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Welcome to Richmond High School.  Did many fun activities with Ms. Till and Mrs. Woodruff.

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1 Welcome to Richmond High School

2  Did many fun activities with Ms. Till and Mrs. Woodruff

3  Learned about academic success with Mr. Murphy.

4  Attended a seminar about High School social skills with Mrs. Wolfe.

5  Participated in a “scavenger hunt” tour of the building with Ms. Lepak and Mr. Nuss

6  Ate lunch!

7  Found his/her locker!

8  Received his/her schedule!  Found his/her classrooms!

9  Minimum of 22 credits to graduate  18 core credits – (two credits of a world language)  4 elective credits  60% is the cut off for credit  Semester grades go on transcript and become part of the permanent student record  Grading Policy – The final grade is determined by 80% summative and 20% formative assessment.  Summative includes tests, projects, products, and demonstrations  Formative includes homework, daily quizzes, and inquiry activities  See Student Handbook for a complete description of the grading policy.

10  We WANT you to succeed—communication is key  Different types and levels of communication  With your student  With the teacher  With the counselor  With the office  With the Principal and/or Assistant Principal

11  Students received a syllabus that contains all course related information  Grades—available 24/7 on Power School  Teachers are required to update grades by each Tuesday of the week  Attendance-available 24/7 on Power School  Parents can email the teacher right from Power School

12  Email is best—staff required to reply within 24- 48 hours  Always begin with the teacher to answer concerns and/or resolve issues  If concern is not resolved, after communicating with the teacher, then contact Principal or Assistant Principal

13  Go to school website  See Counseling page  Complete online request form  Academic Help  Personal issues  Adjusting to High School

14  Attendance—Phone Hotline-open 24/7  Clear absences within 24 hours  School Website  School calendar  Daily announcements  Remind 101  Facebook  All other school related information is available online via the website

15  Principal and Assistant Principal  Discipline matters  Individual academic matters  Unresolved classroom/teacher matters  Special family circumstances/situations  Appointments scheduled via office secretarial staff  Email is the best method

16  Students are limited to 7 absences per class period, per semester. Upon the 8 th absence, the student fails the class for the semester.  However, if a student exceeds 7 absences, they can still earn credit and a grade by meeting the following requirements—must pass the final exam (60% of higher) AND receive a 75% in class.  See the Student Handbook for the complete attendance policy which is available on-line on Mr. B’s page.  If a student arrives to class after the bell, they are considered tardy. Tardies will receive a disciplinary consequence. Saturday School!  See the Student Handbook for the sequence of disciplinary action for tardies.

17  This is high school—ages range from 14 thru 19 years of age  Act in an adult like manner  Dress appropriately—see the student handbook  Possession of Wireless Communication Devices will be allowed in school. Zones, which refer to both time and place, will be what identifies, when and where students are allowed to use their WCDs. All school areas, including classrooms, will be classified into one of three zones:  Green Zone – Wireless Communication Devices (WCDs) are allowed.  Yellow Zone – WCDs are allowed for educational purposes only.  Red Zone – No WCDs are allowed.

18  Tuesday, September 2nd  Half day, all 6 hours will meet  Dismissal at 11:13 a.m.  Wednesday, September 3rd lunch service begins  Breakfast costs $2.00  Lunch costs $3.00  See packet mailed home with additional changes to lunch program.


20 Thank you for attending. We hope you and your student found today worthwhile! See you on September 2nd!

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