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Student Success Workshop For today’s Workshop you will need: pen and packet time the ability to focus This workshop will be interactive and effective only.

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1 Student Success Workshop For today’s Workshop you will need: pen and packet time the ability to focus This workshop will be interactive and effective only if you participate. Complete all worksheets and questions. Take some time after the workshop to complete all exercises. Working hard can have great results!

2 Probation is an OPPORTUNITY. It is your time to take control of your learning. It is time to get back on track. IMPORTANT:

3 Perhaps you’ve been headed the wrong way, now is the time to turn things around.

4 What we will look at: Setting Your Goals Time Management Skills Work and Financial Responsibilities Academic Success Tips Using University Resources

5 Setting Goals

6 “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eye off your goals.” – Henry Ford

7 Goals 3 Goals for the semester 3 Goals before you graduate 3 Goals for life after graduation In your packet: BRING YOUR GOALS TO YOUR NEXT MEETING WITH YOUR EOP COUNSELOR

8 Put your goals somewhere you will see them often. Hang them above your desk or on a bulletin board. Refer to your goals throughout the semester. Carry them around with you in your planner or put them in your wallet.

9 Time Management

10 “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.” – Peter Drucker Author, Professor and Philosopher of modern management

11 Time Management is a life-long skill Time Management is empowering: through time management you will take control of your time. Your Planner should include: All important academic dates (start of classes, last day to drop a class, midterms,etc.) All test and project due dates for all courses All advisor and professors appointments and/or office hours All tutoring appointments or study group times

12 Build a weekly schedule. Take into account: class time study time work co-curricular activities and down time. Create a “To-Do List” Making a schedule and sticking to it is essential for your success

13 The president of your club asks you to take on a new responsibility or a friend asks you to cover her shift at work: First, think before you respond. Assess what kind of impact this new responsibility will have on your schedule. If it will take you way from the time you need to study, politely decline.

14 Fill out the printed weekly schedule. Follow this schedule for a week, revise if needed. Use the “To-Do- List” daily Complete the worksheet- “Where does your time go?”

15 95% of College Students Say They PROCRASTINATE Reasons for procrastination: poor time management lack of concentration the temptation to socialize allowing low priority tasks interfere with high priority tasks perfectionism belief that you work better under pressure belief that the work is unimportant and will not matter. * Questia Media, Inc., Second Annual College Procrastination Study. 2002

16 Don’t Wait Until it is Too Late Follow your schedule and plan ahead. Utilize campus resources NOW! Be aware of time wasters Meet with your EOP advisor regularly. Visit your professors’ office hours. Refer back to your goals.

17 1. Has procrastination contributed to your current academic standing? 2. List two reasons why you procrastinate? 3. List three ways that you can stop procrastination?

18 Work and Financial Responsibilities

19 Working Working while attending college can be very challenging. Gain invaluable experience Need the money Working 10 hours or less still gives you time for your academics.

20 Academic Progress and Your Financial Aid Semester 12345678910 Earned credit 039213345607590105 GPA. Grade need for # of credit hours 0669912 See your EOP counselor or financial aid office for details Only EOP students are eligible for 9 or 10 semesters of aid Credit hours are for full- time status

21 1. What semester are you in? 2. What is your GPA- Check your Dars report? 3. How many credits will you earn this semester?

22 Academic Success Tips

23 “The only man who is educated is the man who has learned how to learn...” - Carl Rogers

24 Classroom Tips Attend all classes Complete reading before going to class Have questions ready Visit your professor and/or TA during office hours. Get to know someone in class.

25 Some Study Tips Create a study schedule Study at the same time and same place Get a tutor and/or join a study group Study in one hour time slots Start studying today!

26 Some Study Tips Be an active listener Take notes in class and from readings Make flash cards or re-write your notes Organize your material Start studying for finals early

27 For further study tips check out the CADS Lab website: Make an appointment with an Academic Coach See your EOP counselor

28 1. List some ways you study for a test? 2. List some ways to enhance your study techniques?

29 University Resources

30 “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” -- Chinese Proverb 教育

31 See your EOP Counselor Students should meet with their EOP counselor several times during the semester Advising is a shared responsibility between student and advisor Advisors give advice; students make decisions

32 Smart Students Take Advantage of University Resources. Visit Professor and TA’s during office hours See a tutor regularly and/or join a study group Career Services Wellness Center Counseling Center

33 Remember that everyday is a new day! If you want to make a change “Start Today” Congratulations! You have completed the Academic Success Workshop

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