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When Everything Changed: 50 Years of Women’s Lives Panel Discussion, June 8, 2012 Sponsored by The College of Wooster Class of 1962 2.

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2 When Everything Changed: 50 Years of Women’s Lives Panel Discussion, June 8, 2012 Sponsored by The College of Wooster Class of 1962 2

3 Just to get started Some of the women’s rules from 1959… 3




7 1. Quiet Hours a.8:00 pm to 12:00 noon Sunday through Friday, b.1:30 pm to 4:30 pm Sunday through Thursday, 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, Friday. Violation? 1 demerit 7

8 2. Light Rules for Freshmen: a.First semester – with the exception of 12 nights, lights must be out at 11:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday. The use of a light between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am constitutes a light cut. b.Second semester – no light rules Violation? 1 demerit 8

9 3. Hours – all classes a.Students going in or out of the residence halls after the closing hours or before 6:00 am without a late permission from the head resident are subject to the usual penalty of suspension for one week. 9

10 3. Hours – all classes, contd. b.There may be no incoming phone calls at dormitories after the desk girl leaves. Violation? 1 demerit 10

11 3. Hours – all classes, contd. d.On the night ending a vacation each woman must return by the closing hours of her dormitory unless permission has been obtained previously from the Head Resident. 11

12 3e. Dormitory Closing Hours (Summary) Sun – ThursFri and Sat Freshmen until Thanksgiving vacation 8 pm midnight Freshmen from Thanksgiving until spring vacation 9 pm Freshmen after spring vacation Sophomores until spring vacation 10 pm Sophomores after spring vacation Juniors until spring vacation 10:30 pm Juniors after spring vacation Seniors 11 pm

13 4. Late Permissions a.Late permissions may be taken any night of the week. (Could be obtained for nights of All-College dances, nights before holidays without classes (11pm) formal dances on Friday (1 pm) theatres or concerts in Cleveland or elsewhere ) 13

14 4.c. Late Permissions for Week Nights 1.Freshmen: Four 10:00 pm permissions per month, two of which may be extended to 10:30 pm. Two 10:00 pm permissions per week to go to the library, practice house, or music room. 14

15 Studying in the library Girls’ chorus rehearsal

16 4c. Late Permissions for Week Nights, Continued 2.Sophomores: Four 11:00 pm permissions per month. 3.Juniors: Four 11:00 pm permissions per month. 16

17 5. Signing in and out a.On leaving residence halls in the evening all students must sign out the time of departure, address while absent, and the expected time of return if after 8:pm. Immediately upon her return the student shall sign in. Students who have late permission shall indicate it on the sign out sheet. 17 Violation? 1 demerit

18 5. Signing in and out, continued b.All girls must sign out on the blue motoring blanks any time they go out of town in a car, or in the college bus, or any public conveyance (to return by the closing hour of the dormitory) and for any motoring whatever after 8:00 pm. It is not necessary to sign out during the day for motoring in town. 18 Violation? 1 demerit

19 5. Signing in and out, continued e.Anyone falsifying in signing in or out of the dorm will be called before the judicial board immediately and action on the violation will be left to the discretion of the board. 19

20 5. Signing in and out b.All girls … c.… girls must sign their names … 20 6. Calling Hours for Men a.Twelve noon through late permission hours Monday through Saturday. Nine a. m. through late permission hours Sunday.

21 Allowed number of nights away from residence hall (Summary): 7. Week-End Permissions Number of nights…including this many in Wooster Freshmen82 Sophomores122 Juniors, SeniorsUnlimited5 21

22 7. Week-End Permissions, continued h.For Freshmen and Sophomores permission to go elsewhere than home requires a letter of invitation from the hostess and a letter of permission from the parents or guardian and permission from the Head Resident. (Similarly for staying at a hotel, or spending the night in Wooster …) 22

23 7. Week-End Permissions, continued i.Juniors and Seniors … (Rules a little more flexible). j.The penalty for taking more than the allowed number of nights out is five demerits and the next night out is also taken away. 23

