instructions

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2 Installation & Removal Instructions
REVOLUTION TUBE SETS Installation & Removal Instructions

3 Installation STOP !!!!!! REVOLUTION Tubes have a different fit than our Classic Tubes. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before beginning!!

4 Installation REVOLUTION tubes should be fit semi-dry. Excessive oil will make fitting more difficult. Clean the chamber and barrel prior to installing REVOLUTION tubes, using only a small amount of enclosed oil. Lightly slide the first tube by hand all the way into the appropriate barrel until it stops. Turning the tube, index the tube extractor to the gun extractor as shown next.


6 Insertion Insert the appropriate aluminum driver into the chamber, small head first. Using the soft-sided hammer, sharply strike the driver until the chamber seats. REVOLUTION chambers are designed to fit tighter than the Classics and the benefit of tighter tolerances is that they should remain firmly in place from the first fit through the life of the barrel.


8 Note Unlike Classics, REVOLUTION Revolution tubes do not fit up to a shoulder when installed. They do require more hammer force to drive them in the first time. This initial fit settles into a comfortable fit after you do it a few times. For Kreighoff, Browning and Blaser, as well as other guns that do not have spring loaded ejectors, the procedure is to use your appropriate driver to drive the tubes until the ejectors are flush with the receiver. For guns like Perazzi’s and Beretta’s with spring loaded ejectors, drive tubes in until you notice the fit is fairly tight: now check the muzzle end and verify that the tubes are almost flush with the end of your barrel.

9 Notice How the Tube is Flush with the Barrel

10 Driver Removal Once the chamber is seated, you may need to wiggle the aluminum driver to remove it. You may slap the side of the driver with the soft-sided hammer to help release it. Assemble your gun. If your gun does not close easily, you have not tapped the tubes in far enough. See example next.


12 Tube Removal When removing REVOLUTION, begin by disassembling your gun. NOTE: Be sure to always leave both the barrel chokes in the barrel, and the tube choke in the tubes when extracting tubes. Attempting to extract the tubes with tube chokes removed can damage both the tube choke threads and the tubes themselves.

13 Tube Extractor To remove REVOLUTION tubes, insert the black tube extractor into the end of the barrel until it stops. Sharply tap the black tube extractor with the soft-sided hammer. Make sure the tube does not fall from the barrel when it is unseated.


15 Final Touches Assemble your gun.
Does your gun open and close properly? If it does not, then one or both of your tubes are not seated properly into the chamber deep enough. Proceed to correct the problem. It would be a good idea to install your tubes in and out several times. Practice your new skills and get the learning over with. This new tube insertion becomes very easy after you do it a few times.

16 for choosing Briley REVOLUTION Tubes.
THANK YOU for choosing Briley REVOLUTION Tubes. They are the product of extensive research and experience, hand crafted in America with pride and the finest materials available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your sales rep. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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