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High- School- Redesign Making Middle Grades Work Sharon Dugas, Principal Raecheal Vizier, Literacy Coach Bayou Blue Middle School.

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1 High- School- Redesign Making Middle Grades Work Sharon Dugas, Principal Raecheal Vizier, Literacy Coach Bayou Blue Middle School

2 Drawing the pig! How many geometric shapes does it take to draw a pig?

3  Top- Optimism  Middle- Realist  Bottom- Pessimist  Face ◦ Left Side- Traditional ◦ Right Side-Not Family Oriented ◦ Straight- Like to Play  Lots of Detail- Caution, Analytical  Little Detail- Emotional, Naïve, Risk Taker  Big Ears- Better Listener  Long Tail- Talker  Four Feet- Secure, Stubborn, Firm  Two Feet- Insecure, Major Change

4 *assure student involvement in learning using effective instructional strategies and innovative curriculum *have high expectations for every student *provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment *allow students to be challenged with educational opportunities

5  Cooperation with community, parents and educators that will provide a safe, supportive environment with a variety of educational opportunities to empower each student to develop the attitudes, behaviors, skills, and knowledge to become self-assured, responsible, and economically productive citizens.

6  A high school drop out cost you and me approximately $209,000 over the lifetime of one drop out.  How many actually drop out? ◦ 7,000 a day during the course of a school year in the United States of America

7  Nearly one of three grade 8 students in the United States do not graduate from High School. (NASSP, 2006)  Half of Black and Latino students don’t make it to graduation. (NASSP, 2006)  More students fail 9 th grade than any other level. (Mclver, 1990)  No standards and resources in place to meet transitional needs. (NASSP, 2006)

8  8 th and 9 th grade is a defining period for teenagers.  Research indicates that students who participate in transition programs are less likely to drop out of high school  A clear plan assesses student needs and identifies courses and learning opportunities.  Comprehensive transition programs provide students with insight into their futures.

9  Gather 8 th grade data  Establish summer bridge program  Freshmen orientation program  Support extra curriculum opportunities  Implement an advisor/advisee program  Provide tutoring and support

10  Establish twilight school  Freshmen academy  Freshmen teachers are united  Incorporate a freshmen seminar class  Team students with a matched set of teamed teachers  Appropriately modify staffing and scheduling

11 Focus on transition throughout the school year  Advisory  Students using LA-eportal  Students complete a rigorous research paper on a career  Complete interest inventory  Focus on five year plan and including both student and parents in process  Rigorous curriculum for math and ELA

12  Create a transition team ◦ Guidance, 9 th grade teachers, parents  Contact you middle/Jr. highs early  Work together to create and implement transition plan

13  Have your transition team, make arrangements for elective teachers and coaches to visit 8 th graders ◦ Agriculture, FACS, ROTC, Coaches, etc. ◦ They should present information (power point) ◦ Allow high school students to participate in presentation ◦ Provide handouts including brochures ◦ Acknowledge prerequisites for classes or eligibility requirements for athletics ◦ Allow students to sign up if they are interested

14  Plan for your 8 th grade students to visit the high school in the spring.  Provide students with tour of school  Provide students with schedule & map  Set up for small student presentations (like science projects) and allow students to walk through  Have performances: drum line, band, cheerleaders, dance team, etc.

15  At some point during the year, preferable in the beginning, plan a day where 8 th and 9 th grade teachers can meet. ◦ Discuss numbers ◦ Discuss student transition ◦ Discuss curriculum ◦ Analyze data: test scores, benchmarking, etc. ◦ Social concerns

16  Transition teams should plan to transfer student data including intervention reports, testing materials, benchmarking and edu-test data  Review Response to Intervention protocol for both schools  Set up a meeting to review and explain the data

17 Create common planning time (CPT) for core teachers Ease & enhance the transition into grade nine Eliminate the “general (open) track” Implement a flexible schedule Provide equitable access to learning opportunities for all students Provide grade 9 guidance counselors Personalize learning Implement “Teaming” Center for Secondary School Redesign March 2007

18  Contributions  Discussions  Comments  Questions

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