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Every 2:30 in Jacobson C-11 Click to advance.

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1 Every Tuesdays @ 2:30 in Jacobson C-11 Click to advance

2 Make friends, have a snack and EXPLORE : Web Game Design no coding required ! Writing back-story, dialogue, interactive fiction Art comic/manga, sprite, 3D Digital Game Music LMMS, Anvil Studio

3 NEW this year! : Fun Classes Digital music, The Games Factory 2.0 Exciting Projects Wolf Pup Project, Comic Anthology Fantastic Software The Games Factory 2.0 for Flash & Java User Friendly Website Simpler layout/navigation, easy editing, smart phone friendly,

4 Fun Classes!

5 Anvil Studio with Fallon! Create Digital Music! Anvil Studio with Fallon! LMMS with Matt

6 The Games Factory 2.0 NOW WITH FLASH & JAVA EXPORTING! is on all C-11 computers so it will be easy to start the year offering this app to all new members as well as VETS with a limited game making experience.

7 Exciting Projects!

8 NEW! Wolf Pup Project a web game aimed at incoming FreshmenWolf Pup Project with the intent of making their transition to Lake City High School less traumatic

9 Comic Anthologies Help complete the themed (Evil Orb) anthology OR create your own 8 page manga/comic short story for the non-themed anthologyEvil Orb

10 Lucretia Lucretia It is Fallon’s Senior Year and this is his pet project Lucretia has had possibly the most cataclysmic thing to happen ever, their sun imploded and collapsed. A bi-product of this occurrence scattered assorted unknown minerals upon implosion, crashing into various planets and flying throughout space You are put in the new found prison, locked in your cell upon the implosion of the sun. You wake up to find the prison personnel almost completely abandoned except for a couple dumbfounded trainees. Realizing you’re left for dead you make your escape...

11 More Game Remake/Twist Competitions It seems that competitions based on “Remakes with a Twist” have always been popular and we need to continue doing this. Your thoughts on other themes? Your thoughts on the first competition of the year?

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