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Googlewhacking & Hacking: Exploiting Google in an Instruction Classroom 2 O-Singer April 2006.

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1 Googlewhacking & Hacking: Exploiting Google in an Instruction Classroom Meg @+H 2 O-Singer April 2006

2 Context 2 nd semester freshmen Required course / common experience Required research paper 1 st research project

3 Don’t Be Evil! 1995 – Larry Page & Sergey Brin meet Google Corporate Information: Management. Google. 1 Mar. 2006..

4 Don’t Be Evil! 1995 –Larry Page & Sergey Brin meet 1998 –Google Inc. incorporated –1 st Award by PC Magazine 1999 –Out of Beta!

5 Don’t Be Evil! 2000 –Index surpasses a billion pages –Google Toolbar launched –100 million searches per day 2001 –Image Search & Catalog Search launched –150 million searches per day –3 billionth page added to index

6 Don’t Be Evil! 2002 –Google News & Froogle launched –55 billion searches for year 2003 –Buys Blogger –Upgrades Google Toolbar & releases Google Desktop –55 billion searches for year

7 Don’t Be Evil! 2004 –4.28 billion webpages in index Announcement on 2/17 that web index includes over 6 billion items = 4.28 B webpages, 880 M images, & 845 M Usenet messages –Gmail launched –Google goes public

8 Don’t Be Evil 2005 –Google Video, Maps, Talk, & Earth launched –300+ million searches per day 2006 –Google Finance (beta) released 3/21 –GMail Chat –News is out of beta! Google Zeitgeist: Google Milestones:

9 Google Sprawl Froogle News Scholar Images Blog Video Book Toolbar Desktop Gmail Talk

10 Google Sprawl Froogle News Scholar Images Blog Video Books Toolbar Desktop Gmail Talk

11 Google Print Started Dec 2003 – unveiled Oct 2004 Snippet, Sample Pages or Full Book View Books from publishers, authors & libraries Must log in! Track page views for copyright compliance Connects you with searches, views, books

12 Google Books We see a world where all books are online and searchable*. * Google Book Search is a book-finding tool, not a book-reading tool. We only show the full pages of books if the copyright holders have given us permission or if the book is out of copyright. Otherwise we show bibliographic information about the book plus at most a few sentences of your search term in context.few sentences

13 Google Books Not archival quality –OK—missing content –OK—skipped pages –OK—<100% OCR Find in a Library –Yes—Library Project –No—Publisher-Supplied Content

14 Google Books Uses Open WorldCat Firefox  Greasemonkey + LibraryLookup


16 Script Error! Working on it. Must click Book Result Page

17 About This Book Page Must Click!

18 Top 8 Results After Clicking “Other Web Pages”

19 Add Library to Search Yay! #1



22 From Google’s Library Project Notice Find in a Library Link is “more” prominent!

23 No “Find in a Library Link” when title comes from a publisher!

24 Google Scholar Unveiled Nov 2004 Announced Feb 2006 integration with OpenWorldCat Info from: –Open Access Publications (BioMed Central) –Arrangements to Crawl Publisher Website –Ingenta TOC

25 If accessed from your campus, links to subscription journals & databases are seamless.

26 Inconsistent!

27 Library Search Code for “Find in a Library” aka Open WorldCat


29 Library Branding on Scholar

30 Search! Click! Save!

31 Scholar Preferences Find your Library in Library Links and Google will note which items you have access to. Must be done be each user by user basis.

32 GS – What do we really have? Citations for Books, Articles, Conference Proceedings, etc. Cited By Web Search BL Direct Strong on science Who knows?

33 Google Hacks Search shortcuts

34 Googlewhack Created by Gary Stock in 2002 Holy Grail of Searching = 1 result Search Google for 2 words –No Quote Marks –Between 4 – 30 letters long –Must be clickable in Results Bar

35 Googlewhacking Goals How does Google search? How does Google display search results? What is Google searching? What can you control?

36 IL Competency Goals 2.2 – Constructs and implements effectively-designed search strategies –Identifies keywords, synonyms and related terms for the information needed –Implements the search strategy in various information retrieval systems using different user interfaces and search engines, with different command languages, protocols, and search parameters

37 IL Competency Goals 3.7 – Determines whether the initial query should be revised –Determines if original information need has been satisfied or if more is needed –Reviews search strategy and incorporates additional concepts as necessary

38 IL Competency Goals 5.1 – Understands many of the ethical, legal and socio-economic issues surrounding information and information technology –Identifies and discusses issues related to free vs. fee-based access to information

39 Musts Computer lab Projector Sense of humor –Racy FAQs in the Whack Stack

40 Set Them Free Exercise Time = 15 minutes –Introduction –5 minutes to find a whack –5-7 minutes summary

41 The Whack Stack Trouble Brainstorming Words? Cheat!

42 Found a word list? No Whack for you!

43 No Whack for You! Not linked in Results Bar!

44 Close But No Cigar Word Lists

45 A Whack for Meg!

46 Recording My Whack!

47 Doh!

48 This Time I Really Got It!

49 Whack #2

50 Denied & Defeated! I Beg to Differ!

51 Hacks & FAQs in Whack Stack Area for Obnoxious Comments!

52 How Does Google Search? ANDs Words Together –ballerinas AND wideawakeness No Quotation Marks – why? –“phrase searching”

53 How are Results Displayed? Relevance –Keyword Proximity –Number of times terms appear on page PageRank TM – a numeric score determined by: –# of pages that consistently link a particular page –# of Important pages linking – their votes (outward links) makes rank rise

54 Google Bombs Miserable Failure

55 Google Bombs Manipulation of PageRank TM Indexes LINKS Consistent LINKING raises a page’s rank

56 What is Google Searching? 8 BILLION WEB PAGES!

57 What is Google Searching? 8 BILLION WEB PAGES… Really a database of crawled pages, indexed & pre- searched for faster results!

58 What is Google Searching? Visible Web vs. Invisible Web –Password Protected Information –Online Catalog –Information You Buy $$$ Image from:

59 Why Googlewhack? Gets students’ attention Build upon what they already “know” Reinforce ACRL IL Standards Learn about Google FUN!

60 Thank You! Handouts & Slideshow posted at: Meg Atwater-Singer AIM: midwestmeg

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