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Company and Services Overview. 2 Overview About Versatility Software, Inc. Credentials and Expertise Needs, Challenges and Issues Overview of Versatility.

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1 Company and Services Overview

2 2 Overview About Versatility Software, Inc. Credentials and Expertise Needs, Challenges and Issues Overview of Versatility Services –FullSpectrum Select and FullSpectrum Rollout Sample Client Profiles and Sample Projects Benefits for Clients Next Steps

3 About Versatility Solution provider for marketing, advertising and media –Software design, development and technology consulting services –Team background- unique domain expertise, strong track records –Focused on collaborative content and digital media applications Powerful mixture of consulting, design and development –Consulting services for architecture design, strategy and planning –Development services for prototypes, designs, and full solutions –Innovative service offerings for consulting practices and software Benefits to clients –Strong understanding of user, domain and business needs –Developing insights, innovations, breakthrough technologies –Reduced costs, speed time to market, cut cycle times

4 4 Our Credentials The Team –The core- Eric Hoffert, Alex Apollonsky, Paul Soukup –An extended and strong network of developers and partners Track record and unique domain expertise –Key staff and consulting positions at AT&T, Bell Laboratories, Apple Computer, SONY, Magnifi, Rockwell, NASA, etc. –The team has delivered award-winning brand asset, project / knowledge management solutions for enterprise users in Fortune 500 accounts, 24 x 7, worldwide and for millions of consumers playing a key role in Apple QuickTime patents / technology –The group holds more than eleven patents, has published widely –Previous clients serviced include Coca-Cola, Disney, Procter and Gamble, Boeing, Citibank, Warner Bros., CNN…

5 Technical Expertise of Principals Collaborative Enterprise solutions –Enterprise document, brand asset, project and knowledge management, Enterprise marketing management, Enterprise artwork and packaging management, Enterprise / ASP deployment, application integration, workflow, security, multi- tier architecture, web services, grid computing Digital Media –Digital media management, content distribution, media search, image / video processing, encryption, multicasting, video on- demand, digital rights management, broadcast quality digital video, video collaboration, wireless multimedia Enterprise Application Networking and Communications –Hosting infrastructure, global application delivery, 99.99% uptime and service level agreements for ASP, disaster recovery, network security, managed application services

6 6 Client Needs, Issues, Challenges Specialized expertise is needed to design / deliver solution –Enterprise marketing, artwork, packaging management applications Outside perspective to map critical new products / solutions –Fresh, third-party perspective / strategy for key issues as a priority Focused and rapid solution design or development required to meet critical business application needs –Internal resources are over burdened or expertise not available Corporate mandates to reduce costs by outsourcing –Reduce costs via outsource, improve time to solution availability Need to jumpstart internal initiatives Technology, patent, interface development or technology –Due diligence and/or IP development work required

7 7 Client Solution Needs Solution Strategy Definition Solution Planning, Architecture and Design Initial IT and integration requirements ROI Analysis Platform Vendors evaluation Initial users requirements Buy vs. Build Analysis Complete Technical, IT and User requirements Software Vendors selection, cost/needs analysis Solution design and Integration architecture User Interface design Project and Resources planning Solution Delivery Management RFP/RFQ Development Implementation Vendor selection Acceptance and Project Assessment Vendor Technical Projects Management Intellectual Property Development Patents filing Provisional and/or full patents filing planning Proprietary technology and processes identification Solution Delivery and Integration Integration Project and Technical Management Development and QA Training and Documentation development

8 8 Versatility FullSpectrum Services FullSpectrum Solution Rollout (End-to-End) –Architecture, software development and design services to fully implement, test and deploy a solution FullSpectrum Select Services –A set of a-la-carte consulting, design and development services designed to meet client particular needs Business Process Review and Design –Optionally FullSpectrum can include a business process review with design of an optimised process that will be supported by a new software solution

9 9 FullSpectrum Select Services VendorManager Technical Relationship Management Services DecisionMaster Decision Support Service ArchitectCentral Design And Architecture Service PatentMaker Intellectual Property Service TechReview Technical Due Diligence Service DeepDive Solution Brainstorming Service FullSpectrum Select Services

