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Information per study round Bachelor Economics August 18, 2014.

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1 Information per study round Bachelor Economics August 18, 2014

2 Table of contents Academic director Program coordinator General study information Becoming active besides your studies Questions Quiz!

3 Dr. Bas van Groezen Academic Director BSc Economics Academic director Content and quality of the program Contact with teachers, students, program coordinator, head of department, vice dean, education committee, etc. Teacher Macro-1, Macro-3

4 What you can expect Full-fledged undergraduate program in Economics International orientation 2 year solid foundation and 1 year specialization Mix of theory and applications Teacher teams Interactive classes Balanced grading Attention to academic skills and attitude Close monitoring and personal support

5 The program 3. Statistics 4. Mathematics-1 1. Micro-1 2. Macro-1 5. Business: Accounting 1. Micro-2 2. Macro-2 4. Mathematics-2 3. Financial Economics 5. Business: Finance 1. Micro-4 2. Macro-3 3. International Trade 4. Econometrics 5. Philosophy, Science & Free Markets 1. Micro-3 2. Macro-4 3. Public Sector Economics 4. Development Economics 5. Philosophy of Economics & Ethics Electives in Tilburg / abroad 3 Specialised electives Bachelor Thesis 4 core courses4 quantitative courses4 topics courses 2 business courses2 philosophy courses

6 Quite demanding Warning + advice: attend all classes! First year: 2 business courses have joint lectures with IBA Second year: some courses have joint lectures with EBE some exchange students may join Performance (five cohorts) positive BSA → 74% all courses passed → 35% excellence rates → 18% Student monitor: challenging, valuable and interesting (scores around 4) The program

7 Wanted Students for the Sounding Board! Why? Give feedback about courses, lectures, lecturers, exams, books, … How often? ± 4 times per year 1 hr meeting Do you want to participate in the board? → please contact the Academic Director at Online course evaluation → at end of semester Student year monitor → at end of the academic year National Student Survey (NSE) → in second semester Education committee → advice to management Student sounding board → information for Academic Director Your opinion counts

8 Good luck!

9 Program coordinator Ms Linda van Klink MA Program coordinator BSc Economics

10 Study problems Special circumstances Examination Regulations Extracurricular activities Study skills Study advice & planning Appointments with the program coordinator are made online For what kind of problems can you contact your program coordinator? Program coordinator

11 Binding Study Advice (BSA) Pass 7 out of 10 courses in first year (42 ECTS) Does the program meet your expectations? Can you handle the workload and level? After the midterms: pre-advice + invitation for meeting Special workshops and tutorships Be sure to report special circumstances timely during your 1 st year!!

12 Examination Committee Responsibilities: Organization and coordination of exams Implementing rules and regulations Special circumstances Preventing and penalizing fraud and plagiarism Penalties in case of fraud/plagiarism: Exam result invalid Exclusion of the examinations for the following period If you do it again, you can be excluded for one year Consequence: You will probably extend one year of study delay

13 Academic year 2014-2015 Semester 1: ● classes: 25 August – 28 November ● exams: 13 – 17 October + 1 – 19 December ● holidays: 24 December – 2 January ● re-sits: 5 – 16 January Semester 2: ● classes: 2 February – 29 May ● exams: 30 March – 3 April + 1 – 12 June ● no classes: 16 – 20 February and 4 – 8 May ● re-sits: 29 June – 10 July * No rights can be obtained from this preliminary overview

14 Teaching format 2 hours of lecture + 2 hours of tutorials/ interactive lectures per week 5 courses → at least 20 hours of class per week (Interactive) lectures: 1 group Tutorials: 2 groups Attendance recommended, proper behaviour required!

15 Skills file 3 skills part of file: Computer skills → Statistics 1 Writing skills → Microeconomics 2 Presentation skills → Development Economics Pass needed for all three skills Otherwise: no bachelor’s thesis and no graduation!

16 Information: program specific BSc Economics General Program Information (Blackboard) Automatically registered for three years Latest information on organization and content of your program Communication between program management and students Check at least once a week for new messages

17 Information: Online Database Ask TiSEM Frequently asked questions - online knowledge database Ask TiSEM. If you have any further questions, you can contact the Education Desk directly via the contact button. Your question will be answered within five days or immediately be forwarded to the appropriate person.

18 Questions? 18

19 Matters to give a thought Expanding your résumé Possibility to go on exchange in the third year Bachelor thesis in the third year Living on your own

20 Besides your study Learn or improve a language for free with a language voucher at the language center Outreaching Honors Program Honors program – Discourses on Europe

21 Being active besides your studies Besides your studies there are many other possibilities to develop yourself Living on your own Become active Student sports associations Asset study association

22 Become active Word Actief is the overall organization of all associations in Tilburg. Within TOPweek the focus will be on student associations, but Tilburg has much more to offer: ● Student associations ● Study associations ● Sport associations ● Cultural associations ● and many others!

23 Student sport associations ● Overall sport association of Tilburg University. 24 different kind of sports are offered varying from track and field, horse riding and ice hockey ● Sports pass available at Sport Center ● Sport Center Kick Off: 2 introduction weeks free of charge

24 Faculty Association ASSET

25 The study association for all economic students Second largest study association in Europe > 5,500 members (98% of TiSEM students) 400 active members Who are we?

26 Magazine International Conference Food For Thought Career Events

27 Book discounts Guidelines Cases Furthermore


29 670 Members of which 30 Active! We offer you: Activities Information Invest in your Future Asset | Economics

30 Activities

31 Guidelines Contact with companies Orientation Day –Information about Master Information

32 Organize activities for Freshmen Become familiar with other Freshmen Freshmen Committee

33 Organizational experience Meet new people Get in touch with companies CV building Several different committees Maximize your potential!

34 You can always visit us in room E1.04 and E1.05 (first floor of the Esplanade Building)! You are welcome! Where to find us?

35 How to subscribe? Campustour Building E


37 Thanks! Hereby I would like to thank the academic director and the program coordinator for their time

38 Contact MAK on Facebook to get updates for upcoming events For more study information and this presentation Please fill out the survey!

39 Questions?

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