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Amanda McCreadie Grove City College Enrollment Coordinator.

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1 Amanda McCreadie Grove City College Enrollment Coordinator

2 Introduction Amanda McCreadie ◦ Enrollment Coordinator ◦ Retention Manager for GCC’s use of Jenzabar Retention Grove City College ◦ Private, liberal arts college in western Pennsylvania ◦ 2,500 undergraduate student enrollment ◦ Offering over 45 programs of study

3  How can you increase the faculty buy-in of Jenzabar Retention and its usefulness as a student success tool? Question:  Take an existing process that involves all faculty and create a new process within Jenzabar Retention that addresses the same issue. Here’s how we did it… Answer:

4  Students with a midterm grade <2.00 or earning any ‘F’ grades ◦ Student receives instructions to meet with academic advisor to discuss action plan ◦ Advisor to complete Advisor Recommendation Form during that meeting ◦ Student to sign and return Advisor Recommendation Form to Registrar’s Office Midterm grade intervention process

5 Advisor Recommendation Form

6 Results: Paper-based process

7 What was the problem?  Paper-based process ◦ Advisors losing interest in the process ◦ Students losing forms  Millennial generation ◦ Little interest in paper-based processes ◦ Short, to-the-point, technology-based interactions becoming the trend  Email  Phone call  Text

8  Midterm early alerts ◦ Midterm grades broken into three concern types  Midterm: 1.8 - 2.0 or F  Midterm: 1.3 – 1.79  Midterm: 1.29 or below ◦ An Early Alert is entered for each student falling in one of these groups. (Batch entry feature is a lifesaver!)  Note: you could utilize the automatic alert feature if you just want all <2.0 students to have a midterm alert generated. ◦ A follow-up is assigned to the student’s academic advisor. ◦ After discussing midterm grades with the student, the advisor enters intervention notes into the alert. Jenzabar Retention to the rescue!

9 Follow-up assignment

10 Follow-up assignment, cont.

11 Intervention

12 Results: Jenzabar Retention Process Students

13 Advisors (faculty)

14 Conclusion Were we successful in our goal of transferring an old process into a Jenzabar Retention process? More faculty experienced the user-friendly functionality of Jenzabar Retention. Increased % of faculty engaging students at the midterm point. Increased % of students addressing success strategies with their academic advisor at the midterm point.


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