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College-wide Governance Meeting October 17, 2012 Baker 146, 12:45PM.

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1 College-wide Governance Meeting October 17, 2012 Baker 146, 12:45PM

2 Agenda 1.Announcements 2.Robert C. French, VP Enrollment Management and Marketing 3.Student Life Committee Report (McGee) 4.Faculty Ownership of Instructional Content (Donaghy) 5.College Common Hour Scheduling (Donaghy) 6.New Business

3 Fall 2012 Enrollment @ ESF A Five-Year Perspective Robert C. French October 17, 2012

4 Enrollment Headcount (Without SU or HS)

5 Full-Time Undergraduates

6 Matriculated Undergraduates (Full & Part-Time) DepartmentFall 2007Fall 2012Change Chemistry6242(-20) EFB572641(+69) ERE92128(+36) Env. Science111188(+77) Env. Studies141148(+7) FNRM117172(+55) Ranger School4449(+5) LA162163(+1) PBE4186(+45) SCME9478(-16) Undecided510(+5)

7 Quality Metrics – Entering Freshmen Fall 2007Fall 2009Fall 2011Fall 2012 Applications1348167818691630 Acceptance Rate51%43%47%51% SAT Average115011951190 ACT Average242526 Top Tenth Rank23%39%37% Top Quartile Rank55%77%73%72% Top Half Rank91%96%97%95% HS GPA90%92%

8 Diversity Metrics – Undergraduate Full-Time Fall 2007 Fall 2012 Women511 (37%) 726 (44%) Underrepresented109 (8%) 148 (9%) International13 (1%) 28 (2%) Out-of-State U.S.150 (11%) 260 (16%) States Represented26 36 Countries Represented6 13

9 First Year Retention Rates Fall EntryFreshmenSecond YearRetention 201128924986% 201025921683% 200928325189% 200831025281% 200725022389%

10 Six Year Graduation Rates Fall EntryFreshmenGraduatedRate 200725017068% (5 yr) 200624216367% 200526017166% 200422714865% 200322814964%

11 Undergraduate Costs Fall EntryTuition & FeesRoomBoardTotal 2007 NY-Resident$5,100$5,660$5,930$16,690 2012 NY-Resident$6,593$7,500$6,900$20,993 (+26%) 2007 Non-Resident$11,360$5,660$5,930$22,950 2012 Non-Resident$15,843$7,500$6,900$30,243 (+32%)

12 Faculty Governance Committee on Student Life Annual Report 2011-2012 Caroline Bailey – LA Scott Blair – Student Life Bob Dugan – Public Safety Tom Fletcher – Admissions Cat Foley - GSA Ivan Gitsov/Paul Caluwe – Chemistry Kavya Krishnan/Lauren Ziska – USA Greg McGee – EFB Giorgos Mountrakis – ERE Douglas Morrison – FNRM John View – Financial Aid [Kevin Reynolds, Laura Crandall – Student Life] Anne Lombard (ex officio)

13 Academic Integrity 2011 Review of Policies & Procedures Faculty familiarity with policies/procedures Faculty reporting tendencies Student Life record keeping o 20 incidents 2011 o 55 incidents 2012 Next Steps: education and exchange

14 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

15 NSSE 85 questions 5 “benchmarks” of engagement – Level of Academic Challenge – Active and Collaborative Learning – Student-Faculty Interactions – Enriching Educational Experiences – Supportive Campus Environment

16 NSSE 120 freshmen, 151 seniors Comparison Institutions – RU/H: Carnegie Classification, >20 PhD degrees/year, ~61,000 – NSSE 2011: ~470,000 – Mid East Public: ~36,000

17 Level of Academic Challenge Benchmark g=.4.4.4 top 10% g=.2.2 “Effect Size” (g).2 small.5 moderate.8 large

18 Enriching Educational Environment Benchmark g=.5.5.5 top 10% g=.2.3.3 g=.2 small.5 moderate.8 large

19 Some things we can say…relative to RU/H ESF students tend to: -work more collaboratively on assignments -discuss ideas outside of class more -integrate concepts among different classes more -think more critically -analyze quantitative problems -address complex real-world problems -acquire a more narrow general education -acquire higher levels of job-related training and skills development

20 Some things we can say…relative to RU/H ESF Seniors vs. RU/H Seniors 77% 49% participate in internship, field experience, co-op 36%20% work on research projects with faculty 53%32% participate in culminating senior experience

21 Some things we can say…relative to RU/H Community Service ESFRU/H Freshmen84% 41% Seniors71%58%

22 Some things we can say…relative to RU/H ESF students are: -seniors are less likely to have serious conversations with students of different race or ethnicity -freshmen are more likely to have serious conversations with students of different religious/political backgrounds -seniors are less likely to engage in classroom discussions and assignments that include perspectives based on race, religion, political belief -seniors are not asked to understand people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds -Foreign language22% ESFvs. 41% RU/H

23 Faculty Ownership of Instructional Content Copyright Law - Work for hire – Work prepared by an employee within the scope of employment – Work specifically ordered or commissioned and prepared per written contract Instructional text, tests and test answers

24 SUNY’s Copyright Policy Written in 1954 – Under 1909 federal copyright act – Common-law exception – Faculty work vests in the faculty not SUNY At the time, the term used was all “written works”….

25 Instructional Materials for the Web Blackboard, On-line Courses No difference from classroom “You own what you produce unless you have knowingly given up your rights to the product.” -UUP Copyright FAQ,

26 Commercial Lecture Note Companies On-Line Courses – College use course after you’ve “left” Commerical Lecture Note Companies – CourseHero… Lawsuits require registration United States Copyright Office at

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