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MetaMedia MetaMedia Business Plan Judson F. Ferdon Martin Ferro Lorenzo Rossi Ricky J. Sethi IOM540: Prof. Sulin BA.

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1 MetaMedia MetaMedia Business Plan Judson F. Ferdon Martin Ferro Lorenzo Rossi Ricky J. Sethi IOM540: Prof. Sulin BA

2 MetaMedia Outline Mission Technology: Basic Concepts Market issues –Some key factors –Our solution –Values for the players Business Process –TDP issue etc. –Pricing model –Evolution plan (growth strategy) –Risks Finance Conclusion

3 MetaMedia Mission MetaMedia’s corporate goal is to become a long term partner for all companies that need solutions for better managing their multimedia assets. In particular, MetaMedia aims to be one of the key players in the market of searchable audio-video.

4 MetaMedia Technology: Basic Concepts There is a huge amount of multimedia (audio-video) content from a variety of sources: –Internet, cable, satellite, CD-ROM, DVD… Demand to make this material easy to manage: i.e. searchable. Quote: “In the next generation of Internet search engines, audio and video will be searchable as well as textual material” -- C.C. Jay Kuo, USC faculty

5 MetaMedia Indexing Textual Material Table of Contents 1. Introduction………1 2. Technology..……10 2.1 Internet……….12 2.2 Security……..…14 3. E-commerce…….20 3.1 B2C models……. 22 Index Electronic cash Electronic check Electronic malls...22,30,31 3.1 B2C models

6 MetaMedia Indexing Audiovisual Material Table of Contents Dialogue……….11 Index S. Connery…. 24,35,44

7 MetaMedia MM Indexing: Key Steps 1)Content Analysis/Metadata Extraction/Description 2)Metadata Presentation (Note MPEG-7 will be the standard) 3) Search Query Engines

8 MetaMedia Industry Dynamics Young Market – less than five years old Market still uninformed – –"Having fundamental technologies to act as a foundation…is important. The challenge is for businesses to leverage that value - video has not been a corporate data type so far. The thinking now is beginning to shift." -- Carl Lehmann The Demand is Increasing!

9 MetaMedia Current Market Situation Software Providers –Some companies (Virage, IBM, Pictron, Attrasoft, Excalibur, Magnifi) sell software packages for metadata extraction, search engines, and browser interfaces. Potential Customers 1.TV broadcasters 2.Internet companies 3.Commercial production companies 4.Advertisement agencies 5.Interactive CD-ROM manufacturers

10 MetaMedia MPEG-7 Standard The International Standardization Organization is currently working on providing a standard for the content description (metadata). This standard, MPEG-7, should be ready by September 2001.

11 MetaMedia Key Factors 1.MPEG-7 will be accepted 2.Rich Metadata extraction will remain complicated –Requiring Expert Analysis and Dedicated Hardware 3.The perceived value of Metadata is increasing  The demand will increase as the number of application increases 1.Carve out Niche Markets –Description Providers 2.MetaMedia will be very competitive in the process.

12 MetaMedia Opportunities  Establish Metamedia as a leader and set standards for this quickly emerging industry  First Mover Advantage  ASP content-processing model

13 MetaMedia Business Model Application Service Provider and Content Processing Model

14 MetaMedia Values for the Players For Customers: –A java application will provide frequent updates –Better assistance Clients can get richer descriptions for portions of their content by sending us related TDP –CRM For MetaMedia –First mover in the metadata market (!) –Improved efficiencies –Close Customer Contact –Flexibility of our model (!!) Customers can participate even without experts

15 MetaMedia ASP: Business Process Model

16 MetaMedia Pricing Model Yearly subscription fee + charge for data duration and metadata type. Equation: PRICE = SUBSCRIPTION + ( C t  T c )  M f Advantages of Pricing Structure: Flexibility Customized Service Oriented

17 MetaMedia When Do We Make Money? After the First Year: Total Sales: $2,690,000 Total Expenses: $2,350,000 Income After Taxes: $220,000

18 MetaMedia 5 Year Financial Outlook

19 MetaMedia Strengths Easy point of entry No up-front hardware or software costs Balanced staffing load No long-term commitment Speed of deployment Avoid costly and time-consuming upgrade headaches Scalability and modular implementation Value-added services IT staff doesn’t need to run maintenance Highly secure - Comprehensive Firewalls - Routers & Sniffers - Proprietary TDP/IMP technology

20 MetaMedia Risks RiskMitigating Factors Net Congestion & Uptime Web Farms Redundant Servers OC3 Connection Rapid Technological Change On-staff Scientists In-house Experts ISO association & partnership Moore’s Law Proprietary Acct Mngmnt Tools CRM methodology

21 MetaMedia Conclusion Expansion to the market of metadata solutions for real-time broadcasters ASP Aggregator Future Growth & Business Opp.

22 MetaMedia Prototype

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