10 10 FullSpectrum Select Services ArchitectCentral Design and Architecture Service –Solution architecture design and system integration DeepDive Solution Brainstorming Service –Intense and rapid design sessions to develop innovative solutions DecisionMaster Decision Support Service –Solution strategy / direction require more data to make decisions TechReview Technical Due Diligence Service –Technology requires in-depth review, selection and design VendorManager Technical Relationship Management –RFP / RFQ development, vendor selection and project management PatentMaker IP Development Service –Patent concepts, development, filing, licensing work

11 11 ArchitectCentral Design and Architecture Service Business, IT and Technology Requirements Assessment –Develop cross-functional solution requirements in-depth –Author system and functional requirements document System Design, Architecture and IT Integration –Develop system design and architecture to meet the requirements –Incorporate an application integration model into the solution –Map the overall technology strategy and foundation into the design Technologies and Process Mapping –Core technologies will be integrated into the system architecture –Workflow / business processes will be incorporated into the design

12 12 DeepDive Solution Brainstorming Service Rapid Dive in Critical Areas to Create Solution Concept –DeepDive into Concepts, Features, Design, Architecture, Interfaces Phase 1: Build a Rich User Model –Build an accurate model of the user – goals, needs and tasks The ‘ Deep Dive ’, Connect with user perspective, User Scenarios - develop detailed user scenarios Phase 2: Rapid Prototyping / Develop Solution Framework –Iterate on design - multiple simulations, design concepts –Optionally include business models, high-level system concepts Phase 3: Design Requirements Document –Converge on optimal design for solution framework

13 13 DecisionMaster Decision Support Service Solution Outline for Targeted Feature Area –Gather relevant Users, IT, Functional, budget and timing input –Solution brainstorming –Preliminary Vendors and Products Evaluation –Integration Architecture Outline –Approach Definition Buy vs. Build, ASP vs. In-House deployment ROI Analysis and TCO (Cost of Ownership) Estimate UI Simulations and Prototypes Drive Decisions for Technologies and Products –Goal is to quickly get to a product, feature or solution decision

14 14 TechReview Technical Due Diligence Service Requirements Assessment to Evaluate Technology Due Diligence Technical Scorecard and Benchmark –Measurable Go/No-Go decision support –Quantitative view of risks Executive Summary Technical Report –High-level interpretation of Technical Scorecard outcomes –Evaluated technology and vendors comparison / recommendations –Buy vs. Build analysis summary –Risk management summary Detailed Technical Report –Technical details behind Executive Summary Technical Report

15 15 VendorManager Technical Relationship Management Requirements Assessment RFP/RFQ Development and Vendor Selection Management Project Management –Technical project management –Risk management –Intermediate acceptance Architecture Enforcement –Code reviews –Design reviews Integration and Deployment Management Project Assessment and Final Acceptance

16 16 PatentMaker IP Development Service Requirements Assessment Prior Art Review and Competitive Analysis –Review of prior art and competitive environment for patent area Patent Strategy Development –Offensive, defensive, or mixture of both; licensing models Intellectual Property Development –Proprietary technology and processes identification for existing products or services, strategy and design of patent body / claims –Provisional and/or full utility patent filing plans Patent Filings –Interaction, coordination and collaboration with Patent Lawyers

17 17 FullSpectrum Rollout Solution Functional Requirements Gathering IT Requirements and Assessment Vendor and Technology Due Diligence ROI and TCO Analysis Integration Architecture And Design User Interface Rapid Prototyping Implementation Project Plan User Interface Strategy Deployment And Integration Documentation Development Project Closure Implementation And Testing Phase 1 – Infrastructure Assessment and Requirements Definition Phase 2 – Solution Design and Planning Phase 3 – Solution Implementation/Delivery

18 18 Solution Rollout Phase 1 – Assessment and Requirements Functional Requirements Gathering –Business Champion team input - capture desired functionality, business drivers and user experience –User Group input - current user needs, user interface focus and user preferences IT Infrastructure and Requirements Assessment –IT infrastructure assessment and IR Requirements definition Platform Vendor Evaluation and Benchmarking –Third party technologies and products due diligence ROI and TCO Solution Analysis –Analyse Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of proposed solution(s)

19 19 Solution Rollout Phase 2 – Solution Design and Planning User Interface Strategy and Navigation Model definition –Validation - user experience, business value, company culture System and IT Integration Architecture and Design –Design the overall integration model and architecture for the solution User Interface Sketching and Prototyping –UI design and prototyping Solution Implementation Project Plan –Detailed scheduling, milestones, resource allocation, risk management, success criteria etc.