24 8. Late Minute Rules a.Each student may have a total of 15 late minutes or two times late per semester to be used for emergency purposes only. b.Any woman student who enters the dormitory late in excess of two times or exceeds 15 minutes late per semester shall report herself to the Judicial Board president. 24

25 8. Late Minute Rules, contd. e.Any girl who has not entered the dormitory or whose date has not left by the time the door is locked will be charged the number of late minutes until her date has left. 25

26 9. All-College Rules enforced by the W.S.G.A. - Smoking a.Smoking on the campus by women shall be restricted to the smoking rooms provided for that purpose and other places where smoking is permitted. Smoking is not permitted on campus, in other rooms in the dormitories, or in rooms of off-campus houses. 26 Smoking in Rooms 1 st violation- $5 2 nd violation- $10 Smoking on campus penalty: 3-days campus

27 9. All-Campus Rules - Drinking b.The W.S.G.A. takes the following area as its area of enforcement of the College no-drinking rule: drinking on the campus and unseemly behavior due to drinking elsewhere. 27 Minimum penalty for violations: 2 weeks suspension at home, which entails loss of credit

28 9. All-Campus Rules, contd. d.Women may not enter the lodging house of young men without a chaperon approved by the Dean of Women. 28

29 10. Dress Rules a.Blue jeans, slacks, or Bermuda shorts may be worn on campus including the library with the following exceptions: 1.They are not to be worn to classes except for lab work and field study. 2.They are not to be worn on Sunday at any time on campus but they are permitted for picnics, etc. off campus 29

30 10. Dress Rules, continued a.Blue jeans, slacks, or Bermuda shorts, continued : 3.They are not to be worn to any meals in the dining halls with the exception of daily breakfast, Saturday lunch, Sunday breakfast and supper with long coat and daily lunches during examinations. 30

31 10. Dress Rules, continued 4.Bermuda shorts are to be no shorter than two inches above the knees. 5.Bermuda shorts are permitted in Chapel provided a long coat is worn. 31

32 10. Dress Rules, continued b.Shorts other then Bermuda are not allowed on campus, except for the tennis courts and then a long coat must be worn to and from the courts. 32

33 Cheerleaders 1961-1962 Freshman Reception 1958 Convocation 1958

34 11. Sun – bathing Rules a.Sun-bathing is permitted in the following places: 1.The balcony at Babcock 2.The yard behind the French House 3.The court at Holden (not before 2 pm on Sunday) 4.The balcony at Wagner 34 Sun-bathing elsewhere? 2 demerits

35 11. Sun-bathing Rules, continued c.The roofs of Scot Cottage and Westminster are not to be used for sun-bathing. 35

36 11. Sun-bathing Rules, continued b.Sun-bathing attire is limited to shorts and halter or bathing suit – nothing less. d.Only women are allowed in these places designated for sun-bathing. 36

37 Holden Hall 1958-1959

38 12. Miscellaneous Rules - Demerits 38 Didn’t sign guest into dorm? 1 demerit Missed house meeting? 1 demerit Missed fire drill? 3 demerits


40 Getting a “Campus” 1.An accumulation of five demerits over a period of one year means a three day campus (described below). A girl must report herself to the Women’s Judicial Board within 24 hours after receiving the final demerit to receive a minimum penalty. 40

41 a. First Campus 1.The first campus in a school year begins on Monday. If the fifth demerit is incurred on Monday the campus begins on Tuesday. 41

42 a. First Campus, continued 2.The student is not permitted off the college campus and must be in her dorm by 8:00 pm. She is not permitted to go into the Shack or Student Union (book store excepted), the stadium, gym, golf course, or tennis courts (except for classes) nor watch any of the men’s section activities. 42

43 b. Second Campus a.The second campus of the school year is similar to the first, except it starts on Friday and local phone calls are forbidden. 43 c. Third Campus a.The third campus in a year will be left to the discretion of the Judicial Board.

44 Any indivudual [sic] man or women may appeal the decision of the Judicial Body acting upon his or her particular case to the president of the college.

45 Text: “The Works”, The College of Wooster, September 1959 Photos from Wooster yearbooks: Index 1959 Index 1960 Index 1961 Index 1962 Slides (and some photos) Sandria Neidus Kerr 45


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