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Download videos Student move in day (U of Buffalo) ture=relmfu&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode.

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1 Download videos Student move in day (U of Buffalo) ture=relmfu&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode =1&safe=active ture=relmfu&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode =1&safe=active

2 Please… Log into Moodle and complete today’s Bell Ringer Download today’s Notes REMINDER: Remember to be checking my website if you were absent or didn’t get work done the day before AGENDA: 11:30 – 11:45: Bell Ringer 11:50 – 12:30: Campus Life - Notes 12: 30 – 12:35: Break 12:35-1:00: Education Prezi – Campus Life Research OUTCOMES: 1. Describe what college will be like 2. List different activities and clubs to get involved in

3 What to Expect

4 Your Life is Going to Change Are you use to … Someone waking you up in the morning Someone telling you when to go to bed Someone washing your clothes Someone keeping track of where you are and what you are doing In high school, you can’t even go to the bathroom without permission, in college no one knows if you wake up and go to class You’re only 10 weeks older (after graduating); to be successful you need to be: Responsible Self-disciplined

5 College Orientation One or two days sessions in the summer to give you (and sometimes your family) an overview of what to expect Includes tours of the campus and residence halls Panel discussions on academic and student life Small group sessions on topics such as financial aid and study abroad programs An information fair with representatives from various campus organizations* Placement tests for math and foreign languages A chance to register for classes Social events

6 Living on Campus Most College/Universities require freshmen to live on campus (Why do you think they require this?) Freshmen under 21 years of age must live on campus or commute from their parents' residence Depends on College/University

7 Waiting Game Roommate and dorm assignments usually arrive in late July, early August May be tripled (due to drop outs)* Freshmen are last on the list – fill in left over rooms Freshmen are usually in residence halls, not suites or apartments School provides you with: Roommates name, email address, phone number, address You should take the opportunity to call, talk and share information, don’t just use Facebook



10 Preparing for Campus lege.htm TV Laptop/Desktop Carpet Mini Fridge Or rent micro fridge Bedding Closet Organizer Under bed boxes Check with your roommate – you shouldn’t have to bring everything for the dorm room!

11 Move-In Day* Be organized and arrive early It is Crazy Crowded Emotional Overwhelming

12 Getting Set Up Moving in and picking up key Getting ID (if not done in orientation) Getting Schedule (done in orientation) Getting Books (if you know what you need) Go to Bookstore Organized by course number & professor New and Used May be able to buy them used online for cheaper Often wait until first day of class – until you get syllabus

13 Rooms* Vary in size Typically 10’ x 12’; 15’ x 15’ Contain: Two beds Two desks Two closets Two dressers Switching rooms is often VERY difficult first semester

14 Having a Roommate (24/7) Builds: Relationship skills Communication skills Tolerance (patience) Best NOT to room with someone from high school Meet more people Broadens your friends You can always go visit the friend (you have someplace else to go besides your dorm room) Students who room with friends after the first month are known to say “I really didn’t know that person”; sometimes friendships are ruined Some of the best college friendships come out roommates

15 Housing (freshman year)* Residence Hall (dormitory room; dorm) Double occupancy (most popular) Single occupancy (usually not available) Triple occupancy Varies in cost Are combined with a meal plan College Board reports that the average cost of room and board in 2011–2012 ranged from $8,887 at four-year public schools to $10,089 at private schools

16 Meal Plans Required for students who live on campus 19 meals per week 14 meals per week 10 meals per week Other plans are available Can be purchased by off-campus students

17 All College Freshman Should find the Academic Center (tutoring) No one from tutoring is going to stop by your dorm room (you don’t have school counselors) A tutor may be able to explain things better than the professor A tutor can save you time in studying Tutors are not just for students with bad grades -- Students who have B’s that want to get A’s can use the service “Ask” for help when you need it – don’t wait until it becomes a problem Tutoring services are free (actually you pay for them in one of your “fees”) Should use the library and know the services it offers

18 Parking on Campus Freshmen usually cannot have a car on campus May be in Tim-buk-tu Universities with off-campus parking lots often run shuttle buses to campus In some colleges, you need 64 or more credits before you can have a car on campus

19 Extra-curricular Activities Sports Intramural -- recreational sports played by students attending the college/university Competitive (Google … the name of a college and the word “sports”; Bloomsburg University sports*) Clubs Too numerous to mention (Google … the name of a college and the word “clubs”; Bloomsburg University clubs**) Greek life Fraternities and Sororities Fraternal social organizations for undergraduate students Honor Fraternities/Sororities Academic Fraternities/ Sororities Service Fraternities/Sororities Social Fraternities/Sororities

20 Weekly Schedule Monday – Wednesday Finish the last 2 sections of our Education Unit Campus Life Financial Aid Thursday Review for test Finish Education Unit Final Prezi Friday Education Unit Test Turn in Education Unit Final Prezi

21 For the Remainder of Class Please look into some of the Campus Life information regarding your specific school by completing some research Download the “Campus Life Research” document on Moodle You are your partner both need a computer to be researching Fill in the document based on your findings and upload to Moodle when you finish

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