20 20 Solution Rollout Phase 3 – Solution Implementation / Delivery Solution Implementation and Testing –Combined offshore/onsite development Minimize risk of integration Minimize implementation cost Solution deployment and IT integration –Work collaboratively on the solution deployment and integration testing Documentation development Use open implementation approach –Open APIs –Leverage functionality already existed in the company –Enable repurposing of the solution components

21 21 Solution Rollout Project Timeframes Phase One – Solution Assessment –3-8 weeks Phase Two – Solution Design and Planning –3-6 weeks Phase Three – Solution Delivery –6-20 weeks

22 22 FullSpectrum Rollout Deliverables Business, Technical and User Requirements Benchmarking, Scorecards and Evaluation Reports ROI and TCO Analyses Technology Architecture, Strategy and Plan User Interface Prototypes, Plan, Navigation Model System / IT Integration Architecture Document Project Plan, Scheduling and Resource Allocations Fully Operational and Deployed Solution

23 Sample Client / Consulting Profiles Global 100 Consumer Products Company –More than 250,000 employees, Thousands of SKUs One of the Nation’s Premier Universities –Leading edge Digital Video Research Center, NSF-funded Profitable Early-Stage Digital Media Company –Connecting Global 500 Video PR with the News Media

24 Sample Client / Consulting Profiles Digital Media Service Provider for the Global 500 –Connecting Global 500 Video News Releases to the News Media Global 100 Consumer Products Company –More than 250,000 employees, Thousands of SKUs One of the Nation’s Premier Universities –Leading edge Digital Video Research Center, NSF-funded Video On-Demand Provider –Digital rights management initiative for encrypted pay per view

25 Case Study: Stanford University Business Benefits: Research and development innovation, enhanced system concepts for a major new area of digital video and collaboration research, key insights to enable new development approaches, streamlined and faster approaches for digital media playback Project Overview: Versatility Software, Inc. provided Stanford University's Center for Innovation in Learning with technology consulting services for software and digital video research, architecture, design, roadmaps,and tools for the DIVER Project. The DIVER project is focused on video capture/analysis, sharing, and collaboration

26 Case Study: The NewsMarket Business Benefits: New product innovation, reduced production cycle times, cost reductions, increased throughput, streamlined workflow, and process automation. Project Overview: Versatility Software, Inc. provided The NewsMarket with technology consulting services for new product and process design. The project included software and networked multimedia system architecture and design, as well as workflow analysis, optimization, and process automation. The NewsMarket’s clients include General Motors, Intel and Palm.

27 27 Reasons to Select Versatility Unique Domain Expertise and Powerful Track Records –Specialized Domain expertise in media, marketing, advertising –Decades of delivery experience: high-quality enterprise solutions Economical Approach at a time when Cost is Critical –Cost-effective use of virtual team / outsourcing model –Leverage existing investments to reduce overall solution costs Unique Service Offerings vs. Competition –Clients can select a variety of unique and value-added services Pragmatic and Rigorous Project Methodology –Requirements analysis, gathering, prototyping, design, roll-out Powerful Mix of Consulting and Development –Clients can select consulting only, or consulting and development

28 Next Steps Q & A Review of Client Requirements Generation of Proposal Upon Request Development of Statement of Work Upon Further Expression of Interest –Detailed Proposal- Pricing, Timing Deliverables are provided –References available upon request –Contract documents reviewed In Person Team Presentation, if requested Upon Decision –Kick Off planning and strategy commences

29 Ver·sa·tility (vûr s -t l -t ) noun. – Capable of doing many things competently – Having varied uses or serving many functions – Variable or inconstant; changeable – Capable of moving freely in all directions

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